Ralph Manzo (as played by Stuart Michael Damon on As the World Turns)

Who's played Ralph Manzo over the years?

Stuart Michael Damon (September 18 2009 - October 30 2009)

Past History

Audrey brought Ralph to Oakdale to help her with her business plans. As soon as he arrived, he ran into his 'niece' Teri. He blackmailed Henry into giving him a chunk of the Stenbeck fortune. After his involvement in Brad's accidental shooting, he tried to flee town but was eventually caught thanks to Dusty and sent to jail. Later, Lucinda got him out for a day to call of Anthony Blackthorn and sort out some of her problems (they were old partners in crime). Jack discovered him and sent him back to jail before he could do much.

Flings and Relationships

Lucinda Walsh (lovers)
Audrey Coleman (lovers)


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