Luke Snyder (as played by Van Hansis on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Luke Snyder

* Currently residing at home with his parents.
* Currently Single.
* 2005 - Broke into Julia Larrabee's apartment and trashed it.
* 2005 - To keep his mom from being suspected of Julia's murder, he burned her gloves that he found the night Julia was murdered.
* 2005 - Drinking while under age.
* 2005 - Out of anger, he assaulted Keith Morrissey.
* 2006 - When he got into a fight with Lily, he shoved her, causing her to fall down a flight of stairs when she was pregnant.
* 2006 - After shoving his mom down the stairs, out of fear, he drove while intoxicated.

Who's played Luke Snyder over the years?

Van Hansis (Dec. 2005 - present)
Jake Weary (Jan. 2005 - Nov. 2005)
Christopher Tavani (2001 - 2005)

Past History

Luke is the son of Lily Snyder and Damian Grimaldi. Lily and Damian were married. The marriage was rocky because Lily was once married to Holden Snyder, but after Luke was christened, Lily and Damian thought they would give their marriage a second chance. Tragically, Damian was presumed dead in an airplane accident. Meanwhile, Lily sought comfort in the arms of Holden and they later made plans to marry. When it was discovered that Damian had not died in the plane crash, he saw how much Lily and Holden loved each other and agreed to back out and let them get married. Holden proved to be a devoted father to Luke.

When Damian came to town years later, he wanted to take Luke to Malta in order to show him his heritage. That's what he told Lily, anyway. He actually wanted to kidnap him. Lily was afraid Damian wasn't telling her everything, and given his past, she said no. Nevertheless, Damian was determined and he ran off with Luke. When they got to the docks, Holden caught up with them. He was able to pull Luke away from Damian just in time to be caught in an explosion. Luke and Holden's bodies were never found and Damian got away. Devastated, Lily didn't want to accept the loss so she had the explosion investigated. One day, Lily found a bottle with a piece of paper in it. Curiously, she opened it up to see that Holden had sent her a message declaring he and Luke were alive. Lily had to find them so she went to Malta, and with the help of Simon Frasier, she was able to find out that Damian's half brother had captured them. Damian helped with the rescue, and made Luke promise not to refer to himself as a Grimaldi. When they got back home to Oakdale, Holden surprised Luke by officially adopting him and giving him the last name Snyder.

Years later, Holden would tell Luke and his sisters that he was leaving Lily. Luke was devastated over the announcement and didn't understand why he had to go. One day, he found his answer when he realized that Holden was sleeping with Julia Larrabee. Luke confronted Julia when he found out that his dad had ordered a restraining order on Lily to stay away from Julia. Eventually, Julia's ex-husband killed her, after a confrontation with Lily knocked her out and she slipped and hit her head. When Luke discovered his mom's gloves at her apartment, he and Lily thought that she killed Julia. Luke got the gloves and burned them, Lily was found innocent of all charges, and she and Holden went on with their divorce. For a short time, Lily dated Julia's brother, Keith.

Keith had taken a plane down to New Mexico and Luke hid away in the plane. While he was in New Mexico, he suffered severe kidney damage. When Lily and Holden finally found Luke, the only way to save him was with a kidney transplant. Fortunately, Luke received his transplant and Holden and Lily became close again. Then, after Luke's full recovery, they remarried, and Lily announced she was pregnant with Holden's child. Although Luke went through the kidney transplant, he found himself hanging out with his best friend, Kevin, who drank a lot and encouraged Luke to drink. After several attempts to stop him, Holden finally told Luke he wasn't allowed to be around Kevin any longer.

Lily found out that she had a twin sister, Rose. After Rose's sudden death, a young woman named Jade Taylor showed up and confronted Lily about being Rose's daughter. During her time there, Luke and Jade became very close. Luke felt close enough to confide in her that he thought he was gay. Jade kept his secret, even though Holden questioned her. When the secret finally came out, Damian happened to show up in the picture. While there, Damian did a lot of manipulating and he had Luke turning away from Holden. Luke got into an argument with his mom, and out of anger, he pushed her down a flight of stairs, which left her in a coma. While in a coma and by C-section she delivered a son, Ethan Walsh. Luke finally made up with Holden and Lily and told Damian he disowned him as his father. His bond with Holden and Lily couldn't be stronger.

Luke fell for Noah, an intern at WOAK, but Noah was in the closet. When he finally came out, his father tried to kill Luke and was sent to prison. Luke and Noah began dating but then Ameera Ali Azees arrived in town and convinced Noah to marry her so that she could stay in the country. Noah became jealous of their marriage and kept pushing Noah to leave her. Ameera finally left town but Noah was still uneasy about their relationship. He tried to join the Army but Luke convinced him this was a bad idea. The two continue to date but have no permanent plans.

In 2008, Damian contacted Luke to give him money. Luke didn't want the cash but Lucinda convinced him to keep it; Luke decided to start a foundation. Lucinda brought in Brian Wheatley to oversee it.

Flings and Relationships

Noah Mayer (dating)


Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (mother)
Damian Grimaldi (biological father)
Holden Snyder( adoptive father)
Faith Snyder (half sister)
Natalie Snyder (half sister)
Ethan Walsh Snyder (half brother and Godson)
Abigail Williams (adoptive half sister)
Aaron Snyder (adoptive half brother)
Lucinda Walsh (maternal adoptive grandmother)
James Walsh (maternal adoptive grandfather)
Iva Snyder (maternal biological grandmother)
Josh Snyder Stricklyn (maternal biological grandfather)
Jared Carpenter (maternal biological great grandfather)
Caroline Carpenter (maternal biological great grandmother)
Emma Snyder (adopted paternal grandmother)
Harvey Snyder (adoptive paternal grandfather - deceased)
Orlena Grimaldi (adoptive paternal grandmother - deceased)
Bettina Grimaldi (biological paternal grandmother)
Sierra Estaban Reyes Montgomery (aunt)
Bianca Walsh (aunt)
Rose D'Angelo (aunt - deceased)
Matthew John Dixon (uncle)
Dante Grimaldi (uncle - deceased)
Eduardo Grimaldi (first cousin - deceased)
Seth Snyder (adopted uncle)
Caleb Snyder (adopted uncle)
Ellie Snyder (adopted aunt)
Meg Snyder (adopted aunt)
Royce Keller (great uncle)
Samantha Markham Anderson (great aunt)
Neal Keller Alcott (great aunt - deceased)
Bryant Montgomery (cousin - deceased)
Lucy Montgomery (cousin)
Jade Taylor (cousin)
Brad Snyder (first cousin)
Jack Snyder (first cousin)
Georgia Tucker (first cousin)




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