Lucy Montgomery (PAST) (as played by Spencer Grammer on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Lucy Montgomery (PAST)

* Broke in to the hospital to read Damian Grimaldi's medical charts.
* Stole drugs from the hospital.
* Tried to drug Damian Grimaldi.
* Kidnapped Johnny to keep him away from Craig.

Who's played Lucy Montgomery (PAST) over the years?

Spencer Grammer (2006 - 2007)
Peyton List (2001 - 2005)
Amanda Seyfried (2000 - 2001)

Past History

Lucy grew up in a very secure and wealthy lifestyle. Her mother, who was a ruler of Montega, and her father Craig, loved her. She attended the best boarding schools in the world. Her mother, Sierra and Craig divorced later on and Craig came back to Oakdale. Tragic news rocked the family when it was announced that her older brother Bryant was killed in a car wreck while he was staying in Oakdale. Lucy and Sierra were already on shaky ground, and she left the boarding school to come to Oakdale to stay with Craig. While in Oakdale, she met her first true love, Aaron Snyder. Craig didn't approve of Lucy dating Aaron, but Sierra didn't see any reason why they shouldn't be together. Lucy was allowed to continue staying in Oakdale and Sierra would supervise them.

In 2004, Craig was married to Rosanna at the time and wanted to give Rosanna a child. Craig adopted a baby illegally, but later, it was discovered and the Montgomery family was interrupted. Rosanna left Craig and Oakdale. Lucy was also mad at her father and moved in with Lucinda. She decided to go back to Montega to spend the summer with Sierra and her new stepfather, Alan Drake. As she was preparing for her trip, Lucy was kidnapped and held hostage. When Sierra sent her new husband over to keep her informed, Alan was chosen to deliver the ransom money only to be shot. At the hospital, his last words were "Craig." Everyone already suspected that her kidnapper was someone in the family.

Lucy found herself in love with Dusty Donovan. However, Dusty was much older than Lucy was and tried to discourage her feelings, but he started feeling the same way. Lucy and Dusty couldn't fight it any longer. She also later fell in love with Rafi Ortega, a fighter Dusty had hired. Both had fallen in love with her and told her so. Lucy confided in Craig about her love life, and Craig shocked her by giving her the sound advice to follow her heart. Lucy turned both of them down when she left to go to college. Lucy shocked everyone when she returned as an intern at Memorial. Craig was in prison and Dusty had fallen in love with Jennifer Munson and adopted her son, Johnny. Johnny was Craig's biological son. She was there to help Dusty and Jennifer when they brought Johnny in for his illness, where he was later diagnosed with a rare blood cancer. When Jennifer developed Viral Pneumonia, Lucy was assigned to her care. With Johnny just being released from the hospital that day, Jennifer wanted to go home to be with her family. Against Lucy's orders, she signed herself out of the hospital. Jennifer was rushed in later when she collapsed at home. Jennifer later died in the hospital in Dusty's arms. Lucy blamed herself for Jennifer's death.

With Jennifer's death, Craig sneaked back into Oakdale to try to get custody of his son. He set up Dusty and instigated him to shoot Craig. The attempted murder put Dusty in jail, which is exactly where Craig wanted him. Now, Craig was able to get custody of Johnny. Lucy learned about Craig's manipulative plan and confided in Dusty that she knew what Craig was up to. One day, while telling her father that she would take care of Johnny, she left town with him, hopefully never to be found by Craig, but not without a confrontation with Lucinda first. She told Lucinda it was the least she could do for him since she couldn't save his mother. She couldn't allow Johnny to grow up with the influence of her father. Lucy left town and no one knew where she was.

Flings and Relationships

Rageal Ortega (one night stand)
Dusty Donovan (lovers)
Clarke Watson (dated)
Aaron Snyder (lovers)


Craig Montgomery (father)
Sierra Esteban Reyes Montgomery (mother)
Bryant Montgomery (brother - deceased)
John Dustin Munson Donovan (half brother)
Bart Montgomery (paternal grandfather)
Lyla Peretti (paternal grandmother)
Gloria Walters (maternal great grandmother - deceased)
Jacobo Estaban (maternal grandfather - deceased)
Lucinda Walsh (maternal grandmother)
Margo Hughes (aunt)
Crickett Ross (aunt)
Katie Peretti Frasier Coleman Kasnoff (aunt)
Lily Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (aunt)
Rose D?Angelo (aunt)
Bianca Walsh (aunt)
Adam Munson (cousin)
Casey Hughes (cousin)
William 'Billy' Ross (cousin)
Suzanne 'Suzie' Ross (cousin)
Luciano 'Luke' Snyder (cousin)
Royce Keller (great uncle)
Neal Keller Alcott (great aunt - deceased)
Samantha Markham Anderson (great aunt)
Margaret Crawford Andropoulos (great aunt)
Jill Andropoulos (first cousin)
Georgia Tucker Silva (first cousin)
Billy Norbeck (first Cousin) Deceased




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