Lucinda Walsh (as played by Elizabeth Hubbard on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Lucinda Walsh

* Currently resides at the Walsh Estate.
* Single/Divorced.
* 1987 - Didn't tell anyone that Lily's adoption wasn't legal.
* 1983-1985 - Owned an apartment complex for low income occupants who she slowly rose the utilities prices to get more money.
* 1984 - Cheated Whit McColl out of money.
* 1984 - One of the suspects in Whit McColl's death.
* 1985 - In order to save Sierra in Montega, she sneaked people into the country.
* 1985 - Sent money to Montegan Rebels to keep Sierra safe.
* 1985 - Told Sierra that she wasn't her biological mother.
* 1985 - Stole a medical file on Craig Montgomery from Memorial Hospital.
* 1987 - Tried to use Craig Montgomery.
* 1985 - 1986 - Suspect in Marie Kovacs murder.
* 1986 - 1987 - Conspired with Tad Channing that would run Iva Snyder out of town.
* 1986 - Lucinda and Barbara Ryan publicly humiliated Shannon O'Hara at Diana's Restaurant.
* 1986 - Worked with Tonio Reyes to save Sierra.
* 1986 - 1987 - Told Craig that Bryant was actually Tonio Reyes' baby and not his.
* 1986 - In order to run Iva out of town, she tried to get the Snyder Farm foreclosed.
* 1986 - Tried to talk Holden out of dating Lily by offering him a junior executive job at Walsh Enterprises.
* January 1987 - November 1987 - She kept a secret from the Oakdale PD and her husband John Dixon about where James Stenbeck was.
* 1987 - Had Tonio Reyes followed by her own Private investigator.
* 1987 - Gave Tonio the wrong stock tip on purpose.
* 1987 - Tried to convince Holden that Lily did not run away from home.
* 1987 - Paid Tonio Reyes to murder James Stenbeck.
* 1987 - Suspect in the murder of James Stenbeck.
* 1980 - 1990 - In violation of FCC rules for owning a newspaper and being co-owner of a TV station in the same town.
* 1988 - Tried to make Susan and Emily Stewart leave town by offering them money.
* 1988 - 1989 - Tried to ruin BRO.
* 1988 - 1989 - Tried to blackmail Barbara Ryan by threatening to expose the secret about Adam Hughes being Hal's biological son.
* 1988 - Tried to have Susan Stewart fired as a physician.
* 1989 - Hired a private investigator to find Ian 'Duke' Kramer.
* 1989 - In order to gain information on Rosemary Kramer, she pretended to be a social worker.
* 1989 - Made the hospital administrator deny John Dixon's vacation so he wouldn't go looking for his son.
* 1989 - Paid Julie Wendall to seduce Duke and run him out of town.
* 1989 - Had made a threat to Tonio Reyes that she would kill him.
* 1989 - She was part of the reason that Emily Stewart and Paul Ryan were almost killed by James Stenbeck.
* 1989 - Talked Julie Wendell into getting Duke to leave town.
* 1989 - Somewhat responsible for Susan Stewart falling off a ladder.
* 1989 - Tried to get Susan to leave town so she wouldn't mess around with John and she wouldn't expose her secret about the accident.
* 1990 - When Kirk Anderson found out that Lucinda had proof that Duke was John's son, she tried keeping him quiet by offering him stock in Walsh Enterprises.
* 1990 - Tried to get Tonio Reyes out of town by bribing him.
* 1990 - Took her time signing her divorce papers from John Dixon.
* 1991 - 1992 - Told Holden that Aaron Snyder was not his child. She also kept this secret from Lily.
* 1992 - She kept it a secret from Emma and Lily that she saw Holden alive in New York City when they thought that he was dead.
* 1992 - Accused of having Barbara Ryan Stalked, but was found innocent.
* 1993 - Tried offering Scott Eldridge money to leave Oakdale.
* 1997 - James Stenbeck made her keep it a secret that he was not dead.
* 1997 - Tried to run James Stenbeck out of town by bribing him to leave.
* 1997 - Tried to bribe Kathleen Rupert Thompkins to tell everyone that her son was stillborn.
* 1997 - Breaking and entering into Fairwinds to steal a microfilm from a safe.
* 1997 - James Stenbeck set Lucinda up to get arrested. She was later found not guilty.
* 1997 - She had all of Emily Stewart's assets frozen at the press.
* 1998 - Threatened Emily Stewart that she would go to jail.
* 1998 - Purposely locked Molly Conlan in her office.
* 1998 - Had a bug put in Kirk Anderson's office so that she could keep up with what he was doing.
* 1998 - Faked David Stenbeck's kidnapping.
* 1998 - Held a gun on David Stenbeck.
* 1998 - Molly Conlan was hired by Lucinda to spy on David Stenbeck.
* 1998 - Assaulted James Stenbeck in an argument.
* 1998 - Without permission, she looked inside of David Stenbeck's briefcase.
* 1998 - Rearranged Molly Conlan's manuscript.
* 1998 - Told Hal Munson a lie to protect Brad Snyder.
* 1998 - She became the driver for David Stenbeck and Molly Conlan in his limo and took them for a wild and reckless ride.
* 1998 - Accused Georgia Tucker of blackmailing Samantha Markham Anderson when she didn't actually threaten her with Blackmail.
* 1999 - Had David Stenbeck investigated.
* 1999 - Prolonged telling everyone that she was no longer paralyzed.
* 2004 - Was an accessory to Craig Montgomery's kidnapping.
* 2005 - Diagnosed with breast cancer; had a one breast removed.
* 2007 - Lost Worldwide Enterprises to Craig Montgomery.

Who's played Lucinda Walsh over the years?

Elizabeth Hubbard (April 1984 - March 1999, Aug. 1999 - present)
Kate Anthony (1996 flashback as older Mary Ellen Walters)
Jessica Platell (1993 flashback as young Mary Ellen Walters)

Past History

Lucinda and her daughter, Lily showed up in Oakdale after Lucinda's husband committed suicide. Lucinda blamed Whit McColl and was out to get his prize possession: his newspaper. Lucinda entered Oakdale like a tornado and was determined to make her way. She decided she wanted a seat on the hospital board, and went after John Dixon's spot.

It was later revealed that Sierra Estaban, who she said was her Goddaughter, was actually her biological daughter. Lucinda's name was Mary Ellen Walters. She married Jacobo Estaban from Montega. During her marriage, she found herself in love with another man. Upon learning the truth of an affair, Jacobo had her put out of Montega for good, leaving Sierra behind. Later, the truth came out, and after a while, Sierra accepted Lucinda, who had changed her name from Mary Ellen when she was kicked out of Montega.

When she left Montega, she met and fell in love with Martin Guest. Lucinda and Martin adopted Lily. Lucinda learned that Lily's adoption was not legal. Upon confronting Martin over the situation, Martin killed himself. Lucinda then married James Walsh. He was a very wealthy businessman who knew how to control his money. When he died, Lucinda bought his company without his son even knowing about it.

Once in Oakdale, Lily eventually learned Lucinda's real mother was Iva Snyder. The sister of the man she was in love with. Lucinda and Iva agreed that she shouldn't know, but it was soon exposed. Worried that Lily was dating her uncle, Emma eased everyone's worries when she confessed that Iva was adopted as well. Holden and Lily were free to date and later marry. Lily also found out later she had a twin sister named Rose D'Angelo. When Rose came to Oakdale, the sisters immediately bonded.

Lucinda married John Dixon. He had a son named Duke from a previous marriage. Duke didn't like Lucinda and she didn't like him. She even went as far as hiring someone to run him out of town. When John found out about this, he confronted Lucinda with a divorce. She reluctantly signed the papers, knowing that she was the only one to blame. Lucinda finally realized that she needed to become more compassionate to others, so she made the decision to change.

Ethan Walsh came in and stole his father's business back. Lucinda founded WorldWide Enterprises later and made it a success.

Lucinda actually did lose her business in 1990, when Connor and Evan Walsh stole Walsh Enterprises right from under her. Not one to lie down and die, Lucinda started up WorldWide Enterprises. In 1993, Lucinda learned that Royce Keller and Neal Alcott were the children of her mother and George Keller. Unfortunately, Neal (who was good friends with Lucinda) was murdered before Lucinda learned they were sisters. She then found another half-sister, Samantha Markham, who had been separated from Royce at birth. Though initially suspicious of Sam, Lucinda eventually came to accept her in the family.

Lucinda later discovered that she had a lump in her breast. She tried to hide it from her daughters, only confiding in Meg Snyder who was a nurse. Sierra and Lily finally pieced it together when Lucinda kept going out of town. They confronted their mother and vowed to help her through it all. Lucinda reluctantly accepted their support but wanted them to remain at a distance so she wouldn't feel smothered, but still in control. She defeated her cancer and is now in remission.

Since her remission, Lucinda has spent her time focusing on her grandson, Lily's son Luke. She supported him through his alcoholism and through his coming out of the closet. She later saved Luke from his biological father, Damian Grimaldi, who was scheming to get Luke to leave Oakdale with him.

With Luke's crises at bay, she turned her attention to Katie Peretti, helping Katie's book, Oakdale Confidential: Secrets Revealed, see publication.

Most recently Lucinda has been battling in the board room, having lost Worldwide Enterprises to longtime nemesis, Craig Montgomery, who later turned the company over to his wife, Meg. Lucinda is often seen lurking around Craig when he's at his most vulnerable, or trying to convince Meg to give the company back to her.

Over the years, Lucinda has become a wonderful mother, a devoted grandmother to six children: Sierra's two, Bryant and Lucy and Lily's children, Luke, Faith, Natalie and Ethan. She has calmed down quite a bit and is known for her sound advice, and she is direct to the point. If her kids have learned anything from their mother, it would be to never give up.

Lucinda was happy when Meg and Paul came up with a plan to wrest Worldwide from Craig Montgomery but the plan fell through. Eventually, Meg gave the company to Paul, who tried to sell it to Lucinda for money but she wouldn't buy it. She helped Luke start a foundation with money from Damian and brought Brian Wheatley to town to run it.

Flings and Relationships

Simon Frasier (kissed)
Brad Snyder (kissed)
Paolo (ongoing fling)
Eduardo Grimaldi (dated)
Scott Eldridge (fling)
Sawyer (fling)
Kirk Anderson (lovers)
Cal Stricklyn (fling)
Craig Montgomery (one night stand)
James Stenbeck (lovers)
Martin Chedwyn (engaged)


Gloria Keller (mother - deceased)
Royce Keller (half brother)
Samantha Markham Anderson (half sister)
Neal Keller Alcott (half sister - deceased)
Bryant Montgomery (grandson - deceased)
Lucy Montgomery (granddaughter)
Luciano ?Luke? Snyder (grandson)
Faith Snyder (granddaughter)
Natalie Snyder (granddaughter)
Ethan Walsh Snyder (grandson)
Georgia Tucker Silva (niece)


Sierra Estaban Reyes Montgomery (daughter with Jacobo
Stillborn Child (with James Stenbeck)
Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (adopted daughter with Martin Guest)
Bianca Walsh (adopted daughter)


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