Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi (as played by Eileen Fulton on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi

* Single-Widowed.
* 1960's - She let go of her son Scott for a deal during her divorce from John.
* 1977 - She wanted to keep Grant from Joyce, so she faked a suicide attempt.
* 1987 - Bribed officials to try to prove if Lucinda's adoption of Lily was legal.
* 1988 - Breaking and Entering in Lucinda Walsh's house. She was investigating James Stenbeck's murder.
* 1995 - Accused John Dixon of Eduardo's death, but he didn't kill him.
* 1998 - After what happened with Emily and Tom, she threatened Emily.

Who's played Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi over the years?

Eileen Fulton (1960 - 1964, 1964 - 1965, 1966 - 1983, 1984 - present)
Pamela King (May 1964 - Nov.1964)
Lynn Rogers (temporary 1977-1978)
Betsy Von Furstenberg (June 1983 -J une 1984)
Jane Powell (temporary 1991, Jan. - March 1993, Spring and Fall 1994)
Maeve McGuire (temporary replacement July - Aug. 1992)
Carmen Duncan (temporary replacement October 2004)

Past History

Lisa Miller was born and raised in Illinois but made her way to Oakdale to attend college. During her time in Oakdale, she met and fell in love with a young, handsome Bob Hughes. One day, they eloped and got married, but Bob's parents were totally against the marriage and worked hard to get the marriage annulled. Once they found out that Lisa was pregnant with Bob's child, they had no other choice but to accept the marriage and welcome her into the family. Bob and Lisa stayed with Chris and Nancy while they were just starting out. During her pregnancy, she had some difficult moments and used them to get out of helping around the house. Lisa gave birth to their son, Tommy, and they started to settle down into a comfortable life.

Lisa decided that she was bored with the average lifestyle and decided to leave Bob. She had found a shoe salesman to be interesting and decided to pursue him. He didn't feel the same about her, though and when she had a change of heart, Bob wouldn't take her back. Out of revenge, she turned Tommy against Bob and the Hughes family. She even sneaked him out to LA and put him in a military school. When Bob caught word that Tommy was no longer in Oakdale, he went to find his son and bring him back home. Tommy came to live with the Hughes. Then, when Lisa went to look for little Tommy out in LA, she was a victim of a rape. She was devastated when Bob found her and brought her back. She slowly recovered. Lisa was very grateful for the compassion that Bob showed her and tried to renew their marriage, but again, Bob turned her down.

It was time for Lisa to move on and she did. Lisa was married several times, and divorced or widowed for various reasons. She always thought that you don't know until you try. She fell in love with Bob's brother, Don, somewhat out of revenge. At the same time she was dating Don, she was seeing a preacher. Once her and Don became engaged, Lisa wasn't sure of it and could never set a date. Don was tired of waiting so he called it off then left town.

After her last husband Eduardo Grimaldi was murdered by his cousin's wife, she never married again. She now runs her own business where everyone seems to find refuge, The Lakeview. She often gives advice, even when she's not asked, and people usually listen to her.

Flings and Relationships

John Dixon (lover - engaged)
Ralph Mitchell (lover)
Brad Hollister (dated)
Bennett Hadley (lover - engaged)
Wally Matthew (dated)
Gil Stallings (lover)
Michael Shea (lover)
Thomas Eldridge (lover)
Bruce Elliot (lover)


Alma Miller (mother - deceased)
Henry Miller (father - deceased
Shannon O?Hara (niece by marriage)
Damian Grimaldi (cousin by marriage)
Lien Hughes (granddaughter)
Casey Hughes (grandson)
Daniel Hughes (grandson)
Adam Munson (grandson)
Billy Norbeck (great Grandson - deceased)
Bonnie McKechnie (Goddaughter)
Margo Hughes (daughter in law)


Tom Hughes (son with Bob)
Miscarriage (with Bob)
Scott Eldridge (son with John)
Chuck Shea (son with Michael - deceased)
Brian McColl (stepson with Whit)
Diana McColl (stepdaughter with Whit)
Kirk McColl (stepson with Whit)


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