Larry McDermott (as played by Ed Fry on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Larry McDermott

* Worked as a doctor at Oakdale Memorial.
* Became acting chief of staff when Bob stepped down.
* Married Susan Stewart but divorced when he took a job in Chicago.

Who's played Larry McDermott over the years?

Ed Fry (1990 - 1995, May 24, 2009 - July 22 2009)

Past History

Larry McDermott arrived in Oakdale to take a job at Oakdale Memorial. He had dated Frannie Hughes in the past and tried to renew their relationship but she was engaged. Larry began dating Lyla Peretti but when she realized he was still in love with Frannie she broke it off.

Larry began pouring his efforts into his job; there he met Susan. Although she was quite a bit older than him, Larry fell for her. He proposed after Susan's biopsy and they planned to get married. She was kidnapped to Montega and when she was freed they agreed to marry immediately.

Susan began to fear that Larry would leave her for a woman who could bear his children. Larry swore that children weren't important to him but she couldn't forget it. Seeing how upset she was, Emily volunteered to donate her eggs to be fertilized by Larry. Susan carried the baby, Alison, to term and things seemed to be perfect. However, problems soon arose.

Larry was made acting Chief of Staff at Memorial and became overbearing toward everyone. Larry soon accepted an even more powerful job in Chicago. He planned for Susan and Alison to join him there but Susan's job fell through thanks to Emily's machinations. She remained at Memorial and the marriage fell apart when Larry had an affair. Larry remained in Chicago and even allowed his relationship with Alison to falter.

Larry returned to Oakdale in 2009.

Flings and Relationships

Susan Stewart
Frannie Hughes
Lyla Crawford Peretti
Emily Stewart


LJ McDermott (Father)
Agnes McDermott (Mother)


Alison Stewart (Daughter, with Susan)


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