Kit Fowler (as played by Lauretta Vaughn on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Kit Fowler

Kit was first seen in Montana.

Kit helped Silas and Ava, who had kidnapped JJ, avoid the police.

Who's played Kit Fowler over the years?

Lauretta Vaughn (November 2007 - May 2008)

Past History

When Jack and Carly were searching for JJ in Montana they ran into a bar-owner named Kit. Unknown to them, Kit was helping Silas and Ava (who had kidnapped JJ) avoid the cops. Jack and Carly figured this out and Carly began to pump Kit for information; Kit eventually helped lead Carly and Jack to JJ.

Several weeks later, Kit showed up in Oakdale. Her bar had burned down and she was looking for a fresh start. Carly was looking for a fresh start, too, and had a huge settlement check from her misdiagnosis; they decided to go into business together and bought Metro.

Kit's boyfriend, Sam, arrived in town and quickly became attracted to Carly. When Kit was called to court in Montant, Sam stayed behind and fell in love. He began to undermine Metro and make himself indispensible at the same time. Carly finally saw through him when he tried to kiss her. Unfortunately, Kit saw the same thing and began to plot against Carly - and Sam! She happened into Metro one night when Sam was going after Carly and killed him. She framed Parker for the crime.

Carly wouldn't give up on Parker and tracked down Kit in Chicago at a mannequin factory; in a struggle, Kit was killed.

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