Katie Peretti Frasier Coleman Kasnoff Snyder (as played by Terri Conn Colombino on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Katie Peretti Frasier Coleman Kasnoff Snyder

* Currently resides at her cottage.
* Currently married to Mike Kasnoff.
* 1999 - Took photos of Molly and Chris to blackmail them if she needed to.
* 1999 - Hid the fact that she knew Henry had a part in Molly's poisoning.
* 1999 - Falsely accused Chris Hughes of stalking her.
* 2000 - Didn't tell anyone that Rose D'Angelo was acting as her twin sister, Lily Snyder.
* 2000 - Came up with the idea of marrying Simon Frasier so he would not be deported.
* 2000 - Told people that she was pregnant, when she wasn't.
* 2002 - Helped kidnap Parker Munson.
* 2003 - Hit Mike Kasnoff and ran.
* 2003 - Hid evidence that would show that she was the one who hit Mike.
* 2004 - She made Russ Terrier get information for her.
* 2004 - Planted a listening device in Pilar Domingo's room.
* 2004 - While getting away, she killed Pilar who was going to murder her.
* 2006 - In self defense, she shot and killed Nick Kasnoff.
* Married Jack Snyder; had the marriage annulled.
* Married Brad Snyder.

Who's played Katie Peretti Frasier Coleman Kasnoff Snyder over the years?

Terri Conn Colombino (1998 - present)
Cori Anne Hansen (1989 - 1994)

Past History

Katie's mother, Lyla tried to provide a comfortable life for her youngest daughter. Her father had died when she was young. Her mother was a singer and took Katie with her on her travels. Now a young lady, Katie made the decision that she wanted to stay in Oakdale to attend Oakdale University. She stayed at Margo's house and became an intern at WOAK-TV. She became friends with her boss's son, Chris Hughes. She also became friends with Henry Coleman, when Henry encouraged her to work herself up to anchor. Henry had other motives, and in the end, both he and Katie were fired. Katie was not one to stay down long and soon found another job and a place to live, thanks to the help of her half-brother, Craig Montgomery. During this time, Katie met and fell in love with Simon Frasier. He was a handsome Australian who had arrived in Oakdale shortly before. Katie and Simon had too much to drink one night and made love. This was also Katie's first time.

Simon was in danger of being sent back to Australia. Katie came up with the idea that her and Simon marry so that he wouldn't have to go back. Simon was against it at first because he knew Katie had feelings for him, but when he became pressured, he had no other choice but to marry her. He was allowed to stay in the country. Katie tried to make the most of her new married life, and demonstrated to Simon that she could give him anything and everything he could possibly want. Eventually Simon started to have feelings for Katie, but he wasn't very good at showing it. Katie wanted to do something nice for Simon to prove she loved him. She remembered that he was there in the first place because of a diamond that was lost. She enlisted the help of her best friend, Henry and took off to an island where he lost the diamond. However, Katie's bad luck followed her and the trip was a disaster. During this time, Simon realized he did love Katie so he flew out to rescue her. They announced their love to each other and were married, the way Katie wanted to be married.

Simon left Katie to keep her safe. After a long period of grieving for Simon, she picked herself up and started over. Her new career at Memorial Hospital working as a Nurse's Aide, made it possible for her to discover her new love, Mike Kasnoff. They hit if off and soon fell in love. No matter how much Katie tried, Simon would always win her heart every time he came back. At one point, Simon hired a woman named Pilar Domingo to come between Mike and Katie. When Simon came back into town, and Katie fell for him, Mike had enough and started dating Jennifer Munson. Although Katie and Simon didn't make it long, Mike and Jennifer were married. This upset Katie, who now had no one but Henry in her life. She was determined to get Mike back so she told him she was going to marry Henry. She figured Mike would stand up, protest, grab her up, and whisk her away into the sunset. But that didn't happen. She went on to marry Henry, but her and Henry remained friends, even after she was Mrs. Henry Coleman. Henry had feelings for Katie and finally announced them to her, but Katie didn't feel the same way.

She later divorced Henry and Mike divorced Jennifer. Mike and Katie got married and lived happily ever after, or at least until Simon came back into town and they had a one-night stand. Mike left Katie because of it. Katie begged Mike to come back, but he was so angry with her that he couldn't. Then, when Tom had his heart attack, Margo sat in the waiting room while he was in emergency surgery. Katie and Mike happened to be talking at the time and waited with Margo. Mike went to get everyone coffee and when he came back, he overheard the old, sincere, caring Katie telling Margo everything will be okay. Mike started remembering how caring Katie was, and when he drove Katie home, he built her a fire. He tried to leave but he couldn't. He spent the night and they made love. The next morning started out great, but Mike left when Henry showed up at the door. When Mike came back, Katie was excited to see him and immediately started pressuring him to start a family. Mike told Katie it wasn't going to work, and she agreed not to pressure him anymore. Mike and Katie's love is stronger than ever, we hope.

After Mike left town, Katie began dating Jack Snyder. When Carly returned to town, Jack was thrown for a loop and because of the troubles with Parker and JJ (who was kidnapped) began to feel that her newfound love with Jack was in trouble. Jack left town, with Carly close on his heels, to find JJ. Katie followed and found them just after an explosion. She heard Jack say "I love you, Carly." When they returned to Oakdale Jack proposed but Katie was hesitant. She finally agreed and Jack rushed the wedding forward.

Just after their wedding, Katie and Jack found out that Carly had a terminal illness. Katie encouraged Jack to be there for his kids and for his ex, putting their life together on hold. Katie realized that Jack wasn't over Carly and had their marriage annulled. She decided to get on with her life and have a child - and enlisted Brad's help to do it. Brad fell for her and she fell for him but refused to admit it at first. He finally convinced her to marry him but Mike returned to town and threatened their marriage. Katie went through with it and was happy.

Liberty arrived in town and immediately put a damper on the newlyweds happiness but announcing she was Brad's daughter. Brad was determined to the best dad and invited Libs to live with them. Janet arrived, too, and Katie didn't like her at all. She finally made Brad see that Janet was after him; Brad let her down easily.

When Liberty felt she was in love with Parker, Katie tried to be a good step-mother and gave her advice but Brad was livid that she was dating and became incensed when he realized Liberty slept with Parker. To help diffuse the situation, Katie came up with a plan to get Liberty a new boyfriend - Leo! He attacked Liberty and Brad attacked him; Katie turned to Jack, who agreed to help. He got rid of evidence and quit his job. Brad refused to admit any of this was his fault, angering Katie; she turned to Mike to help drown her sorrows over Brad's immaturity.

Flings and Relationships

Eddie Silva (dated)
Christopher Hughes (dated)
Simon Frasier (lovers)
Mike Kasnoff (lovers)
Simon Frasier (one night stand)
Jack Snyder (lovers)
Brad Snyder (lovers)


Casey Peretti (father - deceased)
Lyla Peretti (mother)
Margo Hughes (half sister)
Cricket Montgomery Ross (half sister)
Craig Montgomery (half brother)
Joe Peretti (paternal grandfather)
Maureen Peretti (paternal grandmother)
Rose Peretti (paternal great grandmother)
Lucy Montgomery (niece)
Bryant Montgomery (nephew - deceased)
Adam Munson (nephew)
Casey Hughes (nephew)
William 'Billy' Ross (nephew)
Suzanne 'Suzi' Ross (niece)
John Dustin Munson Donovan (nephew)
Billy Norbeck (great nephew - deceased)
Margaret Crawford (aunt)
Loretta (aunt)
Michael Peretti (uncle)
Adelaide Peretti (great aunt)
Serefina Peretti (great aunt)
Joseph Peretti (first cousin)
Jill Andropoulos (first cousin)
Ernie Ross (brother in law)
Tom Hughes (brother in law)




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