James Stenbeck (as played by Anthony Herrera on As the World Turns)

Useful information about James Stenbeck

*James Stenbeck is suspected of several murders including those of his first wife, Enid, Jordan Sinclair's mother and his brother, Lars Stenbeck.
*He bribed Raymond Colfax into telling Paul that James was, indeed, his father.
*Sold a forged painting to Jane Spencer.
*He used Stalling Mining Company to smuggle drugs and stolen jewelry.
*He tried to kill John Dixon by running over him with a car; he framed Nels Anderson Einar for the crime.
*James stole jewelry from an Egyptian archeological dig and gave them to Barbara and Margo.
*He accused Steve Andropolous of stealing jewelry.
*James cut the brakes on John Dixon's car in another attempt at murder.
*He stole Barbara psychiatric file from Dr. Forrest and then bribed Madame Koste to try to make Babs insane.
*He poisoned John Dixon.
*James shot John Dixon and then had Dee Steward arrested for the murder.
*Impersonated Jason Everett to convince Barbara she was insane.
*He drugged Babs and had her committed.
*He destroyed documents from Maggie that shows Barbara was Paul's legal guardian.
*Tried to kill Barbara by luring her into a bullring in Madrid.
*Tried to kill John Dixon again.
*He haunted Gunnar by hiring Lorna to impersonate Nicole Berrysea-Donovan.
*Blackmailed Barbara into giving him custody of Paul after Babs shot him.
*Kidnapped Paul.
*He tried to kill Dusty Donovan by luring him to an island hut and luring him onto a plane.
*Started a fire to kill both Dusty and Gunnar.
*Convinced Ariel Aldrin that poison was actually an aphrodiasiac in another effort to kill Gunnar.
*Tried to kill Dusty, Gunnar, Karen, John and Ariel in a plane crash.
*Used The Falcon for his drug ring.
*He is suspected of killing Suzanne Dupres.
*He had an affair with Emily Stewart while she was underage.
*Embezzled money from Walsh Enterprises.
*Made Emily help him smuggle jewels from Duncan's Scottish estate.
*He killed Hensley Taggert who was going to rape Barbara.
*He learned Duncan had faked his death and blackmailed him.
*Haunted the McKechnie castle by pretending to be Thomas Benton.
*He ordered Judy Baldwin, Raspy, Jester, Lucky Dolan and Rosalind Hatchley to be killed.
*He forced Emily to help him kidnap Jarvis.
*Helped Charles Pierson get a job with Duncan so that he could smuggle drugs through Duncan's shipping company.
*He burned his hut so that Duncan would be framed for the crime.
*Tried to kill Duncan and Shannon with poisonous snakes.
*Burned down Duncan's castle so that no one would learn he had killed Suzanne.
*He kidnapped Craig Montgomery.
*He blackmailed Lucinda by threatening to kill Craig.
*Accused Meg of having an affair with him.
*Blackmailed Lucinda by kidnapping Lily.
*Tried to kill John by attacking him with a rock.
*Faked his own death by replacing his body and dental records with those of DDS McBurney.
*Hired Lillith McKechnie to kill Theresa and Tobias and a detective; she also tried to kill Shannon.
*Killed Earl Mitchell and Glen Harrington after Glen was hired to kill Lisa Mitchell.
*He forced Lucinda to help him kidnap Paul by threatening Sierra's life.
*Eavesdropped on Hal, Margo and Tom.
*Stalked Paul and Emily.
*Faked his death (again) to escape a prison sentence.
*Began selling guns.
*Faked DNA tests so they would prove David was Lucinda's son.
*Terrorized Margo at the sanitorium.
*Hired Amber to kill Kirk Anderson and Jack Snyder.
*Kidnapped Holden and then held Holden and Samantha hostage at the Falcon Club.
*Broke into Lucinda's safe to steal money.
*Threatened Julia and Holden.
*Married Lucinda to gain access to her money.
*Framed Barbara for the kidnappings of Carly, Emily and Rose.
*Killed Brandy Taylor and framed Paul for the crime.
*Forced Barbara to help him escape from federal custody.
*Kidnapped Rosanna and Cabot and then faked Cabot's death.
*Tried to kill Rosanna by pushing her from a plane.

Who's played James Stenbeck over the years?

Anthony Hererra (February 1, 1980 - October 31, 1983; November 7, 1986 - April 18, 1989; October 22, 1996 - March 16, 1999; August 24, 2001 - 2002; May 13, 2003 - May 24, 2005; August 27, 2008 - September 8 2009)

Past History

James Stenbeck is one of the most dastardly villains to invade Oakdale. He first arrived in town in the early 1980s as Barbara Ryan's ex and the father of Paul; he effectively ruined her relationship with Tom Hughes and eventually the two married. Paul was born soon after and James was able to stake his claim to the Stenbeck family fortune (they were heirs to the Swedish throne). As soon as his claim was recognized, he began fooling around. Two of his conquests were Dee Stewart and Margo Montgomery. James also began dabbling in drug smuggling and theft and used Barbara's business, Fashions LTD., as a base of operations. Barbara learned of his ulterior motives but James kept her under his thumb until Gunnar St. Clair arrived in town.

Gunnar was James' cousin. Barbara decided to leave James for Gunnar. In his desperation to keep Barbara - and his access to the family fortune - James threatened to take Paul from her. Around this time, James learned he wasn't truly a Stenbeck and so his claim to the fortune was invalid. He learned that Gunnar was the true heir and tried to hide the truth. John Dixon found out. James tried many things to keep the fortune including getting full custody of Paul, trying to kill John Dixon (several times over), trying to kill Gunnar (several times over) and hiring a woman to pose as Barbara's housekeeper to drive her crazy. Everything he tried failed. James decided to stick with legal ramifications and sued Babs for custody of Paul, saying she was the one trying to kill people.

Karen Haines soon learned the full truth but instead of coming forward, blackmailed James into marrying her. John returned to Oakdale soon after and testified on Babs' behalf. James pretended to make nice with Barbara but was actually trying to kill her again. Gunnar rescued Barbara from a bull ring and fought James is a sword fight. James lost the fight and was soon forced to give up Paul, too. Karen divorced James because he lost the family fortune.

Burke Donovan and Nicole Berrysea arrived in town. Nicole was one of Gunnar's ex-lovers; together they had a son named Dusty Donovan. Ariel began investigating Burke, who had raised Dusty as his own son and realized that he was actually Gunnar's son - therefore an heir to the family fortune. Ariel convinced James to hire Burke as a horse trainer. As they got to know one another, James discovered that Burke hated Gunnar. Burke finally told James that he and Nicole argued because she decided to leave him for Gunnar; as they fought, Nicole fell from a balcony and died. James decided they could use this information against Gunnar by making him think he caused Nicole to commit suicide. He hired Lorna Whitmore to "haunt" Gunnar. Gunnar and Barbara eventually figured things out and convinced Lorna to work for them. Lorna tipped them off so they could catch James. Believing he would lose Paul again, he lured the boy away from camp and left town. Barbara learned of this and nearly lost it. Paul eventually saw a news report about his kidnapping and called his mother; Barbara and Gunnar tracked them down in Cheyenne, Wyoming but Paul was gone. They returned home, depressed, until they realized Paul was already there.

Barbara decided to take full custody of their son but Paul turned on them when he learned he'd never see his father. Barbara placed Paul in therapy but James used that to his advantage, too. Ariel finally came forward with the news that Dusty was the true heir to the fortune. Dusty was with Karen and John on an island during this time; Karen was divorcing John. Ariel and James tried to stop the divorce but didn't arrive at the island in time.

James turned on Gunnar completely and tried to kill him; he wanted Dusty dead, too, so that Paul would be the only heir. He convinced Ariel to seduce Gunnar and hired Phillipe to poison Gunnar. Ariel thought the concoction James gave her was a love potion and gave it to Gunnar. Dusty found him, unconscious, near a hut and stayed with him. James set the hut on fire but Karen and John saved them at the last minute. John finally told Gunnar that Dusty was his son on the plane back to Oakdale; no one realized James was flying the plane until it lurched and everyone began freezing. Gunnar wakened at the last moment, pushed James out of the plane and managed to land it himself.

James was thought to be dead for a while but soon returned to Oakdale to reunite with Paul; he blackmailed Emily into helping him. He was too late because Paul hated him by this time. He shot James.

For the second time James was believed to be dead. He returned to Oakdale and told Lucinda that they had had a son after a one night stand. She didn't believe him but James convinced her that David Allen, the DA, was their son. It turned out that David was James' son but not Lucinda's. David learned the truth and sent James to jail but he escaped when David got into trouble for kidnapping Lily Snyder. James begged Lucinda for help; she seduced hiim and they married. James soon learned that David was killed by Holden. He decided to kill Holden but hurt Lucinda instead. He escaped once more and then divorced Lucinda.

James returned to town once more after hearing that Barbara had been badly burned. He promised to care for her at Fairwinds but was really using her to kidnap Carly, Emily and Rose. Barbara learned of his true plans and turned James in. He hypnotized Hal and escaped. Barbara agreed to stick with James if he would release the other women but betrayed him at the last moment by stabbing him. Paul believed that James was alive and well but couldn't get any information from James' attorney Marshall Travers, who had become the new DA. Marshall dropped all of the charges against James, who decided to frame Paul for all of his wrongdoings. James made Marshal charge Paul with Brandy's murder but Marshall doublecrossed James. He was shot and James was sent to prison. He escaped and kidnapped Rose to get to Paul but his plans backfired and he ran away.

Later, Jordan Sinclair arrived in Oakdale. Jordan worked at BRO and befriended Rosanna Cabot. Rosanna eventually told Jordan that someone promised her custody of Cabot if she would marry Jordan. He was stunned to realize he was Cabot's biological father. It turned out that James set the whole thing up. Paul confronted James, believing that he was Jordan's father, and he confessed that he was. Jordan was shocked. James explained that he placed Jordan in an orphanage because he couldn't take care of him. Jordan didn't care. James was set to be taken to a maximum security prison at this time but blackmailed Barbara into helping him escape. James kidnapped Rosanna and Cabot; Paul came to the rescue but only managed to rescue Rosanna before the bomb James set blew up. James left town with still-alive Cabot in tow. Rosanna was able to forgive Paul for not being able to save Cabot and they were married. Soon after, Barbara was in danger of going to jail for druggin Emily. James contacted Rosanna and told her to get the charges dropped or she would never see Cabot again. Rosanna chose Cabot over Paul and left town with James. Craig Montgomery came to Rosanna's rescue in Bangkok; James was arrested and imprisoned but swore revenge. To keep Cabot safe, Rosanna gave him up for adoption and a new identity. James swore he would find Cabot.

Flings and Relationships

Lucinda Walsh (Divorced)
Margo Montgomery
Connie Wilson
Dee Stewart
Suzanne Dupres
Emily Stewart
Corinne Lawrence
Monica Lawrence
Samantha Markham Anderson


Greta Aldrin (mother)
Ariel Aldrin Donovan (sister)
Lars Stenbeck (brother, deceased)
Cabot Sinclair (grandson)
Jennifer Ryan (granddaughter, deceased)


Unnamed Child (with Lucinda Walsh, deceased)
David Allen Stenbeck (son, deceased)
Paul Ryan (son, with Barbara)
Jordan Sinclair (son)
Miscarried Child (with Emily Stewart)
Henry Coleman (son with Audrey Coleman)


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