Jack Snyder (as played by Michael Park on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Jack Snyder

* Currently resides at the Snyder Farm.
* Currently Single/Divorced.
* 1997 - Dressed up and impersonated a priest.
* 1997 - Was able to rough up a private investigator named Mr. Webster that was working for Lucinda Walsh.
* 1998 - Made a deal with Prince Xavier so that he could turn Julia in.
* 1998 - Assaulted Brad Snyder.
* 1998 - In anger, he ripped the phone cord from the wall at Memorial Hospital while Julia was a patient.
* 1998 - He purposely locked Lucinda Walsh and James Stenbeck in the fruit cellar together.
* 2001 - Secretly withheld information about Julia's crimes to keep her out of jail.
* 2003 - Interfered with a police investigation.
* 2004 - Obtained fake ID while he was suffering from amnesia.
* 2005 - Purposely destroyed police records that would put Carly in jail.
* Married Katie Peretti.
* Tried to help Carly through her last days; dumped her when he realized she had lied.
* Began an affair with Janet Ciccone.
* Helped Brad hide evidence and quit his job at Oakdale PD.

Who's played Jack Snyder over the years?

Michael Park (1997 - present)

Past History

Jack came to Oakdale while working on James Stenbeck's case. He dropped into the Snyder farm for a visit. He decided that he would stay in Oakdale and he got a job on the police department. He stayed with his aunt, Emma for a while. His cousin, Holden needed Jack to go with him to Montana. There he ran into Carly Tenney. She was young, wild, and the exact opposite of Jack. They did not get along at all. Carly worked closely with Jack to bring down a dirty cop. After being stranded together, they realized they had feelings for each other. Jack let his guard down and fell in love with Carly. Unfortunately, Carly had a deal with her sister, and she wanted Hal Munson to marry her so that they could have a child and she could collect some money. Jack accepted Carly’s choice and let her go. The deal blew up on Carly when Rosanna refused to give her the money she owed her.

Jack moved on and started dating Julia Lindsey, after helping her with an angry boyfriend. Jack and Julia were falling in love with each other, but Jack’s feelings for Carly started to interfere with his relationship with Julia. Carly continued to make poor choices in her life and that frustrated Jack. After Carly had lost everything, Jack felt sorry for her and started having feelings for her again. He confessed his feelings to Julia and told her that it wouldn’t be fair to her if he stayed. Jack and Carly finally made it together, but not without a fight from Julia. With Julia trying to kill Carly, Carly thought that it would be best if she broke it off with Jack. Julia finally got out of their lives and Carly and Jack got back together. Julia showed up a couple of years later with a baby, Jack Jr. It turned out that she had stolen the baby. Jack had just started accepting the baby and learning how to be a daddy to his own son.

On one occasion, Carly was kidnapped and taken to another country. Jack fought to find her and get her back. She was given a serum that would age her quickly, so by the time she was rescued she had aged quite a bit. But that didn’t stop Jack, who held a reluctant Carly in his arms, caring for what was inside more than out. Carly wasn’t so embarrassed and let Jack love her. Eventually, Carly was given a reverse serum that brought her looks back to where they were when she left. Jack treated her no different, and she felt safe and secure in his arms.

The night before Jack and Carly were going to get married, they had a huge argument over her relationship with Craig Montgomery. Jack didn’t approve of them spending so much time together. Carly was angry when she left, and went to her office and started drinking to calm herself. Mike Kasnoff showed up while Carly was drinking. As they sat there and talked, Carly found comfort in Mike's arms. They made love. The next day, Jack and Carly made up but she never told him about the affair - until she had to. Carly found herself pregnant, but she wasn’t sure if it was Mike’s baby or Jack’s. She went to Montana to get away. Jack followed her, just in time to help with the birth. Carly had a little girl who she named Sage. They renewed their vows and found out later that Sage was Jack’s.

Carly’s cousin Molly Conlan was in town. She had a mobster chasing her. When he was caught at Jack and Carly’s house, Jack came to arrest him. He called for back up, but Molly was so upset at his presence that she insisted that Jack take him out of the house. Jack decided to take him in his car. Carly begged him not to, but he couldn’t bear to see Molly upset. On the way to the police department, Jack’s car went over the bridge. Jack’s body was not in the car. Everyone gave up on the search eventually, but not Carly. She searched until she found Jack. He had amnesia and was married to a woman who was the nurse who took care of him in the hospital. Julia had a son named JJ and they were one big happy family. Carly got Jack to come back to Oakdale, and once he was there, she had him court ordered to live with her instead of Julia. Jack was torn. He finally got his memory back and let Julia down easy. She sought comfort in his cousin, Holden. Carly and Jack were glad to have things back to normal. Tragically, Julia was killed by her ex-husband and JJ was awarded to Jack, since he was the only "real dad" he knew.

Jack and Carly finally divorced in 2006, and after grieving for a while, Carly found herself falling in love with Simon Frasier. The two got into trouble and Jack had to arrest them both. After a struggle, Simon and Carly got away, and Jack took the kids to the farm to stay.

Jack and Katie began dating and he quickly fell for the bubbly blonde. Carly returned to town, putting a wrench in the works and then JJ was kidnapped. Together, Jack and Carly tracked down JJ and brought him home; along the way, Jack began having feelings for Carly again. Nearly unconscious after an explosion, he said, "I love you, Carly," within Katie's hearing (Carly wasn't there). When they returned to Oakdale, Jack decided to put the past behind him and proposed to Katie! Katie accepted and Jack rushed the wedding forward and they were married in a few days.

Just after the wedding, Jack got devastating news: Carly was dying from a brain lesion! He put his life - and his honeymoon - on hold to care for her! Jack was falling for Carly again and asked her to marry him. On the day of their wedding, Carly told him that she was misdiagnosed and had lied about it. He left her at the altar but it was too late to save his relationship with Katie.

He took the kids from Carly and tried to leave her in his past. Janet Ciccone arrived in town and began an affair with Jack. The closer they got, though, the more Jack realized his feelings for Carly weren't in the past. Around this time he learned of Carly's affair with Holden and was livid. Rather than focus on Carly, though, Jack tried to save Parker from a bad relationship with Liberty Ciccone - and a livid Brad! When Brad accused Parker of raping Liberty, Jack and Carly pulled together to clear their son. At Alison and Aaron's wedding, Jack and Carly talked about the past but neither could admit they still had feelings for one another. Janet realized that Jack's feelings weren't in the past and moved out of the farm.

Flings and Relationships

Annette (childhood crush)
Betty Broderick (dated)
Marilyn (dated)
Emily Stewart Munson (dated)
Julia Lindsay (lovers)
Carly Tenney Snyder (engaged)
Julia Morrisey Larrabee (lovers while he had amnesia)
Katie Peretti Kasnoff Snyder (lovers, married)
Janet Ciccone


Bert Snyder (father - deceased)
Dolores Snyder Pierce (mother)
Brad Carter Snyder (brother)
Harvey Snyder (uncle - deceased)
Emma Snyder (aunt)
Henry Snyder (uncle - deceased)
Elizabeth Snyder (aunt)
Seth Snyder: Cousin
Iva Snyder Benedict (adopted cousin)
Holden Snyder (cousin)
Caleb Snyder (cousin)
Ellie Snyder (cousin)
Meg Snyder (cousin)
Josh Snyder Stricklyn (adopted cousin)
Matthew John Dixon (first cousin)
Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (adopted first cousin)
Rose D?Angelo (adopted first cousin)
Abigail Williams (first cousin)
Aaron Snyder (first cousin)
Luke Snyder (first cousin)
Faith Snyder (first cousin)
Natalie Snyder (first cousin)
Ethan Walsh Snyder (first cousin)


Sage Snyder (daughter with Carly)
Parker Munson (stepson)
JJ Larrabee (awarded custody)


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