Iris Dumbrowski (as played by Terri Garber on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Iris Dumbrowski

* Bad Mom! - a scheming drunk who drove her kids away at a young age.
* Liar! - Told everyone that a young Carly killed her baby Gwen.
* Liar Liar! - Claimed that Will tried to poison her.
* Jailbird - Went to jail over claims against Will.
* Bank-rolled an abortion for Cole's girlfriend Sophie.

Who's played Iris Dumbrowski over the years?

Terri Garber (July 2005 - January 2008)

Past History

Iris is an abrasive, scheming drunk - at least that's what her children, Gwen and Cole, have to say about her. They both emancipated themselves as young teens just to get away from her.

Iris's lies go way back - starting when Gwen was an infant and Iris wanted Gwen's father, Ray Tenney, to stay away. She claimed that Ray's other daughter, Carly, had killed her baby!

Iris came to Oakdale just as Gwen was suing Carly for custody of her son. Iris's presence in Oakdale seemed to be Gwen's lucky break, as the judge would only grant custody if Gwen were living with Iris. Iris, however, took a disliking to Gwen's boyfriend, Will, and schemed to have him arrested for poisoning her. Bad move on Iris's part - she went to jail instead!

Back out of jail, Iris wasted no time in coming back to Oakdale, this time to supposedly help her son Cole get into the music business. But Gwen didn't believe in Iris's "help" and wanted nothing to do with her mother. Most recently, Iris gave Cole money to pressure his young girlfriend Sophie to get an abortion. When that didn't work, she and Cole conspired to sell the baby - to Will and Gwen via Barbara. That plot fell through and Gwen cut Iris out of her life; Iris left town.

Flings and Relationships

Ray Tenney




Gwen Norbeck Munson (daughter)
Cole Norbeck (son)
Cole (son)
William "Billy" Norbeck (grandson by Gwen - deceased)
*Hallie Munson (adopted granddaughter by Gwen)


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