Holden Snyder (as played by Jon Hensley on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Holden Snyder

* Currently resides with his family.
* Currently Married to Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder.
* 1997 - Impersonated a doctor to gain access to Lily in prison.
* 1997 - Assaulted David Stenbeck at the hospital.
* 1998 - Arrested for beating up Molly Conlan, but found not guilty.
* 1998 - Found guilty, and later not guilty, of assault, battery and felony murder.
* 1998 - He thought that a clown at Luke's birthday party was David Stenbeck trying to kidnap Luke.
* 1998 - He forced David Stenbeck into signing a confession, holding a gun.
* 1998 - Breaking and Entering into David Stenbeck's suite.
* 1998 - Went on TV and embarrassed Molly Conlan.
* 1998 - During a struggle between Holden and David Stenbeck, a gun went off and shot David.
* 1999: Lied to everyone about David Stenbeck's death.
* While on the outs with Lily, flirted with Bonnie.
* Had an affair with Carly.

Who's played Holden Snyder over the years?

Jon Hensley (1985 - 1995, 1997 - present)

Past History

Holden was born to Emma and Harvey Snyder and was provided with a very simple, but very loving life. Growing up on the family farm, he helped his mom and dad with the work. Tragically, his dad past away while he and his sister Meg were still at home, leaving Emma to raise them and take care of the farm. When things started to get rough on Emma, and in fear that the farm would be sold, he found a job working at Walsh Stables as a stable boy.

It was at the stables where he met and fell in love with Lily Walsh, the daughter of Lucinda Walsh, the owner of the stables. Lily felt the same about Holden, but she was also interested in Dusty Donovan, who also worked at the stables. Lily eventually ventured over to the Snyder farm and discovered that Emma welcomed her and enjoyed her visits. Unfortunately, Meg didn't feel the same. The first time Meg and Lily met, Meg and Holden were standing around the pond at the farm. Lily assumed that Meg was Holden's girlfriend and confronted him. She was embarrassed to know that it was his sister. Meg thought Lily was a spoiled rich girl. In fact, she seduced Dusty to get back at Lily. Lucinda did not approve of Lily dating Holden at all, which gave Lily more determination to pursue her interests.

Years later, after marrying and divorcing Emily Stewart and Angel Lange, Holden and Lily tied the knot. Though life wasn't always simple, they made the best of every situation. Lily had a son by Damian Grimaldi. They assumed that Damian was dead from a plane crash, and Holden took care of Luke as if he was his own son. He adopted Luke and gave him the last name, Snyder. They had two daughters, Faith and Natalie, and eventually another son, Ethan Walsh.

At one point in their marriage, Lily's twin sister, Rose, had just passed away. Not long before her unexpected death, Lily had just found out that Rose was her sister. Lily found herself distraught and lonely. She distanced herself from Holden. Their marriage was on the rocks. Jack, Holden's cousin, was presumed dead after his car ran off a bridge. However, the real truth was later revealed when he showed back up in Oakdale, suffering from amnesia. A nurse at the hospital named Julia Larrabee, who took Jack home, saved him and they later got married. When Carly's search for her husband paid off, and she was able to bring Jack home, Julia and her son, JJ followed. After Jack got his memory back, he was torn between Carly and Julia, but in the end, he chose Carly. Julia found comfort on Holden's shoulder when she went to the farm, where Emma let her stay. Catching Holden at a vulnerable moment in his life, they shared a kiss and eventually made love. Emma kicked Julia out of the house, and Holden left Lily and the kids. Julia's ex-husband murdered her, and Lily and Holden eventually patched things up and remarried.

Then Luke announced he was gay. It took a while, but Lily finally accepted it. This tested Holden and Luke's relationship, but in the end, they made it through. After having Ethan, Lily thought that she was overweight. Faith thought that she was over weight too, especially after hearing her mother constantly talking about her weight problem. Holden started sneaking out of the house to take dancing lessons. When Lily saw Holden talking to a beautiful young lady, she confronted him, but the lady turned out to be his dance teacher. He was going to surprise her with a dance, but he had to tell her the truth.

On New Years Eve 2007, everyone showed up to watch the couple express their love for each other as they lightly danced across the floor.

Holden couldn't forget about the lies in Lily's past and put up walls. She turned to old friend Dusty, which set Holden off even more. He hired Bonnie as his lawyer and they developed a flirtation. Lily tried to make things right and they did try again but after Dusty's death, she still couldn't let go of her memories. Holden couldn't live with that. Lily left time to figure things out.

While she was gone, Holden leaned on Carly and they developed a deep bond; they became lovers. Lily returned and Holden tried to keep things a secret but couldn't lie to her. Lily threw him out and filed for divorce. Holden still couldn't decide between the two women. During the summer, Ethan became trapped in a hole on the Snyder farm. The dire situation made Holden and Lily realize their deep connection and they decided to try again. He told Carly goodbye but things were still rocky with Lily.

Flings and Relationships

Molly Conlan (lovers)
Pam Wagner (dated)
Julie Wendall (one night stand)
Marsha McKay (dated)
Janice Maxwell (lovers)
Tracey Donnelly (dated)
Rose D'Angelo (affair - deceased)
Julia Morrisey Larrabee (affair - deceased)
Carly Snyder


Harvey Snyder (father - deceased)
Emma Snyder (mother)
Seth Snyder (brother)
Iva Snyder Benedict (adopted sister)
Caleb Snyder (brother)
Ellie Snyder (sister)
Meg Snyder (sister)
M.J. Dixon (nephew)
Henry Snyder (uncle - deceased)
Elizabeth Snyder (aunt)
Bert Snyder (uncle - deceased)
Brad Snyder (cousin)
Jack Snyder (cousin)
Josh Snyder (adopted cousin)


Abigail Williams (daughter with Molly)
Noelle (adopted daughter with Angel, lost custody)
Aaron Snyder (son with Julie Wendell)
Luke Snyder (adopted son with Lily)
Faith Snyder (daughter with Lily)
Natalie Snyder (daughter with Lily)
Ethan Walsh Snyder (son with Lily)


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