Henry Coleman (as played by Trent Dawson on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Henry Coleman

* Currently resides at The Lakeview.
* 2000 - Poisoned Molly Conlan, but only enough to make her ill.
* 2001 - At work, he publicly displayed Katie's blackmail pictures on the TV monitors.
* 2001 - Made it look as though Katie was being stalked.
* 2001 - He lied about who was stalking Katie.
* 2001 - He hid Katie's confession tape from her and tried to blackmail her with it.
* 2002 - Breaking and Entering, Rose D'Angelo's house.
* 2002 - Breaking and Entering, Roses' dad, Joe D'angelo's house.
* 2003 - Blackmailed Carly for $50,000.
* 2003 - Helped to kidnap Barbara Ryan.
* 2003 - Paul Ryan had him place a bug at The Metro Club.
* 2003 - Helped Katie hide evidence that showed she hit Mike Kasnoff and ran.
* 2004 - Pretended to be a priest to obtain information on Pilar Domingo.
* 2004 - In order to protect Katie, he committed himself to the same mental hospital that Katie was in.
* 2005 - Secretly kept one million dollars that BJ Green withdrew from an account.
* 2006 - Kept Emily Stewart's secret, that she had shot Paul Ryan.
* 2006 - Broke into Meg Snyder's room at The Lakeview with Emily Stewart. Henry was disguised as a chambermaid.
* 2006 - Had something to do with Dusty Donovan's disappearance.
* 2006 - Helped Emily escape from a psychiatric ward at Memorial.
* 2006 - When questioned about Maddie's whereabouts the night that Lia McDermott was murdered, he lied to the police.
* 2006 - Assisted Katie in Breaking into Carly Snyder's place to find a stolen diamond.
* Lost his money in a card game; won Al's diner in a card game.
* Became co-owner of Metro with Carly Snyder.
* When Vienna became pregnant with Henry's child instead of Brads, they passed the baby off as Brad's anyway!

* Married Barbara Ryan

Who's played Henry Coleman over the years?

Trent Dawson (1999 - 2004, 2005 - present)

Past History

Henry started his career in Oakdale working for WOAK-TV. He was jealous of Holden Snyder, who was only there because of his connections. Holden started hiring people with little or no experience just because he knew them, or so Henry thought. Henry started to seek revenge. He befriended Katie Peretti who was working at WOAK-TV at that time. The two friends became close when they were stranded on an island in search of Simon and Lily. Simon rescued Katie and left Henry there on the island with another castaway.

Once Henry made his way back to Oakdale, he teamed up with Katie again. Katie was finally able to fall in love and marry Simon as Henry stayed by her side, even when Simon left her to keep her safe. Henry found himself falling in love with Katie. Katie had another love in her life, Mike Kasnoff. After they were together for a while, Mike and Katie broke up, but Katie thought that they should get back together. Mike carried on with his life and got involved with Jennifer Munson. Katie tried to disrupt their lives the best way that she could, but to no avail. Mike and Jennifer were set to get married. One thing led to another and Katie got herself in a mess and took Henry with her. She let Mike think that she and Henry were getting married. Henry was more than happy to pretend with her, and they actually went through with the wedding ceremony. Katie made it clear they were only pretending. Henry was disappointed, but he would do anything for the woman he loved. After months of pretending, the truth finally came out and Henry's marriage was over. As Henry packed his broken heart up to leave, Katie knew that he had feelings for her now, but she wanted Mike.

Henry's little sister, Maddie Coleman showed up in town unexpectedly. Henry was living with Katie at the time and didn't want Maddie to figure out Katie wasn't in love with him. At this time, Katie was in love with Mike Kasnoff. Poor Henry had to watch as Mike and Katie grew closer together. His heart was full of love just for Katie, but he held it in as best as he could. Maddie soon figured it out and confronted Henry. She went to stay with Tom and Margo Hughes.

Maddie was dating Casey Hughes at one point and she suddenly started acting different. She broke it off with Casey and slashed the tires of the girl whom Casey started to date.

Over the years, Henry has always had his heart set on Katie, but he still gets out and dates others. Henry began dating Vienna and fell deeply in love with her. He lost all of their money in a card game but couldn't stop gambling; in another game, he won Al's Diner. Vienna took to the new business like a duck to water but Henry hated it. He kept gambling and lost everything to Gray Gerard. Gray also stole Vienna from him; Henry kept investigating Gray, who was really after Margo. When Gray was killed, Henry admitted his true feelings to Vienna and they reunited.

Unable to accept that Al's was all he would have, Henry took the money he got from Gray's estate, with the help of Bonnie, and convinced Carly to sell half of Metro to him. When Vienna found out she was livid and left him.

Henry turned to Bonnie for help; with her working at Metro, he could focus on keeping Al's in the black. Vienna returned and couldn't believe Henry had hired Bonnie. He refused to fire her and convinced Vienna to go along with his plan. Soon after, Paul Ryan asked Henry for monetary help and Henry helped him connect with a loan shark.

Henry became suspicious of Derek, the loan shark, and was kidnapped by Derek and James Stenbeck. Derek finally freed him after it appeared that James was in the clear. Henry decided to concentrate on Vienna and didn't press charges against Derek.

This were going well for Henry and Vienna until Vienna decided she wanted a baby. Henry freaked out and refused to consider that but then Vienna decided to be Katie's surrogate. When Vienna miscarried the first child - Brad's - Henry and Vienna made love. She trapped Henry into marrying her by claiming she was pregnant again. Barbara Ryan figured out the truth and before she could interrupt their wedding, she was chloroformed and held captive. She was forced to write her family a note asking for time to herself but Henry saw through it and was convinced she was kidnapped. From the walkie-talkie Barbara found in her cell, she tuned into the frequency Katie used for Jacob, she was able to get a message to Henry, who was babysitting. After Barbara was found, she accepted a proposal of marriage from Henry and they married.

Flings and Relationships

Vienna Hyatt (lovers)
Nikki Munson (dated)
Barbara Ryan Stenbeck Munson Dixon Munson (married)


Eve Browning (sister)
Madeline 'Maddie' Coleman (sister)
Bernadette Coleman (sister)
Four other sisters (names unknown)
Louis Browning (brother in law - deceased)




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