Faith Snyder (as played by Valentina De Angelis on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Faith Snyder

* Young student.
* Born (on screen) September 10, 1998 but when she was aged to 13, they revised her DOB to be in 1994. Revised again in 2010.
* Has an eating disorder.
* Crush on Parker Munson.
* Wants to be a writer.

Who's played Faith Snyder over the years?

Valentina De Angelis (March 2- present)
Ashley Marie Greiner (November 14, 2006 - December 25 2009)
Cassidy Hinkle (2002 - October 10, 2006)
Keara Dolan & Eliza Ryan (Fall 1998 - 2002)

Past History

Faith Snyder was not with Lily and Holden right away. She spent the first year as Melinda Hamilton, the daughter of psychiatrist Reid Hamilton AKA, David Stenbeck. When David held Lily hostage, she gave birth to Faith and he took the child from her. The child who the Snyders thought was their baby was Hope Dizon. Eventually it was found out and Hope was returned to her mother, while they got Faith back.

At thirteen years old, Lily had given birth to another child, and was depressed about the weight gain with pregnancy. Faith was insecure already, and after observing her mother's behaviors with diet pills, Faith started binging and purging her food.

She has been in therapy with Lily and without, for the issue and continues to struggle with it. She has had a crush on Parker Snyder.

Flings and Relationships

Parker Munson (crush)


Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (mother)
Holden Snyder (father)
Luciano "Luke" Eduardo Snyder (half-brother)
Natalie Snyder (sister)
Ethan Walsh Snyder (brother)
Abigail Williams (half-sister)
Aaron Snyder (half-brother)
Lucinda Walsh (maternal adoptive grandmother)
Iva Snyder (maternal biological grandmother - paternal aunt)
Josh (Snyder) Stricklyn (maternal biological grandfather)
Emma Snyder (maternal adoptive great-grandmother - paternal grandmother)
Harvey Snyder (maternal adoptive great-grandfather - paternal grandfather - deceased)
Jared Carpenter (maternal biological great-grandfather)
Caroline Carpenter (maternal biological great-grandmother - deceased)
Elizabeth Snyder (maternal biological great-grandmother)
Cal Stricklyn (maternal biological great-grandfather)
Sierra Esteban Reyes Montgomery (aunt)
Bianca Walsh (aunt)
Rose D'Angelo (aunt - deceased)
Ellie Snydery (aunt)
Meg Snyder (aunt)
Seth Snyder (uncle)
Caleb Snyder (uncle)
John Dixon (uncle & cousin)
Royce Keller (great-uncle)
Samantha Markham (great-aunt)
Neal Alcott (great-aunt - deceased)
Jason Benedict (uncle by marriage to Holden's sister Iva)
Bryant Montgomery (cousin - deceased)
Lucinda Marie Montgomery (cousin)
Jade Taylor (cousin)
Pete Wendall (cousin by marriage - Caleb's stepson)
Jenny Wendall (cousin by marriage - Caleb's stepdaughter)
Brad Snyder (first cousin)
Jack Snyder (first cousin)
Georgia Tucker (first cousin)




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