Evan Walsh IV (as played by Ryan Serhant on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Evan Walsh IV

Evan Walsh IV is the son of Evan Walsh III and the grandson of Lucinda Walsh.
He arrived in Oakdale with a research proposal for Craig Montgomery.
Evan was responsible for the deaths of Dusty Donovan and a lab technician.
Evan was killed by a lethal dose of poison administered by Lily Snyder.

Who's played Evan Walsh IV over the years?

Ryan Serhant (November 2007 - February 7, 2008)

Past History

Evan Walsh IV arrived in Oakdale in 2007. He is a biochemist and went to Craig for help funding a research project. Craig agreed to fund the research because he knew Meg would like the new direction of Montgomery Enterprises. However, Evan was obsessed by his work! When he learned that Bob Hughes objected to the research plans, he administered a poison which sent Bob into a coma! Dusty Donovan was suspicious of the coma because Bob and Chris Hughes had been fighting over the research project. He began investigating the research and Bob's coma, believing he could pin the trouble on Chris. To stop Dusty's digging around, Evan killed him. Then, he killed a lab technician who was helping Dusty.

Evan, it turns out, was hired by Lucinda Walsh but she didn't know how crazy he was. He lured her to the hospital and took her hostage! Lucinda called Lily, trying to get help but Lily wound up being a second hostage. As the three were waiting for a helicopter to arrive at the hospital, Lily fought with Evan and he was stabbed with his own syringe. The drug inside killed him.

Flings and Relationships



Evan Walsh III (Father)
Lucinda Walsh (Grandmother)
Lily Snyder (Aunt-by-Marriage)




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