Eli King (as played by Travis Wood on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Eli King

* Eli King helped Meg test baby Johnny to determine his true paternity.
* After being paid off by Rosanna, he left town.

Who's played Eli King over the years?

Travis Wood (2007)
Marc Aden Gray (2005-2006)

Past History

Eli King is a paternity expert who was very enamored of Meg. When she learned that Craig may have switched his child, Johnny, with Gwen's child, she asked him to run paternity tests and he did. Those tests showed the Johnny was indeed Craig's son.

In an effort to keep Paul with her, Rosanna paid Eli to fake Meg's pregnancy test results. With the cash Rosanna paid him, Eli skipped town and hasn't been seen since.


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