Dr. Susan Stewart (as played by Marie Masters on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Dr. Susan Stewart

* Currently residing at Ellen Stewart's old house.
* Single/Divorced.
* 1971 - Blackmailed Dan Stewart so he wouldn't divorce her.
* 1971 - Accused Liz Talbott of having an affair with Dan, which was false.
* 1971 - Somewhat caused Liz to miscarry the baby she was having with Paul Stewart.
* 1973 - While her and Liz were having an argument, she left the baby gate unlocked and Emily was at the top of the stairs about to fall. Liz ran to lock the gate. She fell, which caused her death.
* 1974-1975 - Worked with John to keep John's wife and Dan apart.
* 1976 - Erased a message on Dan's answering machine so he wouldn't get it.
* 1977 - Arrested for being Drunk in public and Disorderly conduct.
* 1977 - Verbally assaulted a desk clerk at Spencer Hotel.
* 1977 - Verbally assaulted a police officer.
* 1990 - Told Lucinda that John Dixon was calling her, when he wasn't.
* 2003 - Hung up the phone before the police could trace where Alison was calling her from.

Who's played Dr. Susan Stewart over the years?

Marie Masters (1968 - 1979, 1986 - present)
Leslie Perkins (1968)
Jada Rowland (1967-1968)
Diana Walker (1967)
Connie Scott (1966-1967)
Judith Bancroft (Temporary replacement in 1978)

Past History

Susan Burke married her first husband, Dan Stewart while they both were attending medical school. Susan wanted to be a doctor. She convinced Dan to become a surgeon. Just like any other couple starting out, their marriage had a lot of ups and downs. Susan became pregnant with their first child, but miscarried her baby. Dan eventually started to doubt their relationship, and with all the pressure he was feeling, he started confiding in Elizabeth Talbot and became attracted to her. Susan was able to figure out that he was having feelings for her, and knew that she had to think of something to stop it before they got more involved and she lost Dan for good. She arranged for Liz to meet Paul Stewart, Dan's brother. Paul and Liz didn't hit it off very well and Dan was still interested in Liz. Susan's worst nightmare came true when Dan asked Susan for a divorce. Susan couldn't bear to lose the one thing she loved most so she came up with a plan. She seduced Dan and became pregnant. Hearing that Susan was now pregnant, Liz decided to get on with her life because she knew that a baby would complicate their relationship. Liz married Paul. One night, Dan and Susan had an argument in which Susan fell down the steps and miscarried their baby. Dan ran to Liz and they had an affair just before she married Paul. Liz became pregnant with Dan's baby. Susan couldn't stand that Liz was carrying his child. Susan again seduced Dan and in a week moment, they made love. Susan became pregnant and months later, gave birth to his daughter, Emily. By now, Susan had come to terms with the fact that she knew that their marriage was failing. Susan agreed to a divorce. Now, Susan had to start over. She later found herself attracted to Dr. Bruce Baxter, and they quickly got married. Unfortunately, soon after the ceremony, Susan learned that Bruce was sterile. Susan wanted more children. She couldn't stand the fact that she might not ever have the opportunity. They annulled the marriage. Feeling as though the weight of the world was on her shoulders, Susan become very bitter toward Dan and Liz, envying their happiness. Susan went to Dan and Liz's house and had an argument with Liz. While they were arguing, neither paid attention to the baby gate that was open at the top of the stairs. When Liz looked up, she saw Emily approaching the gate and ran after her. She suddenly fell, which ultimately caused her death.

Susan felt she had nowhere to turn but to the bottle. Susan started drinking heavily and when Dan couldn't reason with her any longer, Dan took Emily out of the country to avoid a custody battle. Susan began drinking more and more and spent most of her time at the bar. She made friends with another drinker and eventually fell in love with Kevin Thompson. Meanwhile, Dan was falling in love with Kim, John Dixon's wife. Kim was pregnant with John's baby. Dan knew that they could never be together. He eventually became attracted to Valerie Conway, Kim's former sister-in-law.

After Susan was arrested for drunk driving, she lost her job at the hospital. Kevin took her to a cabin to try to sober her up and break her addiction to alcohol. It worked and the couple lived a short life together when sometime later, Kevin was killed in an accident. Dan had a terminal illness in which he died. Susan found herself all alone with her daughter. She left town with Emily.

Years later, Susan returned to Oakdale with Emily. Susan became addicted to pain medication because of a back injury. She confided in Bob Hughes about her problems, and Bob was there to listen. On one occasion, the two made love but swore that it would never happen again. Susan fell in love several times over the years, including her next husband, a much younger, Larry McDermott. The new couple wanted to start a family, but for some reason, Susan was unable to conceive. She arranged for Emily to donate her eggs. Emily agreed and Susan was able to carry a little girl to term. Susan named her Alison. Susan didn't want Alison to discover how she was conceived. Susan's life would again take the wrong road when Larry got a job in Chicago and had an affair, ending the marriage between him and Susan. Susan gave Alison the last name of Stewart.

When Alison was 17, she learned the truth about how she was conceived and became very rebellious. Out of loneliness, Susan found love from Dr. Ric Becker, whom she met at a medical convention. Ric followed her back to Oakdale to pursue his career at Memorial. He won the hearts and trust of everyone in Oakdale, including Dr. Bob Hughes, which became a patient of Dr. Deckers. Soon after, Susan learned he was a prime suspect in several murders at the hospital. She refused to believe the allegations and married Ric. She soon began to suspect the evidence was true about Ric committing the murders, despite his attempts of lying. Ric finally confessed to Susan, but also admitted he did love her. Ric was sent to an institution and Susan came to terms with the fact that she was single again. Susan fought the urge to go back to drinking and was determined to go back to having a good life. She is no longer drinking and is still single, but she has accepted that. She is still a kind and compassionate doctor at Memorial, putting her patients' needs first. She enjoys her time with her grandson, Daniel, and tries to help her daughter, Emily.

Susan was horrified when Emily returned to Oakdale with Chris Hughes on her arm and tried to break them up. She efforts didn't work but Chris learned about Emily's past and broke things off. She was front and center when Chris was nominated to the Chief of Staff position and didn't listen to Dusty's claims that Chris wasn't as innocent as he appeared. She stood by Alison when she and Chris began dating again, much to the chagrin of both families.

When Alison filed sexual harassment charges against Chris, she made Bob see that Chris wasn't entirely innocent. Soon after this, Rick Decker returned to town and began harassing her. When she found him in the lab, he knocked her out and took Alison hostage. Susan recovered and when Alison and Aaron announced their engagement, did everything she could to help with the wedding plans.

Flings and Relationships

Cal Stricklyn (dated)
John Dixon (lover)
Dr Bob Hughes (affair)
Kevin Thompson (lovers - engaged)
Jay Stallings (lovers)


Dr. Fred Burke (father)
Julia Burke (mother)
Daniel Hughes (grandson)
Jennifer Ryan (granddaughter - deceased)


Miscarriage (with Dan)
Emily Stewart Munson (daughter with Dan)
Alison Stewart (daughter with Larry McDermott)


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