Dr. Bob Hughes (as played by Don Hastings on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Dr. Bob Hughes

* Currently lives with his wife.

Who's played Dr. Bob Hughes over the years?

Don Hastings (1960 - present)
Ronnie Welch (1958 - 1960)
Bobby Alford (1956 - 1958)

Past History

Bob Hughes was the youngest child of Chris and Nancy Hughes. He pursued a career in the medical field as a doctor. While he was still young, he married a very young Lisa Miller. When they returned home to tell his parents, Chris and Nancy objected to their marriage and tried to get it annulled, but the marriage couldn't be annulled because Lisa was pregnant with Bob's child. Chris and Nancy let Bob and Lisa stay together and move in with them. After trying to adjust to the new situation, the reward soon came when Lisa gave birth to a little boy they called Tom. After a while, Lisa wasn't quite satisfied with her life. She wanted more, and she wanted it now. She left Bob, but life alone wasn't what she hoped it would be. She tried to get back together with Bob, but he wouldn't hear of it. In anger, she tried to turn Tom away from the Hughes family by feeding him lies. This put Tom in the middle of a feud. On one occasion, Lisa enrolled Tom into a military school in Los Angeles without telling Bob or anybody else. When Bob found out about it, he and Chris went to the military school and brought Tom back to live with them. Tom soon forgave Bob and reconciled with the Hughes family.

Bob fell in love with several women over the years, including Barbara Ryan's mother, Jennifer Ryan. Barbara accepted the change very well but her brother, Rick, didn't accept Bob and caused trouble between Jennifer and Bob. Jennifer found herself caught in the middle, and her marriage was suffering because of it. With trouble brewing between them, Bob found himself smitten by Jennifer's sister, Kim. Bob was at a convention in Florida where Kim was singing. They got together to talk, and later ended up sleeping together. Kim followed Bob back to Oakdale. She and Jennifer found out that they were pregnant at the same time with Bob's child. Jennifer didn't know that Bob was the father to Kim's baby until later, when Bob was delirious and confessed it to her. Kim married Dr. John Dixon to make it proper. At the hospital, Kim was told that she had a miscarriage. Jennifer gave birth to their daughter and named her Frannie. Rick decided to leave town. With Rick gone, it made it easier on Jennifer and Bob to try to work things out. But just as they started working to resolve their marriage, Jennifer was killed in a car wreck and left behind Bob and a very young Frannie. It was later discovered, after Kim married Bob, that Rick Ryan had stolen Kim's baby, who was alive, and sold it to a family in England where she was raised. Bob and Kim found her and brought her home. She stayed in Oakdale with them for quite a while before leaving on her own.

After losing Jennifer, Bob moved on with his life, dated and even got engaged to a couple of women, but no one compared to Kim. He dated a nurse named Lyla Montgomery. Later, Bob and Lyla got engaged, but a lie kept them from ever marrying. This was a good thing, because Lyla was Margo's mom. (This would have been awkward in the future when Bob's son, Tom married Margo.) He then met and fell in love with Miranda Marlowe. Marlowe had a daughter named Bilan, which was about the same age as Frannie was by now. Miranda had to leave Bilan behind to keep her from being killed. With the help of Tom and Margo, they were able to locate Bilan, who came to live with Bob and Miranda. Frannie and Bilan hit it off, but later Miranda and Bob divorced.

Bob and Kim finally got together and later married. Even though Bob had an affair with Dr. Susan Stewart, Kim forgave him and allowed him to move back in. Together they were strong again. They have overcame many obstacles over the years and managed to stay together.

In 2007, Bob's son Chris returned to town and brought a researcher, Evan Walsh IV, with him. Bob objected to using Memorial as Evan's research base and blackballed him. He was attacked and fell into a coma. It turned out that Evan attacked Bob and made it look like he had collapsed from stress. Bob recovered and took back the position of Chief of Staff but the drama wasn't over. Soon, Chris was embroiled in a sexual harassment case with Alison Stewart and wouldn't listen to Bob's advice.

Chris won the case but took a leave of absence from the hospital until the tainted jewelry debacle. Bob welcomed him back and Chris was able to develop an antidote.

Bob has a good reputation as being one of the best doctors in Oakdale. He is referred to as 'Dr. Bob,' and continues his work as a doctor to better serve the people of Oakdale.

Flings and Relationships

Sara Fuller (dated)
Sylvia Hill (dated - engaged)
Joyce Colman (lover)
Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos Hughes (affair)
Valerie Conway (lovers)
Karen Peters (dated)
Mary Ellison (dated)
Dana McFarland (dated - engaged)
Lyla Montgomery (dated - engaged)
Judge Sara Comstock (dated)
Dr Susan Stewart (affair)


Chris Hughes (father - deceased)
Nancy Hughes McClosky (mother)
Susan Hughes (sister - deceased)
Penny Hughes Cunningham (sister)
Donald Hughes (brother)
Will 'Pa' Hughes (paternal grandfather - deceased)
'Ma' Hughes (paternal grandmother - deceased)
Edith Hughes Frey (aunt)
John Hughes (uncle)
Teddy 'Ryder' Hughes (nephew)
Christina Hughes (niece)
Amy Lin Cunningham (adopted niece)
Pearl (aunt)
Lien Hughes (granddaughter)
Adam Hughes (grandson)
Casey Hughes (grandson)
Daniel Hughes (grandson)
Billy Norbeck (great grandson - deceased)
Hope Dixon (step granddaughter)
Jeff Baker (brother in law - deceased)
Neil Baker (brother in law - deceased)
Anton Cunningham (Brother in law)
Janice Turner Hughes (sister in law - deceased)
Mary Ellison Hughes (sister in law)
Margo Hughes (daughter in law)


Thomas Christopher Hughes (son with Lisa)
Miscarried child (with Lisa)
Frances Jennifer Hughes (daughter with Jennifer)
Sabrina Hughes (daughter with Kim)
Christopher Hughes (son with Kim)
Andy Dixon (stepson - Kim and John Dixon's son)
Barbara Ryan Stenbeck Munson Dixon Munson(stepdaughter)


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