Damian Grimaldi (as played by Paolo Seganti on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Damian Grimaldi

* January 1996 - May 1997 - Damian was presumed dead after his jet crashed.
* Currently resides in Malta.
* 1994 - He assaulted Holden Snyder.
* 1995 - He drugged Lily, at this time, they were married.
* 2001 - Kidnapped Luke.
* 2006 - He was going to send Luke to a special camp without Lily knowing about it.
* 2006 - Lied and told Luke that Lily was the one who wanted him to go to the camp.
* 2006 - Told Luke that he was dying so he would go back to Malta with him.
* 2006 - He drugged Lucy Montgomery with the same drug that she was getting ready to drug him with.
* 2006 - Locked Lucy Montgomery and Dusty Donovan in a wine cellar at Fairwinds.
* 2006 - Tried to kidnap Luke.

Who's played Damian Grimaldi over the years?

Paolo Seganti (April 1993 - January 1996; May - September 1997; May - June, Aug.-S eptember 2001; May - Aug. 2006, March 2008 - February 1 2010)

Past History

Lily Walsh brought her new husband to Oakdale to introduce him. They had met and married while she was in Italy. However, as soon as they were in Oakdale, Holden showed up. Damian could sense that Lily still had feelings for Holden, especially after seeing him. Damian chose not to confront Lily on what he suspected. He took up boxing to relieve some stress. This new obsession with boxing upset Lily and soon drove a wedge between them. She was afraid that Damian would feel fearless and risk their lives. Lily found herself confiding in Holden over her frustration. She also suspected that Damian wasn't being honest in his business deals, and she was right. When Lily was kidnapped and held for ransom, Damian was determined to rescue her. During the struggle, Damian was shot. Fortunately, he survived the gunshot, and Lily stayed devoted to her husband during this frightening ordeal. This brought Lily and Damian closer together, and Lily decided not to give up on their marriage. Lily recommitted herself to be a better wife.

Lily became pregnant with their first son, Luciano (Luke). She soon noticed that Damian wasn't doing the usual business. After witnessing several business dealings, she started thinking that Damian was doing bad business again. She confronted him and told him that she wanted a separation. In desperation to keep his wife and son with him, he kidnapped them, drugged Lily, and then took them to his hometown in Malta. Damian's mother, Orlena conspired with him to keep Lily and Luke captive for Damian. Damian was unaware of Orlena's health problems as she suffered from mild Dementia at times. She managed to keep her family from finding her. During this time, Damian learned that Orlena wasn't really his biological mother. Orlena raised Damian after Orlena drugged his biological mother. Orlena kept his mother drugged so that she wouldn't realize the truth. Before Damian could find out that Orlena had drugged his biological mother for over thirty years, she committed suicide. To make matters worse, Orlena was drugging Lily with the same drugs that she used to drug his mother with. Damian vowed to change for Lily's sake, but before he could prove to Lily that he had changed, Damian was thought to have died in a plane crash.

Several years later, Damian showed up at Lily and Holden's house to take Luke back to Malta for a visit. He wanted to show Luke his heritage. Lily found out that he was still doing bad business and didn't want her son subjected to that. The truth came out when Damian told her that his latest business deal went bad, and now they were coming after Luke. He had to get Luke out of there so, without Lily's permission, he ran away with him. He took Luke to Malta. Lily and Holden went to Malta looking for Luke. Damian had left Luke in a church in Malta until Lily and Holden caught up with him. But before Damian left, he told Luke to never let anyone know that he was a Grimaldi. Damian realized that Luke would be safer with Holden and Lily than with him. He could not provide everything that Luke would need, including safety. Therefore, he let him go, completely.

When Luke was a teenager, Damian paid him a visit. He assured Lily that no one was after him and he just wanted to see his son. At this time, Luke had just announced to his family that he was gay. When Luke saw Damian there, he assumed he was there to try to talk him out of what he was feeling. Damian assured him he was just there to visit with him and to give him a family heirloom. Damian ended up causing more tension in the family when he pretended to side with Luke against Holden. He had Luke enrolled in a camp, and told he and Lily that they had special therapist to help those who were unsure of their sexuality, when actually it was a camp to make them straight. Lily didn't know everything about the camp, but reluctantly let him go. Damian let Luke think that he was helping him. He had the doctor tell Luke that it was Lily's idea that he go there. Luke had an argument with his mother over it and he pushed Lily down a flight of stairs. Lily was pregnant at the time. The fall put her in a coma for a long time. While she was in a coma, Holden and Luke argued. Damian played on Luke's feelings and had Luke move into Fairwinds with him for a while. When Luke started talking about making up with Holden, Damian got desperate. He dropped a bottle of pills at Luke's feet to make Luke believe that something was wrong with him. He told Luke that he was dying, and he wanted Luke to go to Malta with him and see him through to the end. Luke felt torn but obligated to go.

Luke learned the truth about Damian. He wasn't dying, and he also learned that Lily didn't send him to camp, but Damian did. Damian confessed that he wanted Luke's inheritance to pay off someone who was after him. Luke had enough of his father's betrayal. Luke disowned his father, but refused to press charges against him for kidnapping him. He wanted to put the past in the past and protect his real family, the family that loves him unconditionally.

Damian refused to back away from the family he wanted so much. Biding his time, he began a relationship with Meg, but as soon as he saw an opening with Lily, he ran back to her. When Holden went missing, Damian convinced everyone he was dead by covering up evidence. He comforted Lily until she fell in love with him again. Meg was humiliated and discovered his deception. She blackmailed him into staying in a relationship with her. He married Lily anyway and then set about convincing everyone that Meg was crazy and dangerous. After he framed her for attempted murder, she was incarcerated. Molly and Holden, returned from the 'dead', sought to prove what a manipulator Damian was. They finally unearthed evidence and Meg escaped from the mental hospital. She attempted to kill him and he fought her off in self-defense, apparently killing her (she turned out to be alive). He asked Lily to run away with him. She refused so he left alone. Holden stopped him before he could leave and they had a bloody confrontation.

Flings and Relationships

Renada Minardi (lover)
Meg Snyder (lovers)


Lorenzo Grimaldi (father - deceased)
Orlena Grimaldi (mother - deceased)
Bettina Grimaldi (biological mother)
Dante Grimaldi (half brother)
Eduardo Grimaldi (cousin - deceased)



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