Col. Winston Mayer (as played by Daniel Hugh Kelly on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Col. Winston Mayer

*Tried to kill Luke Snyder when he realized Luke and Noah were involved.

*Killed Cheri Love and attempted to kill Dusty Donovan.

Who's played Col. Winston Mayer over the years?

Daniel Hugh Kelly (2007 - June 2008)

Past History

Colonel Winston Mayer was a career Army officer when he met up with son, Noah, in Branson. Worried about Noah's friends, the Colonel followed him back to Oakdale. He was relieved to find that Noah was involved with Maddie Coleman but when Noah finally came out as gay, the Colonel was incensed. He killed ex-wife (and Noah's mom) Cheri Love, blaming her for Noah's perceived weakness. He tried to kill Dusty when Dusty learned the truth. Then, he went after Luke, hoping that if Luke was out of the picture Noah would return to a straight lifestyle. Holden and Lily saved the day at the last minute and although Luke was shot, he was not killed. The Colonel was convicted of attempted murder and the murder of Cheri and sent to prison. He contacted Ameera Ali-Azeez, Noah's wife, in 2008.

She agreed to meet him in New York; his plan was to trade her for his freedom but Luke and Noah followed them. Noah stowed away on a boat with the Colonel. He jumped in the Hudson River rather than be sent back to prison; his body was never found.

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Noah Mayer (son)


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