Casey Hughes (PAST) (as played by Zach Roerig on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Casey Hughes (PAST)

* He currently lives with his mom and dad.
* He denied being the father of Gwen Norbeck's baby.

Who's played Casey Hughes (PAST) over the years?

Zack Roerig (Jan. 2005 - 2007)
Scott Porter (April - May 2006 - temporary)
Peter Vack (on and off - 2004)
Ian Boyd (Feb.- March 2004)
Joseph Cross (June 1999 - Aug. 2002)
Cruise Russo (1991 - 1999)

Past History

Casey spent most of his childhood as a content little boy being raised by two wonderful parents, Tom and Margo Hughes. There was one incident when Casey was a little boy that a woman kidnapped him for a short time. She wanted children, but was unable to have any. As a result, the woman lost her sanity and kidnapped Casey. No harm was done to him, and he was returned safely to Tom and Margo. Casey was too young to remember this. Casey's dad, Tom had an affair with Emily Stewart. Because of Tom's affair, Tom had a son with Emily. They named him Daniel. Casey also has an older brother named Adam.

Casey was aged to 16 where he became a well-mannered teenager who dealt with the everyday conflicts that teenagers face. He became good friends with Sarah Trevers and Will Munson. Casey was also introduced to Celia Ortega. Celia liked Casey and he liked her. At this time, Gwen Norbeck found her way to Oakdale. She too liked Casey and had some big news to tell him. She was pregnant with his baby. It seemed that Casey had spent a weekend with her, and as a result, she was now pregnant. At first, Will claimed to be the father, but a blood test would later prove that he was not the father of the baby. The blood test also determined that Casey was not the father either. No one suspected that the blood samples were switched. Gwen held firm to her belief that Casey was the daddy, but Casey denied it the whole time. After several months thinking that she was fighting for custody of her son, Gwen finally learned that there was a switch at birth, and her baby actually died the night it was born. Casey found Gwen alone one night as he listened to Gwen confide in him, and Casey finally acknowledged that he was the father. Margo and Tom overheard their conversation and realized that they indeed had a grandson. They had a long talk with their son about how he needed to own up to his mistake.

Later on, Casey met and fell in love with Maddie Coleman, who had came to stay for a little while with Tom and Margo. At first, they didn't hit it off very well, but that soon changed. As they started getting closer, they found themselves at the next stage of their relationship. Margo and Tom were going to be out of town for a weekend, and Casey and Maddie talked about that weekend being their first time. Suddenly, Maddie changed and she couldn't be with Casey. They broke up and Casey moved on. He started dating a girl named Lia. Maddie started acting really strange and sliced Lia's tires. Suddenly, Lia was murdered while on a date with Casey. Maddie became a suspect and continued to act very strange. Casey and some friends decided to go to Raven Lake to get away before school started. While up there, the murders continued. Maddie showed up at the lake too, and more murders happened. Casey continued to defend Maddie, although he had his doubts sometimes. Casey was attacked and stabbed, then left to die. In fact, Maddie thought that he was dead until she was being chased by the slasher. He intervened and tackled the slasher. In his pain and agony, he was still able to help save Maddie. The slasher wasn't Maddie, but her sister, Eve. Casey was rushed to a hospital to recover, and then was released to go back home.

In the fall, he started going to college. He found a new hobby that quickly got him into a lot of trouble: on-line gambling. Those he owed money to started showing up at his door to collect. On one occasion, Adam happened to visit him while one of the collector's was there. Adam paid the debt off for Casey and in return, he told Casey that he needed to tell Margo and Tom. Casey agreed, but he couldn't. He found himself gambling more and more and getting further in debt. When his back was against the wall and he had no other choice but to confess to Tom and Margo, Tom had a heart attack. Casey couldn't tell his parents now so he decided to try to handle it himself. He stole some bonds from Lisa's safe that Barbara had given Will for Gwen's record production. He gave the bonds to Elwood to pay his dad off so that he wouldn't call Tom and Margo.

Flings and Relationships

Maddie Coleman (dated)
Lia McDermott (dated - deceased)
Maddie Coleman (lover)
Celia Ortega (dated)
Gwen Norbeck Munson (one night stand)


Margo Huges (mother)
Tom Huges (father)
Lien Hughes (sister)
Adam Hughes Munson (half-brother)
Daniel Hughes (half-brother)
John Dixon (maternal grandfather)
Lyla Peretti (maternal grandmother)
Dr. Bob Hughes (paternal grandfather)
Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi (maternal grandmother)
Chris Hughes (paternal great grandfather - deceased)
Nancy Hughes McClosky (paternal great grandmother)
Henry Miller (maternal great grandfather - deceased)
Alma Miller (maternal great grandmother - deceased)
Will Hughes (paternal great, great grandfather - deceased)
Katie Peretti Frasier Coleman Kasnoff (aunt)
Craig Montgomery (uncle)
Cricket Montgomery Ross (aunt)
Andy Dixon (uncle)
Duke Kramer (uncle)
Matthew John Dixon (uncle)
Johnny Dixon (uncle - deceased)
Frannie Hughes (aunt)
Scott Eldridge (uncle)
Chuck Shea (uncle - deceased)
Sabrina Hughes (aunt)
Christopher Hughes (uncle)
Margaret Crawford (great aunt)
Penny Hughes Cunningham (great aunt)
Don Hughes (great uncle)
Susan Hughes (great aunt - deceased)
Edith Hughes Frey (great great aunt)
John Hughes (great great uncle)
Hope Dixon (cousin)
Bryant Montgomery (cousin - deceased)
Lucy Montgomery (cousin)
William Ross (Billy) (cousin)
Suzanne Ross (Suzie) (cousin)
John Dustin Munson Donovan (cousin)


Billy Norbeck: (son with Gwen Norbeck Munson - deceased)


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