Carly Tenney Munson Dixon Snyder Lowe Snyder (as played by Maura West on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Carly Tenney Munson Dixon Snyder Lowe Snyder

* Grew up in an unstable home.
* Made it to Oakdale to get her hands on the Cabot estate.
* Baby Nora died at birth.
* 1995 - Carly seduced Mike Kasnoff because she wanted to get revenge on her sister.
* 1996 - Carly made sure that Rosanna found out about her affair with Mike Kasnoff.
* 1996 - 1997 - Carly lost all the money that Lisa had given her and she lost her business.
* 1997 - Carly seduced a lab tech in order to get information on Lily Snyder to help her cousin Molly.
* 1997 - Carly lied to Hal Munson about how fast she could type so Hal would hire her.
* 1998 - Carly made a deal with John Dixon to help her get pregnant.
* 1998 - Carly got pregnant to gain the money offered by her sister.
* 1998 - Carly was arrested for slapping Nikki Munson.
* 1998 - She escaped from jail.
* 1998 - She lied to Julia Lindsey about being pregnant with Jack's child.
* 1998 - She hit Julia's car then ran.
* 1998 - Carly ran her car into a tree to fake a car accident.
* 1998 - 1999 - She married Brad Snyder and Hal Munson knowing that she was still married to Winston Lowe.
* 1998 - She was sentenced to six months community service for hitting Julia's car.
* 1998 - She threatened to expose Dr. John Dixon about how he helped her become artificially inseminated.
* 1998 - She broke into Dr. John Dixon's office.
* 1998 - She told Hal that she was not artificially inseminated.
* 1998 - Carly tried to fake a wedding ceremony between Molly and Brad Snyder so that she could marry John Dixon without Lisa interrupting.
* 2002 - She stole $50,000 cash out of the safe from Monte Carlo.
* 2005 - She put her compass into Julia Larrabee's purse so that Julia would get caught for stealing and breaking into her home.
* 2005 - She helped Lily Snyder clean the area that Julia Larrabee was killed at so that she wouldn't be convicted of her murder.
* 2005 - She was arrested for having something to do with Julia Larrabee's murder.
* 2005 - Carly drugged her half-sister, Gwen to make everyone think that Gwen was not capable of taking care of a baby.
* 2006 - She had Nick Kasnoff drugged.
* 2006 - Arrested for breaking and entering.
* 2007 - Ran off with Simon after stealing a diamond necklace from the Prince.
* 2007 - Kept a fatal misdiagnosis a secret to win Jack's heart.
* 2008 - Had an affair with Holden Snyder.
* 2008 - Partnered with Henry to reopen Metro.

Who's played Carly Tenney Munson Dixon Snyder Lowe Snyder over the years?

Maura West (1995 - 1996; 1997 - present)

Past History

Carly grew up in an unstable home. Her mother left her father and the children for another man. They grew up poor while her mother was living with a wealthy man. Later, a grown up Carly showed up in Oakdale for the first time, it was to see if she could get her hands on some of the Cabot family fortune. After all, she figured it was owed to her and didn't care who was in her way. Carly found out that she had a half-sister named Rosanna Cabot. Rosanna was engaged to Mike Kasnoff.

Carly had a one night stand with Mike before she realized that he was Rosanna's fiance. She met Mike at a bar and one thing led to another, and then they made love. Carly ended up pregnant with Mike's baby. One night, while Rosanna and Mike were having dinner, Carly got into a fight with Rosanna. During the fight, Carly lost her balance and fell. The fall sent her into early labor. She delivered a little girl she named Nora Kasnoff. Unfortunately, there were complications and Nora died. Rosanna felt guilty, but wanted Carly out of her life. So, she came up with a plan to offer Carly a large sum of money, if she would find and marry someone and have children. Carly needed the money and went on a search for her husband. Carly even went to Hong Kong, but came back after a while.

Once she was back in Oakdale, Carly met Brad Snyder. She fell in love with Brad's brother, Jack, but she couldn't have him. She married John Dixon and eventually got pregnant. John knew that the baby wasn't his and they divorced, but John wouldn't say anything about Parker's biological father. Brad knew that Hal Munson was Parker's father and he used this information to get what he wanted. Brad told Carly that she had to marry him if she wanted to keep it a secret. Carly agreed and married Brad, which gave her plenty of opportunity to get to know Jack a little more. She knew that Jack wouldn't pursue her while she was still married to his brother, so she asked Brad for a divorce. In the meantime, Brad had fallen in love with Carly, but still agreed to the divorce when Carly promised to pay him five million dollars to sign the divorce papers. Brad just had one request, and that was Carly had to sleep with him one time. Reluctantly Carly agreed. When Carly went to collect her money from Rosanna, she refused to give Carly a dime. Brad was furious at Carly and wanted his money, or revenge. Brad made a public announcement at Hal and Barbara Munson's wedding that Hal was the father to Carly's baby. Jack was mad at Carly for putting herself in this predicament. When things cooled down and Jack wasn't so mad at Carly, they started getting closer. They eventually fell in love.

Carly became a well-known fashion designer. She was always in competition with Barbara Ryan, who owned her own line of clothing. Carly was offered a temporary position to substitute for Barbara when Barbara was hurt in an explosion. Paul wanted to keep this a secret from his mother so she wouldn't get mad. Barbara found out and was furious. She had Carly, Emily Stewart and Rose D'Angelo kidnapped and taken out of the country, with the help of James Stenbeck. While kidnapped, the women were injected with a serum that would age them very quickly. When Carly was found, she couldn't bare to let anyone look at her. She refused to let Jack love her, and didn't want him to feel obligated to be with her. She also thought that Jack would eventually get tired of looking at her and leave her. But she was wrong. Jack vowed to stay by her side, no matter what. They finally came up with another serum that reversed the effects, and Carly was back to normal.

Carly and Jack stayed together and got married, but tragedy was just around the corner for the happy couple. One day, Jack was escorting a prisoner back to the Oakdale police department when the car went off a bridge. Jack was never found, but Carly never gave up on him. When everyone was moving on with their lives, Carly, with the help of Parker, decided to find him. Her gut feeling was right. Jack was indeed alive. He was suffering from amnesia. A nurse who took care of him in the hospital brought him to her home, fell in love with him and they married, but it wasn't a legal marriage because he was still married to Carly. After taking him to court, Carly had Jack court ordered to live with her and the kids until one day he got his memory back and realized that he was in love with Carly. For a while, Jack was torn between Carly and Julia. He finally made his decision to stay married to the love of his life, Carly. Julia was hurt but she moved on. Unfortunately, Julia was murdered by her ex-husband. With his mother dead and his dad in prison, Julia's little boy, JJ was awarded to Jack and Carly.

Through the years, Carly has been in and out of love with Jack. Just when Jack took her back, Carly did something behind his back that had him mad at her again. After years of fighting with Carly, Jack finally left her, maybe for good. Saddened over the break up, Carly eventually decided to move on with her life and accept the fact that Jack would not return. She fell in love with Simon Frasier, who had hired her to design. Carly liked his wild spirit because it reminded her of herself. Unfortunately, Simon and Carly got in trouble with a diamond that was stolen from a prince. This time, Jack couldn't get her out of this mess. She ended up running from the law, and Jack. She left behind a wonderful life that she had worked so hard to establish, and three wonderful children.

When Carly returned to Oakdale, she set about making Jack see they were meant to be together but he was already involved with Katie Peretti. JJ was kidnapped by associates of Julia and Carly managed to follow Jack all over the country to find him. Together, they rescued JJ but Jack would still not consider a reconciliation. As his wedding to Katie neared, Carly began having headaches and passing out but she kept her symptoms to herself. Brad eventually discovered what was going on and convinced her to see a doctor. Carly was diagnosed with brain lesions and told she had only a few weeks to live.

She swore Brad to secrecy but Brad kept pressing her to come forward. He eventually spilled the beans to Jack who moved back in with Carly, even though he had just married Katie, for the kids' sake. Soon after, Carly learned she had been misdiagnosed and wasn't dying but again persuaded Brad to keep the secret so that she could truly win Jack's heart. Brad, in love with Katie, agreed but it became very hard for him to keep the secret. Carly convinced Jack to come away with her to Montana and they had sympathy sex. Brad couldn't believe it when she told him. Soon after, Katie realized the truth and decided to leave Jack. Carly begged Brad to keep quiet and then proposed to Jack herself. He accepted, again for the kids' sake.

Katie figured out what was really going on and on their wedding day went to the church. She couldn't out Carly, though, and left. At the altar, Carly had an epiphany and decided to tell Jack the truth. He left her on the spot. Still not over him, she tried several times to make her see that he truly loved her but Jack wouldn't admit it.

With Jack presenting a stony front and Lily out of town, Carly had no one to turn to except Holden. They became sympathetic friends, each trying to get over their exes. Soon their friendship grew and they began having an affair. Not wanting to ruin the one good relationship she had left - her friendship with Lily - Carly called a halt to the affair but Holden was too deeply involved. He told Lily the truth and she left him. Lily placed all the blame on Carly; still Carly would not consider entering into a real relationship with Holden.

They finally broke things off for good when Holden and Lily decided to try again after Ethan's accident at the Snyder Farm Project. Carly couldn't understand why no one would forgive her part in the affair.


Ray Tenney (father - deceased)
Shelia Washburn (mother - deceased)
Lee Washburn (aunt)
Rosanna Cabot (half-sister)
Gwen Munson (half-sister)
Billy Norbeck (nephew - deceased)
Molly Conlan (cousin)
Abigail Williams (first cousin)
Hallie Munson (adopted niece)


Nora Kasnoff (daughter with Mike Kasnoff - deceased at birth)
Parker Munson (son with Hal Munson)
Sage Snyder (daughter with Jack Snyder)
J.J. Larrabee (awarded)


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