Brian Wheatley (as played by Laurence Lau on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Brian Wheatley

*Brian Wheatley is a non-profit expert; he runs Luke's charitable organization.
*He is interested in Lucinda.
*Brian helped organize the Snyder Farm Benefit.
*Married Lucinda although he was attracted to Luke.
*Left town after admitting he is gay.

Who's played Brian Wheatley over the years?

Laurence Lau (August 18, 2008 - January 14, 2009)

Past History

Brian Wheatley arrived in town after Lucinda Walsh called him about Luke's charitable organization. He and Luke hit it off because they had similar ideas for the non-profit organization. At Lily's for dinner one night, Brian insulted Luke by suggesting that he closet himself so that the non-profit wouldn't be affected by his gay lifestyle. Luke tried to make Lucinda fire him but Brian convinced her that Luke misunderstood.

He and Luke made up, although Luke remained suspicious of him. Brian also continued to flirt with Lucinda, who returned his interest. When Emma Snyder decided not to go forward with the farm project and instead of build a park, Brian helped organize a benefit to help out.

Brian learned that Lucinda had cancer and began to devote even more time to her. After she had her first surgery, she proposed to him and then he proposed to her. They got married but on the night of their engagement Brian followed a drunken Luke back to the Snyder Farm - and kissed him! Luke couldn't believe it and began to spiral out of control; Brian kept insisting that Luke imagined the incident but eventually he admitted the truth. He refused to admit he was gay, though, and convinced Luke to keep his secret. He made another pass at Luke the night of Jack Snyder's bachelor party, causing even more strife for Luke.

On New Year's Eve things came to a head when Luke kissed Brian! Noah saw it and punched Brian; he and Luke came up with a cover story - that Brian was mugged - to tell Lucinda. However, when Jade returned to town Luke told her everything and she spilled the beans to Lucinda!

Lucinda kicked Brian out.

Brian went to Noah for help in getting things back on track and was relieved to find out that Noah and Luke had made up. He returned to his hotel room but Noah thought something was up and called Luke. The two of them barged into Brian's room, thinking he was suicidal. They got him to admit he was gay and that relieved much of the pressure on Brian. Lucinda arrived and the two of them made peace. Brian left Oakdale.


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