Barbara Ryan Stenbeck Munson Dixon Munson (as played by Colleen Zenk on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Barbara Ryan Stenbeck Munson Dixon Munson

* 1983 - She accidentally shot and wounded James Stenbeck.
* 1986 - She lied about sleeping with Tom Hughes.
* 1987 - 1988- She served time in Gennersville Prison for murdering James Stenbeck. She was later found not guilty and released.
* 1991 - She lied about Hal Munson being Jennifer's father.
* 1993 - She lied about someone stalking her.
* 2001 - She falsely accused Craig Montgomery of an explosion that caused her to be severely burned.
* 2002 - She was an accomplice in the kidnapping of Rose D'Angelo, Emily Stewart, and Carly Tenney.
* 2003 - She hired Dusty Donovan to break up Paul and Rose.
* 2003 - She sprayed Grafitti on Paul's walls in his apartment then had Will take the rap for it.
* 2003 - She hired a hitman to kill Rose.
* 2003 - She removed evidence from the crime scene of Rose D'Angelo.
* 2003 - She planted evidence in Molly McKinnon's room framing her for Rose's murder.
* 2004 - She falsely confessed to Rose's murder.
* 2004 - She assaulted Emily Stewart.
* 2004 - She broke out of the psychiatric hospital and took Will to escape.
* 2004 - She lied to Paul and Jennifer about her vision.
* 2004 - Her and Rick Decker worked together to get the keys from a hospital guard to make an impression of the key to escape.
* 2004 - She stole a drug from her doctor's office to put in Emily's tea so Emily would torment Rosanna.
* 2006 - She stole a necklace from someone staying at The Lakeview Towers so that she could blame it on Gwen.
* 2006 - She told everyone that Gwen attacked her.
* 2007 - She gave money to Gwen to get her recording career off the ground and now thinks Gwen is good for her daughter.
* 2007 - She paid off Sofie Duran for her baby.
* 2008 - She was diagnosed with Oral Cancer.
* 2008 - Cole Norbeck kidnapped her to extort money from Paul.
* 2010 - Married Henry Coleman

Who's played Barbara Ryan Stenbeck Munson Dixon Munson over the years?

Colleen Zenk Pinter (1978 - present)
Donna Wandrey (1971 - 1972)
Barbara Stanger (Early 1970)
Judi Rolin (Early 1970)

Past History

Barbara grew up in a house with a loving mother, Jennifer, and stepfather, Bob Hughes. She went off to college after high school and received a degree in art. While she was away, she fell in love for the first time, but broke it off before returning to Oakdale. Later, she set her sights on Tom Hughes, her former stepbrother. Tom and Barbara's relationship was getting very serious until the rich James Stenbeck came back with a secret! Barbara had an affair with James, and as a result, she got pregnant! Although James had no idea at the time that he was the father, he still wanted to cause trouble for Barbara. She had no desire to raise a child while she was still young herself, so she gave her son to her best friend to raise. When she found out that her best friend's husband was abusive, she wanted Paul to get out of that situation. Tom helped her regain custody of her son. Once James realized that Paul was his son, he made Barbara leave Tom at the alter to pursue a life with him.

She eventually found a way out of her marriage with James, but she hadn't seen the last of him. Barbara found herself in and out of love throughout the years. Besides James, she married Gunnar St. Claire, Hal Munson, Dr. John Dixon and Craig Montgomery. When she married Hal, she settled down, raised her children, took good care of Hal, and even welcomed Hal's son (from his affair with Carly).

Craig Montgomery was able to persuade Barbara to leave Hal and marry him. She left her secure life with Hal and the children to marry Craig, only to find out that Craig didn't love her but wanted her money. One day, Barbara was the victim of a terrible explosion, which changed her looks physically. She secluded herself from everyone, including her children. She was mad at the way things had turned out and vowed to seek revenge. She started with three women: Rose D'Angelo, who was taking all of Paul's attention, Carly Tenney, who Paul had hired to design for BRO while Barbara was in the hospital, and Emily Stewart, who had found her way into Hal's life when Barbara left him for Craig. She worked with James to have the women removed from the country, but they were eventually found and brought back.

Barbara disliked Rose D'Angelo so much that when she found out Paul was marrying her, she enlisted the help of her youngest son, Will, to help her prevent Paul from marrying her and leaving town. On one occasion, she painted graffiti on Paul's walls and blamed Will for it. To stop Paul from leaving town on his wedding night, Will put poison in Rose's drink to make her ill. Unfortunately, it killed her. Barbara couldn't bear watching Will go to jail so she convinced him to run away with her. While on the run, Paul stopped them as they were boarding the helicopter.

Barbara soon learned there was a price for everything when her children turned their backs on her. She has tried to win over their trust, but they refused to allow it. They acknowledge her and tried to be civil, but they wouldn't allow her to become as close as they once were.

Later, in 2006, Barbara lost her daughter, Jennifer, from Viral Pneumonia. A few months later Hal was killed in the line of duty and struggles to keep her two sons, Will and Paul, in her life.

In 2007, Barbara finally accepted the role of Gwen in Will's life and wished them well. When Gwen miscarried their child, Babs was heartbroken for them and decided to make things right. Unfortunately because of having Will committed, she couldn't help them adopt through an agency and so she hired a lawyer for a private adoption. Barbara was connected with Cole and Iris who demanded money for Sofie's baby. Desperate for her children, Babs agrees to pay them off. When everything came out, Sofie refused to hand over the baby and Will and Gwen were crushed. They blamed Barbara. Sofie realized she couldn't care for the baby and did give her to Will and Gwen. Slowly, Barbara was able to make things up to her children, but they decided they needed a fresh start and left Oakdale.

At the same time, Barbara found out she had Oral Cancer. She kept the truth from everyone but Sofie found out and began playing nurse to her. She eventually told Paul the truth, too, and he convinced Meg to be Babs' nurse. Sofie began to act strangely so Barbara cut her off; Sofie accused Paul of raping her. Barbara used her illness to hurry up the wedding of Paul and Meg. Barbara was certain Sofie was lying and threatened Sofie, who turned up dead! It was finally revealed that Cole killed her when he took Barbara as his hostage. Paul and Meg rescued her in the nick of time.

Soon after, Rick Decker arrived in town. The necklace he intended for Barbara actually made it to Meg, who was haunted by Sofie. Chris Hughes found an antidote and saved Meg's life. As soon as this drama ended, another erupted - in the form of James! He returned to town bent on raising Meg and Paul's child as his own. He stole Barbara's money so Paul would be forced to work with him and then kidnapped Meg.

Barbara's cancer treatments are going well and it went remission. Following more frustrations and disappointments, thanks to James until Audrey knocked him off, and thanks to Emily returning to her son's life, Barbara found affection in the arms of Henry Coleman. They kept it secret for awhile and were on and off before finally realizing how they felt about each other. Unfortunately, Vienna returned and blackmailed Henry into marrying her with a fake story about being pregnant. The lie was revealed before they could tie the knot, but Barbara was abducted by Iris and held in captivity. Henry finally rescued her and they got married.

Flings and Relationships

John Dixon (dated)
Steven Farrell (lover)
James Stenbeck (lover)
Tom Hughes (lover)
Gunnar St.Claire (lover)
Brian McColl (lover)
Duncan McKechnie (lover)
Darryl Crawford (lover)
Tonio Reyes (affair)
Evan Walsh (lover)
John Dixon (lover)
Walker Daniels (dated)


Chuck Ryan (father - deceased)
Jennifer Sullivan Ryan Hughes (mother - deceased)
Dr. Bob Hughes (stepfather)
Rick Ryan (brother)
Frannie Hughes (half sister)
Melinda Grey (half sister - deceased)
Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos Hughes (aunt)
Andy Dixon (cousin)
Sabrina Hughes (cousin)
Hope Dixon (first cousin)
John Dustin Munson Donovan (grandson)
Jennifer Ryan (granddaughter - deceased)
Hallie Munson (adopted granddaughter)


Paul Ryan (son with James Stenbeck)
Jennifer Munson Donovan (daughter with Darryl Crawford - deceased)
Will Munson (son with Hal Munson)


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