Alison Stewart (as played by Marnie Schulenburg on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Alison Stewart

* On the eve of her wedding to Aaron Snyder, Alison slept with Chris Hughes.
* Alison sued Chris Hughes for sexual harassment.
* Alison battled an addiction to methamphetamines.
* Alison starred in several porn flicks while living in Las Vegas.
* She switched sonogram pictures to cover when her child was conceived - later miscarried.
* She pretended to be Rosanna during phone calls to Craig.
* Alison destroyed evidence that would have implicated Emily in harassing Rosanna Cabot.
* Alison fought Chris Hughes after he had her kicked out of the nursing program for not sleeping with him.

Who's played Alison Stewart over the years?

Amy Princine (1994 - 2000)
Sarah Hyland (2001)
Jessica Dunphy (April 25th, 2002 - July 20, 2005)
Marnie Schulenburg (February 22, 2007 on Y&R; March 23, 2007 - present)

Past History

Alison's birth was a bit unusual. At the time her mother Susan was upset that she couldn't carry a child for her younger husband, Larry. Emily, Alison's sister, donated an egg which was fertilized and implanted into Susan's womb. Alison has been raised by Susan. Alison learned the truth when she was 16. She rebelled against both Emily and Susan at the time and turned to Aaron for comfort.

After a boxing match left Aaron partially paralyzed, the two became very close and fell in love. Aaron soon received word that his mother was sick in Seattle and he left town. Eventually he sent for Allie, asking her to come and be with him. She left Oakdale to be with him.

In 2007, Emily was on a mission to find Alison after seeing a porn film starring Allie. She found her, with the help of Dusty Donovan, living in Las Vegas and addicted to meth. Alison and Dusty had a one night stand while she was still in Vegas but didn't tell Emily. The truth came out when Lance, her porn director and meth dealer, came to Oakdale. Alison refused to return to her old life so Lance left a DVD he had made of her one night stand. Emily found it and was horrified to learn of the event. She left town.

Alison tried to get her life together by starting over with Aaron. He had a hard time accepting her past porn career but they were slowly working toward a true friendship when Sofie Duran arrived in town. Sofie's friendship with Aaron was a thorn in Allie's side because Aaron kept dumping her to be with Sofie. Alison took a job as an aide at the hospital. Soon after this Emily returned - with Chris Hughes on her arm!

Dusty was livid with this and tried to make Emily see the light; she refused. This caused Dusty to try to paint Chris as an unfit doctor and when Bob was put into a coma, he thought he had proof. Chris and Dusty fought, causing a rift between Alison and Dusty, too. Dusty was killed soon after; Alison learned that he had provided for her education in his will and decided to go to nursing school.

School was hard for her and her grades suffered. The instructor wanted to kick her out of the program but Chris Hughes intervened and convinced the woman to let her keep studying. Chris and Alison began to date but every time they came close to making love, Allie got cold feet. Finally, Chris had enough and went after her one morning. He found her at the Snyder farm, wearing Aaron's t-shirt and got the wrong idea. He told the nursing instructor that he was done helping Alison. She was expelled from the program that day. Alison filed sexual harassment charges but Chris won the case. She was readmitted to the nursing program.

Soon after, she received a bracelet, supposedly from Larry. It was actually a poisoned gift from Rick Decker. He kidnapped her at the hospital, hoping to ransom her for his freedom. Chris stopped him and saved Alison's life. Their friendship was renewed but then Aaron proposed. Alison decided she needed Aaron's strength in her life and accepted but the night before the wedding she slept with Chris!

Alison kept her secret but Aaron figured things out and left her soon after the wedding and divorced her. Chris Hughes left town soon after, leaving Alison truly alone. She began a flirtation with Casey Hughes but because of her past had problems committing to him. She and Casey tried to help Luke with his election campaign but wound up getting Casey kicked out of school.

Alison walked in on Casey and Jade sleeping together and decided to shut him out of her life. She started seeing Matt but couldn't forget about Casey and when she learned that Emily paid Jade to keep Casey and Alison apart she told Casey everything. Casey couldn't stand seeing Alison with Matt and tried to break them up. Matt saved Alison from drug-crazy Mark, deepening their bond. However, Alison soon realized that she liked Casey and broke things off with Matt. She and Casey are now trying to work through their problems.

Flings and Relationships

Christopher Hughes
Dylan McCarthy
Aaron Snyder


Larry McDermott (father)
Susan Burke Stewart (mother)
Daniel Stewart Hughes (half-brother)
Emily Stewart (sister - carried Allison to term for Susan)
Jennifer Ryan (half-sister - deceased)
Dan Stewart (maternal grandfather - deceased)
L.J. McDermott (paternal grandfather)
Agnes McDermott (paternal grandmother)
Fred Burke (maternal great-grandfather - deceased)
Julia Burke (maternal great-grandmother)
David Stewart (maternal great-grandfather - deceased)
Ellen Stewart (maternal great-grandmother)
Betsy Stewart (aunt)
Dani Andropoulos (cousin)
Annie Stewart Ward (great-aunt)
Dee Stewart (great-aunt)
Lowell Ward (cousin)
Gregory Ward (cousin)
Nancy Ward (cousin)
Maria Ward (cousin)


Miscarried child (with Chris Hughes)


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