Aaron Snyder (as played by Agim Kaba on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Aaron Snyder

* Aaron proposed to Alison soon after being shot.
* Aaron was shot during the poisoned jewelry affair.
* Aaron befriended Sofie Duran.
* Aaron runs a nightclub in Seattle but he has returned to Oakdale to reconnect with Alison.
* He was once a professional boxer who was sponsored by Dusty Donovan.

Who's played Aaron Snyder over the years?

Agim Kaba (2002 - 2005; 2007 - present)
Mason Boccardo (1991 - 1995)

Past History

Aaron Snyder is the son of Holden Snyder. Holden had a one night stand with Julie Wendall. That union produced Aaron, who was later adopted by Iva Snyder, Holden's adopted sister. At the time, Holden was married to Lily (Iva's daughter) so Iva kept the baby's true parentage a secret from Holden. The secret didn't stay a secret though and eventually Holden headed to New York City to track down Julie and find out what really happened the night they made love. Julie confirmed that she became pregnant and gave the baby to Iva to raise.

While in New York, Holden was mugged and left with severe memory loss. He didn't remember his past or that Aaron was his son. Later Holden divorced Lily and when he was told about Aaron he sued for custody.

Aaron was raised by single-dad Holden through his younger years. Aaron was eventually sent to live with Julie, who had by then married Caleb, in Seattle because Holden was undergoing treatment for memory loss. Aaron remained in Seattle with Julie for several years. He returned to Oakdale at 17 to get to know his family.

Aaron was briefly married to Alison Stewart but that marriage was annulled. He has returned to Oakdale hoping to reconnect with Allie.

He took a job at The Lakeview and became chummy wit Alison again, but when he learned of her porn history, couldn't let it go. He decided to go back to Seattle because he couldn't get past it but Holden convinced him to stay. He and Alison tried to start over. Sofie Duran arrived in town and took a job as a waitress at The Lakeview. Aaron was taken in by her sad story - her boyfriend Cole was abusive - and decided to be her friend. This caused another rift with Alison.

Sofie decided to give her baby up for adoption but Aaron realized she didn't really want to do it. He convinced her to fight for her baby but it was too late - the adoption by Will and Gwen Munson had already been finalized. Sofie freaked out and kidnapped the baby. She called Aaron for help but when she learned that he told Will and Gwen where she was, she turned on him. Their friendship was over and no matter what Aaron said or did, Sofie wouldn't change her mind.

Aaron tried to focus on work for a while and his friendship with Alison began to flourish. Alison decided to go to nursing school; Aaron encouraged the idea but Alison had a hard time with her grades. When she told him that Chris was helping her but then stopped, Aaron convinced her to file sexual harassment charges against him. Alison was torn but followed his advice. Chris won the case, though, because Alison's grades were bad before he interfered.

Alison and Aaron were reunited by this time and had begun to date again. Alison received a bracelet, supposedly from her father, and started acting strangely. It turned out the bracelet was tainted with a drug and Dr. Decker was behind the plot! He tried to kidnap Alison but Aaron dropped into the hospital room at the last second. He was shot and Decker got away with Alison. Chris Hughes caught them.

When he was out of surgery, Aaron proposed to Alison and she accepted.

Flings and Relationships

Alison Stewart
Lucy Montgomery
Tanya Crowe


Holden Snyder (father)
Julie Wendall Snyder (biological mother)
Caleb Snyder (stepfather)
Lily Snyder (stepmother)
Harvey Snyder (paternal grandfather - deceased)
Emma Snyder (paternal grandmother)
Mrs. Kinney (maternal grandmother)
Seth Snyder (uncle)
Iva Snyder Benedict (adopted aunt)
Ellie Snyder (aunt)
Caleb Snyder (uncle & stepfather)
Meg Snyder (aunt)
Pete Wendall (maternal half-brother)
Jenny Wendall (maternal half-sister)
Abigail Williams (paternal half-sister)
Faith Snyder (paternal half-sister)
Natalie Snyder (paternal half-sister)
Ethan Walsh Snyder (paternal half-brother)
Luciano "Luke" Snyder (paternal adopted half-brother/step brother)




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