Terri Garber (Iris Dumbrowski on As the World Turns)

Current Character: Iris Dumbrowski

Birthday: 1960-12-28

Birthplace: Born in Miami, Florida USA

Marital Status: Divorced


Terri Garber began her acting career in 1982 when she played the part of Allison Linden on the soap opera Texas. Terri's success in the TV business didn't start until 1955, when she landed the role as Ashton Main in North and South.

In addition to acting, Terri is a lucrative real estate agent. She loved working in real estate while she lived in LA, and when she moved back to New York City she tried it again, but she didn't continue because she didn't like it as much in New York City. Not long after she quit her real estate career in New York City, she began playing Iris Dumbrowski on As the World Turns.

Some of Terri's hobbies include cooking, watching movies and spending time with her daughter. Furthermore, she enjoys listening to tunes by Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, David Bowie and others.

Career Highlights

As the World Turns - Iris Dumbrowski (2005 - January 2008)
Law & Order - Mrs. Carroll (2006)
Cold Case - Abby Lake (2004)
General Hospital - Victoria Parket (1993)
Santa Barbara - Suzanne Collier (1991 - 1992)
Dynasty - Leslie Carrington (1987 - 1988)


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