Benton Greene (Derek Coburn on As the World Turns)

Current Character: Derek Coburn

Birthday: 1972-12-14

Marital Status: Single


Benton Greene is the son of Jamaican and Barbadian immigrants and currently lives in Harlem, New York. He began studying acting in High School and appeared in "Just For You", a long-running high school television program.

He attended college in San Diego and continued to study acting there; after graduation, he moved to San Francisco to begin his career.

When he isn't acting, Benton enjoys practicing Martial Arts; he practices and teaches Wing Chun Kung-Fu

Career Highlights

As The World Turns - Derek Coburn (August 19, 2008 - June 22 2009)
Law & Order - Derek (2008)
Ruby's Tuesday - lover (2005)
Law & Order: SVU - Terrance (2004)


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