Morning at Casa Slater, and both Zach and Kendall are upset and on edge.
Kendall and Zach both had nightmares. His is about watching a young woman jump to her death; hers is about Ryan announcing he's relinquishing parental rights to Spike.

JR and Babe also had nightmares about that Babe is offering him a drink, while she and Josh stand entwined. Then he jumps through the window. In his dream he cries "I love you BabeI need you."

Simone and Erin discover a naked, meditating Zarf in the Fusion office. He's "come to clear their wayand protect Babe's vision." He goes on about "fusion of body and souland agrees to stay and work on the campaign." He wants them to disrobe, and when Kendall arrives with Spike, she wonders what in the world is happening!

She gets the girls to dress, and they discover that Zarf has full veto control over Fusion's use of his song and the personnel who work on them. Zarf acts like a prima donna and refuses to work with anyone but Babe, who finally arrives.

"I felt the tug of your soul on mine, says a moody Zarf. He's about to leaveand return on the next full moonwhen he runs into Bianca, and is smitten.

Ryan comes over to gives some papers to Kendall and pick up Spike. He says that Spike's the most important thing in his life. When she asks if he's in love with Annie, he doesn't answer.

Ryan and Annie and Emma are strolling through the Pine Valley Mall, Christmas shopping. She encounters a young boy who claims he's lost his wallet and gives him $20. But Ryan takes his wallet, and the young man comes back later, chagrined.

Zach encounters Babe on the porch of the house both were considering buying. She's leaning over the wall, and he grabs her, thinking she's about to jump. She says she just wanted to see what it was like for JR.

Zach tells Babe that he's not buying the house, but visited because of a dream he had. She says there's something about that house.

Zach calls Kendall, asking her to meet him there. When she arrives, he announces that he's bought the house.

Josh knocks on the Chandler's doorAdam is not happy to see him. Josh says that JR is "capable of killing" and that Babe shouldn't stay with JR, and asks Adam to swear that Babe is safe under Adam's roof. Adam blames Josh for what's happened and throws him out.

Later Kendall arrives to see Krystal, and to see if David has really left Pine Valley. He's really gone, says Krystal. Try to forget any of the lies he's spread.

JR is moaning with pain because of no drugs. Bianca and Jamie come into his room, and beg him to accept painkillers. Bianca offers him her hand, and JR asks Jamie to leave them alone.

As he clutches Bianca's hand, JR apologizes for hurting her. "Tell Josh he can have Babeshe's all his," says JR. Bianca tells him that they've got more in common than he knowsand confides about Maggie.

Babe arrives. Jamie stops her from going into JR's room, and reads her the riot act. She insists she loves JRbut Jamie says that doesn't mean they should be together. Why don't you do us all a favor and walk away, asks Jamie.


Kendall tells Zach to sell the house he just bought.

Babe and Bianca talk.