As David's video is about to reveal the truth about Krystal's pregnancy, Babe throws something at the screen, shatters it, and goes on a tear about how much she hates David and the pain he's caused all of them. She gets hysterical and claims that everyone "hates her" because she's David's daughterand evil like him. She rushes from the room.

Adam asks Krystal is Babe is crazy, smashing the TV like that? Krystal defends her daughter, and attributes Babe's outburst to all the pressure of the last few months. Adam doesn't care, and says his promise to let Babe stay is reneged. He wants her out!

After he leaves, Dixie confronts Krystal, who admits that David was on the verge of announcing that her baby's father is Tad. But it's not trueher baby is a Chandler! And if Dixie continues to spread stories, she'll tell Adam that Dixie living there is a bad idea. Swear that your baby is Adam's, says Dixie. While Krystal is in the middle of doing so, Adam comes in, and wonders if this is something he should know about. Dixie quickly says it's because they haven't gotten along in the past, and they rush off to Dixie's room. Adam remains, looking skeptical.

Tad comforts Babe and tells her to let the pain leave with David, and to not let David get to them ever again. Later, when they are alone, he warns her that Adam might still be planning to separate her from Little A.

Babe thanks him and says she's committed to healing her marriage.

Sean tells Colby that Erica is Jack's love of his life, but feels that he killed their true love. She didn't want him to leave with them, and when Jack insisted, Erica moved out.

Colby tells him that she's not interested in hooking up, but just likes hanging out with him.

Erica challenges Jack as everyone in the dining room looks onand says that it appears that divorce is what he wants, and flounces out of the room. Bianca and Kendall are unsure about what to do, but Josh goes up to see Erica in her room. He says he just wanted to see if she was ok. She ends up telling him that she wishes she could do something to ease his pain, but he insists he's "fine."

Jeff tells Jack he's "an idiot" and that Erica planned to return home. If their marriage ends, it'll be Jack's fault. He tells Jack that "the battle for Erica is just beginning. I just want to make sure it's a fair one."

Jeff goes up to see Erica, who insists that her marriage is over. She claims that Jack doesn't understand herand expects her to act like a conventional housewife. Jack is 100% responsible for the end of their marriage!

"Erica, you don't really want a divorce, do you?" asks Jeff. Why else would she be so worked up? He admits that he wants herbut that the rest is up to her.

Myrtle asks Zach if it's possible if Erica is headed for Divorce #10and the maitre d' tells him that this is the last Kane Thanksgiving at the Valley Inn!

Kendall, Bianca, and Josh are discussing their motherand Kendall and Bianca agree that Jack and Erica are soulmates. Also, they insist that Josh's defense of Erica at dinner demonstrates that he's now "one of them."

Brooke thanks Jack for being a good friend, and tells him that the only way he can lose Erica to Jeff is if he wants to.

Ryan and Annie leave the Inn and go home. She thanks him for all he's done for her and Emmathen tells him "he's off the hook."

What hook is that, he asks? The McDermott hook, she says, and says she's sure he's eager to get back to his old life. He says he has plenty of timeand he wants to spend it with her. He invites her on a date, and she happily agrees.

After Zach puts Spike to sleep, he walks onto the porch and finds a note with cut-out letters under the bench: "You Murdered Her!"


Ryan announces he's signed away his parental rights to Spike.

Tad confronts Krystal about the paternity of her baby.

Can JR function without painkillers?