Adam, Dixie, and Tad are in JR's room, where JR admits that it's because of "Tad and his Mom" he decided the keep living. Adam agrees to get along with them for JR's sake, and asks Dixie to live with them during JR's convalescence. He also invites both of them to Thanksgiving dinner.

Jamie stays with JR after Adam, Tad and Dixie leave, and questions him about the circumstances leading up to the accident. JR says that he thought it was a door, and that he "had to get out" of the room.

Jamie tells JR to get it together, and realize that he's hurting people other than himselfespecially Little A. He asks Jamie to turn off his painkiller drip. Jamie tells him that's crazy and the kind of pain caused by a broken pelvis can kill a person. JR insists, and says if he can live through thishe can live through anything.

At the Chandler manse, Colby begins to argue with Sydney, and Krystal intercedes and tries to establish peace for Thanksgiving.

David finds Babe in front of her house and tells her he's "come to say goodbye." He tells her when Krystal leaves Adam, she will follow. And when she thinks back on him, her father loved her very much.

When she gets inside, Babe asks Krystal what David meant, and if he knows about the paternity of Krystal's baby.

Tad and Dixie arrive, and Krystal is more than shocked by the new guestsand the news that Dixie will be living with them.

Colby finds an envelope at the front door and shows it to Adam. It's marked "Urgent!" It's David's farewell video. Krystal leaves the room, unwilling to "let David ruin Thanksgiving"but Tad insists on listening.

In the video David repeats his assertion about Krystal eventually leaving Adam, and then asks if Dixie is there, and says she has the "ammunition to get the ball rolling."

Colby gets a text message from Sean, who's left the Kane Thanksgiving dinner, and meets him outside the house. They talk about love and family.

David visits Leora's grave and tells her that justice has finally been done, and that he will always love her very much.

At the Kane Thanksgiving, Erica asks Jack if it's ok she invited Jeff and Josh, since his invitation of Brooke means "anybody" can come.

There's a disagreement at dinner about who should say gracewhen Erica suggests Jeff do it rather than the host, Jack. Myrtle interrupts and says the grace. Erica continues to spread harmony by asking for Jeff to carve the turkey.

Annie tells Kendall that the DNA results prove she is Emma's mother, and that she owes it all to Ryan and Jeff. Later, Kendall suggests to Ryan that he not let Annie and Emma remain in the penthouse. Ryan wants to know why she cares about it.

She tells him it's Spikeand Ryan says that Spike is his life, and no one can take his place.

Jeff tells Erica that it's clear she invited him to get back at Jack, and the more she does that, the closer he gets to her. When Erica asks who Annie "is", she gets back as good as she gives, when Annie asks her "how many of your husbands are invited?"

The conversation gets nastier when Jack questions Josh about his "attempts to destroy Babe's marriage" and Jeff makes comments about Erica's unhappy marriage.

Sean leaves in a huff, and Erica stomps off to the powder room, followed by Bianca, who confronts her with a question: Why is she so unwilling to come home? Erica agrees to stay for dinner. As she walks into the dining room, she hears Lily say "you're right Dadyou and Erica don't belong together."

"Maybe you're right, Jack," says Erica. "Maybe we should get divorced!"


Babe becomes hysterical after seeing David's farewell video.

Bianca, Kendall, and Josh talk at dinner.