Zach convinces the maitre d' at the Valley Inn to accommodate the Kane family for Thanksgiving. Erica tells Bianca that she will not come if Jack is there. As they're discussing it, Bianca confides in Erica about the real reason she came back to Pine ValleyMaggie's infidelity.

Bianca urges Erica to stay for dinner, since it will mean so much to Jackwho walks in at that very momentwith Brooke! Erica tries to cover her discomfort and rushes off to perform "an errand."

At the hospital, Dixie finds Babe weeping on the floor. Is there any way for her make it right again, asks Babe? She's scared that she might lose JRbut this mistake might be her last one. Dixie reminds her that the hurt is very fresh for JRbut to remember that he forgave her.

Josh enters JR's hospital room, and taunts him about "always reaching for the bottle and proving his point to Babe."

JR tells him to "take the bi*** and go! Stay away from my son." Josh yells at him to never disrespect Babe, when Tad walks in. Josh walks out and is speaking to Babe, when Adam walks by, and sarcastically asks if this means her relationship with Josh isn't really over? Adam goes into a rampage, and Josh gives him the same warning he gave JR, to respect Babe. Adam suggests they both get outor he'll get them thrown out.

"What are you doing to me?" asks Babe. She asks Josh to leave her alonebut he tells her he can't. "I love JRleave me alone and leave my family alone." Josh leaves and Erica overhears the interaction. She tells Babe that she and JR deserve each other and it's best is she leaves JR alone. She rubs into Josh and Jeff and invites them to join her for dinner at the Valley Inn.

In JR's room, Dixie urges JR to forgive Babe, but he won't listen. She asks Tad to talk to him about forgiveness. Aren't they the example that it is always possible? He reminds her that their road to forgiveness has been a long and rough road.

Maybe it's too soon to talk about this, says Tad, but Dixie reminds him that it's Thanksgivinga day that reminds us that it's always possible to forgive even the worst mistake.

She's right, says Tad. And that JR wouldn't be so upset if he still didn't love Babe. Tad speaks eloquently of how life is short and it's important to have faith that love will come back. JR refuses to believe that, and insists his marriage is over. Adam enters and wants to know just what's going on! He has Little A with him, and wants Tad out of JR's room.

JR says it's Thanksgiving and asks for a truce between the Martins and Chandlers.

Jeff reviews the DNA results with Ryan and Annie. No match. But there are still four more test results coming in soon. Annie is very upset and wonders if this means permanent foster care for Emma.

The last four test results arrive: No match. No match. No match. But the fourth test is a match! The social worker brings Emma in and they are reunited for Thanksgiving.

David swears to a disbelieving Kendall that Ryan is Emma's father, and he has the DNA tests to prove it. He claims that Spike will always be second in Ryan priorities after Emma, and is leaving when Zach walks up, and says"Stay away from my wife."David tells them not to worry; he's leaving.

David records another farewell video. He tells Tad not to try and find him.

Back at the Valley Inn, Ryan arrives with Annie and Emma, followed by Erica walking arm-in-arm with Jeff and Josh. A few moments later, Kendall, Zach and Spike arrive to see Ryan jubilantly holding Emma in his arms.