As Adam is served with papers at the front door, Annie hisses to Colby that whatever she's trying to pull, it won't work. Colby smiles, saying he won't forgive her for filing for divorce! The process server sneezes and Annie snatches the envelope - and tosses it into the fire, saying it was crawling with germs - no good for JR! Colby lets Annie know that she set her up, but Annie calls her bluff, saying she's stuck with her forever! Adam and Brooke thank Annie for her vigilance with the germs, and she goes to see about dinner. Colby goes looking for JR, and Adam thanks Brooke for involving Annie with Tempo - he credits her with healing his family. When they learn the cover story has taken off online, Adam is thrilled.

Damon cringes, hungover, on the Martin sofa, as Tad lectures. The girls come in with Krystal, and Damon offers piggy-back rides upstairs. Tad tells him they'll talk again. Krystal and Tad bicker about Damon - she doesn't want the girls' life affected by him. Tad defends Damon, saying he's trying to get him a better job. Randi calls and offers an internship interview for Damon at Fusion. Damon comes back with the girls saying they want to go see Alice in Wonderland. Tad informs him he's spent enough time down the rabbit hole, and tells him about the opportunity at Fusion.

At Liza's door, Ryan tells Greenlee and David it's over - the police are on their way! Ryan and David struggle and Jesse arrives. Greenlee rants about Ryan not letting her live her life and following her as Jesse cuffs David. Liza asks David if she's still fired. Jesse threatens to haul her in too, but Liza scoffs - David's her client and was about to turn himself in - she tells him to check his phone, she called earlier. David grudgingly goes along with Liza.

JR and Scott bicker about the company upstairs at the mansion - JR criticizes that they missed out on the casino. Scott sneers that he was preoccupied with him almost dying! Marissa puts an end to the work talk. Colby comes up and dials JR in on the divorce paper fiasco. JR warns her not to tell Adam - he'll blame her and defend Annie. JR insists he'll handle Annie himself. JR and Colby head downstairs, where JR spies Adam giving Brooke a kiss on the cheek for saying he's a good father! JR grins! Everyone gathers in the room for a toast to JR, who jokes that Adam has proved Chandlers are too stubborn to die! Adam compliments the other members of the family as well, including Annie. JR raises his glass, promising Annie he'll repay her. Adam then toasts Brooke for pulling the family closer. Annie glares and steps into the hallway. JR joins her and she tells him she isn't buying his act. He lets her know he knows about the divorce papers and then walks away.

Tad and Damon meet Randi at Fusion. Damon is surprised she's not a model. Tad shakes his head and tells Damon she's married. Tad leaves and the interview ensues. Damon is downcast when he learns she's a Hubbard! He admits his difficulties with Angie. Randi feels that Tad vouching for him will do - she asks him to deal with some number work. Damon suddenly changes his mind and leaves!

At the police station, Liza tells Greenlee that if David wants to go free she'll need to testify. Greenlee wonders what Liza is up to. Ryan appears and Greenlee says she doesn't trust either of them! Ryan and Greenlee step aside and bicker - she informs him she can look after herself, he needs to back off!

Down in the lock up, David taunts Jesse, saying he's bought his wife a little longer as Chief-of-Staff, and that he'll soon be free. Jesse leaves, and Liza appears. David acknowledges that she is in a great position to mess him over. Liza tells him this is his own fault, and reiterates that Greenlee is the key to his defense. She tells him to let her do her job. Jesse finds Ryan to discuss David. Ryan laments it's hurt his chances with Greenlee. David is surprised to see Greenlee appear when Liza leaves. They argue about her testifying - she wants to do it. David tells her to stop - when the trial is over, so is their marriage - it was only to hurt Ryan. Ryan himself listens from around the corner as Greenlee tells David something has changed for her - she's fallen in love with him!

Tad is back home with Krystal. He's heard from Randi about Damon doing a runner - he can't believe it! Tad wonders how he can expect Damon to clean up his act when he's holding out on him still. Krystal reassures him. Damon comes in and tells Tad he doesn't want anymore favors! Finally, Damon admits it was because of the numbers - he's a high school dropout - no one's going to want to hire him! Tad sighs as Damon leaves the room.

Upstairs in the police station, Jesse confronts Liza about representing David Hayward, bringing up some bad things from her past, and telling her she sounds just like David! Liza looks upset as Jesse stalks off.

Next on All My Children:

Annie doubts JR’s sincerity when he makes nice.

Seems like old times when Brooke and Erica come face-to-face!

David puts his heart on the line!

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