Amanda and Jake are still in the restaurant where he balks at eating in front of the 'model'. She convinces him, and they laugh until a messenger comes over and tells her Erica wants to see her right away! They open the envelope he handed her - it's the contract. Amanda squeals. Jake says they'd better go see Erica.

Erica is with Jack in her office, where he is telling her that Greenlee isn't the only reason he's staying in Pine Valley. She coaxes him to tell her why. He admits he hopes one of the reasons will be her - they had great times - he misses it. She notes they've had some angry moments since he's been back, adding that Greenlee was always the problem between them, and she's back. She points out that Jack will always choose his daughter over her. Jack says he has some red flags where she's concerned too. But he feels they've learned from the past and maybe it's finally their time. Just then, Jake and Amanda knock and enter. Erica greets them and they discuss the contract - Jake asks about travel and money. Erica says it's generous. Amanda is sold. As she signs, she and Erica are photographed. Jack warns Jake to get used to this, adding that there are benefits - she'll bring her passion to all aspects of life! Erica tells Amanda she's going on tour - she's thrilled! She and Jake leave, and Jack admits he was advising Jake.

At the Chandler Mansion, JR asks for a hug from Annie. She does it, but notes her skepticism at his change of heart. JR notes their history, but says he's the reason he's alive. Adam remarks that he's proud of JR, and Brooke wants to document all of this on a live feed! Annie is thrown and asks for a minute. Scott comes in and Adam takes him out of the room. Colby hisses at JR that Annie called Liza earlier, but before she can tell him why, Marissa interrupts. Colby goes to call her mother. Scott and Adam discuss JR's change of heart toward Annie, and Scott notes he heard Adam and Annie arguing earlier. Adam waves it off. Brooke tells Annie there is nothing up her sleeve - in fact, the video idea is a peace offering. JR coaxes Annie to do it. Annie wants to make a call first, but Colby took her phone. The video gets underway with JR putting on a big show of thanking Annie for saving his life, much to her amazement. Brooke tells Annie the whole world thinks she's a hero!

David is at Liza's place, informing her that he won't turn himself in until she's got his defense locked up. She calls Jesse, but David yanks the phone out of her hand! The phone rings - it's Colby wanting to meet. Liza tells David he has a reprieve, and leaves.

Greenlee is with Ryan at the casino - she tells him now that David is gone, this work campaign is all she has left. Ryan points out she's been given a second chance - people are pulling for her. As they look into each other's eyes, Madison interrupts. Greenlee's phone rings - it's David. He warns her to get out of town right away! He says everything is about to hit the fan, but once he's arrested they'll go to work on her. As she talks, Madison asks Ryan to go over the location agreement over drinks.

Liza meets Colby at BJ's at the same time she is leaving a message on Annie's phone asking her to let her know if she wants the papers sent. Liza sits down with Colby, but soon steps away to take a call. Colby goes in her mom's briefcase. Liza returns to the table and Colby complains about Annie, saying she feel bad for her father. Liza says Adam's no saint, then assures Colby everything will work out. As Liza walks off, Colby texts her from Annie's phone asking her to deliver the papers to Adam ASAP!

Liza arrives back at her place where she gives the divorce papers to a process server to take to Adam. She opens her door and snaps at David to get off her phone! Liza says she will tell him what she has planned for his case - they key to it is Greenlee. David says he just called Greenlee to tell her to leave town. Liza says his judgment is clouded! David fires her!

At the casino, Ryan declines Madison's offer, as Greenlee gets hung up on - and swears she heard Liza's voice in the background. Ryan notes Greenlee's stress. Randi corners Madison and tells her nice try, but she's not Ryan's type. Natalia grabs Ryan and hisses that he needs to call Jesse - she thinks Greenlee just left to go to David, and she mentioned Liza!

Back at the mansion, Marissa suggests JR go lay down, but he shrugs off her concern. Adam apologizes to Annie again and they hug. Colby comes in and sees them. She rushes over to JR and says she's got something that will blow everything out of the water! JR wants to know what's up, but Brooke pulls him away. Adam is about to leave to get some wine, but Colby pleads with him to stay. Annie wonders what she's up to. The doorbell rings, and Colby blocks Annie's way. Adam is served!

David is about to leave Liza's house in anger. When he opens the door, Greenlee is standing there! Right behind her is Ryan!

Next on All My Children:

Annie dodges a bullet when she intercepts important documents on their way to Adam!

Ryan wants David behind bars.

Greenlee’s suspicious of Ryan’s motives.

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