Kendall is on the phone with the Valley Inn, and discovers they has cancelled the Kane family Thanksgiving reservations, claiming that other customers have complained. The Kanes are banned. Zach suggests they move the celebration to the casino. Kendall wants this to be a wonderful day for the family as they celebrate Spike's first Thanksgiving.

Erica is packing to return home, when her entire wardrobe arrivesshipped by Jack! She's shocked and can't imagine why he's done this. And she insists she wouldn't share Thanksgiving dinner with Jack even if it was her last meal on earth.

Zach asks her to understand and that they show a "united front" for Spike and the family. He tells Erica that he's determined to provide Kendall with the perfect Thanksgiving she's longing for. When Erica is unwilling, he accuses her of being committed to her family only when it suits her.

Erica tells the Inn manager that she will not be checking out of the Valley Inn. In fact, she'd like a second room for her wardrobe.

Ryan assures Annie that the DNA test will reveal she's Emma's mother. The social worker arrives with Emma to visit with Annie, but she is sorryuntil the DNA results are in, Emma cannot come homeeven for Thanksgiving.

Kendall is home alone with Spike when the baby swallows a button! She rushes out to the porch and gets Ryan and Annie to help her. She gets the doctor on the phone, who advises her to keep close watch on Spike for the next 24 hoursand that probably nothing is wrong. It turns out that he didn't swallow anythingthe button is under a table. They discover that just as the EMTs arrive.

Kendall asks Annie to leave so that she can speak privately to Ryan. She wants him to attend Thanksgiving dinner with her, Spike and her familyand he immediately agrees.

Annie rushes back in as they're talking and announces that the DNA results are in and that they have to go to the hospitalnow! Jeff has the test resultsno match.

After they leave, there's a knock at the door and it's Davidfull of bile. He tries to make Kendall angry by claiming that Ryan is choosing Annie over her and Spike. Then, he spills the news that Ryan is Emma's biological father.

Adam comes to visit JR in the hospital, and is touched to see Colby's devotion to him. He's going to have their Thanksgiving dinner catered right there in the hospital. Babe shows up to see if JR wants to see him. He sends everyone out of the room, and Babe apologizes for all she's doneand says that she's still willing to fight for him and their marriage. He asks for a glass of water, takes a sipand flings the rest into Babe's face.

He then flings something to the floor and bursts into tearsasking her if being "all wet" reminds her of being with Josh in the pool. He calls her a series of profane names, and warns her to stay away from their son.

In the hallway she tells Adam that she loves JR. If that's true, he repliesstay away from him! He leaves her, and she collapses to the floor, crying. In his bed, JR hold a picture of them with Little Aand rips off Babe. At that moment, Josh walks in.

Jack runs into Brooke at the hospital, where she's volunteering, and invites her to have Thanksgiving dinner with them.

Jeff tells Josh that his emergency surgery on JRand how proud he is of his son. Josh tells him that he's no hero; Jeff reminds him that he never has to be defensive with him. Josh agrees to have Thanksgiving dinner with the Martins. He assures Jeff that he will never give up on Babeeven if it takes 10 years.


Bianca promises Erica that they'll have a happy Thanksgivingeven if it kills her!
Josh challenges JR.
David leaves Kendall with the news about Ryan.