As Erica and Jeff are locked in a kiss, a knock on the door. It's Jackwho begins speakingthen notices Jeff. He turns on his heels, and then tells her he won't be bothering her any more. It seems that she's right where she wants to be. Erica acts like the injured party, demanding Jack apologize to her! Will she come home now, he asks? When she declines, Jack leaves.

Erica returns to her room, looks at a photograph of she and Jack, and tells Jeff "I have to go home." She explains that leaving home was necessary in order for her to find herselfbut that she knows she still loves Jack and wants to save their marriage. Jeff understands, and just wants her to be happy.

Dixie's at the Chandler's front door, saying she wants to talk to Krystal. Adam doesn't care and wants her to leave, but Krystal is willing to speak to her. Are you pregnant with Tad's child, Dixie asks?

Adam is this baby's father, insists Krystal. Dixie reveals that David ran tests on Krystal when she was in the hospital for amnioand they demonstrate that Tad is the father. David is a liar, says Krystaland he's set her up to do the dirty work. Krystal swears that her baby is Adam's. Dixie congratulates Adam as she leaves. Family is everything, says Adamand that's his motivation. He will decimate anyone who tries to destroy that.

David at JR's bedside, taunting him, asserting that Babe has chosen Josh. He adds that if JR recovers, he will never go near Babe again. JR says he never wants to see Babe again! David calls JR a "worthless punk", pulls out his oxygen and threatens to smother him. Remember how scared you are right now, says David. If JR ever hurts Babe again, he's a dead man! He begins punching JR, and Colby rushes into the room, pulling him off JR.

A nurse comes in, and thinks Colby is the source of the problem. David escapes. Colby tries to apologize for cooperating with David. He blames himself, and acknowledges that Colby was telling him the truth.

Josh goes to see Babe. She tells him he shouldn't be therethen embraces him. He says that he loves her, and nothing anyone sayseven hercan change that. No, she saysshe will make her marriage work.

You can't save your marriage, says Josh. He will not forgive you for sleeping with me. She insists she can.

Adam calls Babe in, and says he's willing to make things work with her, for JR's sake. But how can Babe fight the fact that JR will see someone who cheated on him every time he sees her. How can she repair her marriage? Even though he loves Krystal more than any woman he's ever know, if he discovered she cheated on him, she'd be dead to him.

If anyone is going to pull this off, it'll be Krystal's daughter, says Adam, and leaves. Babe goes back out to Josh. She notes that Adam got it "loud and clear." Can he? He said he heard every word, and doesn't believe a single one of them. He gives her a gift of pancakes, kisses her cheek, and leaves.

Jack goes off to the bar, where he runs into Sean and his friends, who've used fake IDs to order drinks. Jack lets the bartender know the real story and they all rush off. Jack demands that Sean sit down and shut up, and listen to him. Then he takes her home.

An inebriated Tad is getting into a bar fight with two thugs at a pool hall. Jamie shows up with Julia, and they defuse the situation. They take him home, and an angry Tad doesn't appreciate their presence. Tad's is still tortured over Davidand that he had one chance to stop him, and missed it. He's never going to find Kate.

Tad thanks them and urges them to leave. Before Jamie leaves, he tells Tad that he was right about him and Julia.


An emergency with Spike!
Babe tells JR she'll do anything to heal their marriage. He throws a glass of water in her face.
Zach tells Erica they have to show a "united front."