At Wildwind Gayle holds the gun on David while holding Erica hostage. Ryan pleads for her to put the gun down. Erica pleads with David to give Gayle the name of the tech who switched the DNA. Gayle screams that she wants the name or Erica gets killed. David tells her to let Erica go. Erica cries as Gayle sticks the gun in her back. Erica turns around and they struggle over the gun. It fires and Erica goes down. David screams that the man's name is Thomas West but Gayle doesn’t believe him and holds the gun on David screaming at him that he’s a liar. Ryan calls for help on his cell while Gayle and David continue to scream at each other. David agrees to put the information in writing and does. Erica immediately rises from the floor in perfect condition except for a red stain on her blouse. Erica gloats that they have what they want now. David commends them all on their performances. He accuses Erica of selling him out. She replies that he tried to double cross her. Greenlee walks into the room and wonders what has happened. David tells her about the sting and that they are trying to send him to jail. Greenlee asks Ryan if he thinks he’s the law now and claims they won’t get away with it. She berates each of them one by one. She lashes out at Ryan and tries to hit him, hurts herself and starts yelling and falling over. After she recovers, everyone starts to leave and Greenlee and Ryan are alone. Greenlee is angry with Ryan about what happened. He tells Greenlee that David hurts people and that it was the right thing to do and that he’d do it again. He knows she’s not happy about it and that it will affect their relationship. She says they have no relationship.

At the Chandler Mansion Adam and Annie agree not to let JR know that Annie is the new donor. She says that if she dies, she wants Adam to read the letter she’s written him.

Tad hears a woman singing in the hospital corridor outside the chapel and enters to investigate. He remembers that Dixie used to sing that song. Krystal appears silently beside him and touches his arm gently. He explains that he heard someone singing. Krystal says that everyone has been on edge lately. He asks why she’s there. She tells him she came to pray for JR. She reminds him of the times he has helped her. Because JR is in isolation, they can’t help him at the moment but they can take care of Tad. Tad asks her not to leave. He is visibly upset but agrees that he needs to take care of himself. They leave the chapel hand in hand.

In Dixie’s heaven she tells JR that he can’t give up hope and run like he’s done all of his life. She says she’s not there to make his dying easier and asks him if he’s ready to die. He says he is. He says he’s tired trying to live the good life. They argue as she tries to make him see that he hasn’t finished living yet. Just then Uncle Stuart joins them. Stuart and JR greet each other warmly. Stuart says he loves it there and that he’s okay. Dixie says even so, that it’s still not the place for JR. Stuarts tells him that his and Dixie’s situation is different. JR asks how so. Stuart tells him to go back to earth and pick up his loose ends. JR argues with Dixie about staying with her. She sarcastically suggests he go back to earth and pour himself a stiff drink. They continue to argue about whether he should stay or not.

At the Chandler Mansion Colby tears a strip off Annie about going to the spa while JR is dying. Adam sticks up for Annie and tells Colby to cool it. Colby decides to take Emma to Tad’s to babysit all the kids there. When she leaves, Annie and Adam hug. Brooke arrives and Annie looks surprised. Adam explains to her that he invited Brooke to stay at the mansion rather than a hotel. Brooke leaves them to put her things away and Annie leaves with her suitcase. Adam says he’ll be with her when she wakes up in the morning. Brooke comes downstairs and finds Adam alone. They look at the picture of Stuart and Adam which hangs on the wall. Adams laments about how much he misses Stuart and regrets killing him.

Colby and Damon chat while she’s babysitting the kids at Tad’s. He asks about JR’s condition. She says she wants to talk about something else. He reminds her that he might be going to jail soon. He’s accepted his fate. Liza arrives and Damon leaves them to clean up his paint brushes. Liza says she has a plan and Colby offers to help. Damon returns and Liza goes over his defense. Colby offers to testify for Damon. Damon leaves and they chat about JR and how Colby’s sure he knows she really loves him.

At ConFusion, Tad tells Krystal that he really wanted to donate his bone marrow to JR and how badly he wished he was JR’s real father. She reminds him how many times he’s already saved JR.

Still at the Mansion, Adam tells Annie that after Brooke moved in they realized that they are still in love with each other. He says even a lamebrain like her can understand this. Adam and Brooke share a sensual kiss when Annie wakes up in her hospital bed.

Tad and Krystal tell Liza and Colby what a great talk they had. Colby tells them if they speak for Damon maybe he can get off with community service. She says she’s going back to the hospital to see how things are going. Tad and Krystal go upstairs to check on the girls. Liza tells Damon that Colby is going through a tough time right now. She tells him she’s concerned about the amount of time he’s spending with her daughter. He says they’re just friends.

Dixie tells JR to take a good hard look at this life and his future. He says he doesn’t have one. She says his future depends on him. She strokes his face tenderly and leaves him standing. He tries to follow her but the door is locked. He struggles with the door and screams for her.

Erica returns home and sees David in her apartment. He greets her and she asks what he’s doing there. He tells her that she broke his heart and does she think he will really let her get away with that?

Next on All My Children:

Adam tells Annie what she needs to hear.

David’s out to get even with Erica.

Greenlee unleashes her anger on Ryan.

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