At her new home, Erica fills Opal in on Greenlee asking her to find a way to work together - they agree she's got a lot of nerve! Just then, Greenlee comes to the door, asking if they're going to do this or not? She says they should stop fighting each other and fight Fusion's competition. Erica wonders how they could stand it. They bicker sweetly over what each of them would bring to the table. Erica agrees to think about it, and says she'll have to talk to her attorney. Greenlee says she'll talk to Jackson. After she leaves, Erica tells Opal that Greenlee thinks she's playing her - that's why she didn't agree right away - this way she'll buy it. Erica smiles, "Two can play this game!"

Gayle, still at Amanda's house, keeps getting calls from David and hanging up on him. Jake comes in and asks Amanda to be part of their big plan to get David. She agrees, saying she would be doing it for Greenlee and Gayle too. Amanda heads out with the baby, and Jake asks Gayle how she's feeling - is she okay with all of this? Gayle nods as Jake loads a gun and says, "Showtime."

David is frustrated at Wildwind - he can't get Gayle to listen. He heads out the door and runs straight into Natalia, who tells him he's not going anywhere! She tells him he has to pay a fine, and that when he took on Angie - he took on the whole Hubbard family! David tells her she's a snot-nose rookie wasting his time. She tells him she had his car towed! Outside the door, she calls Ryan and says it's a go.

At ConFusion, Erica and Ryan discuss Gayle, and their plan against David. She tells Ryan he may be the best a running a con, but she's the best at improvisation! Ryan's phone rings - it's Natalia. He doesn't tell Erica what she said. Greenlee comes in and walks up to the table. Erica notes she was telling Ryan about the possibility of them working together. Ryan leaves, and Erica tries to go too, but Greenlee tells her she needs to decide - and she wants her to talk to Jack about it. Greenlee sits down, and Amanda comes in to ask if she'd consider her for a position at Fusion. Greenlee says they can work something out. They discuss David - Greenlee says she can understand her not being a fan considering what he did to her and Jake. Amanda asks her if she loves David. Greenlee remarks that she's better off without it. Amanda urges her to trust her feelings for Ryan. When Amanda stops Greenlee from leaving, Greenlee realizes something is going on.

Stuck at Wildwind with no car, David phones for a taxi, but suddenly the front door opens - it's Gayle pointing a gun at him! She shouts at him about his lies. Ryan comes in and says, "Whoa." David tells him not to be an ass - do something! Ryan decides he's just going to watch. Gayle rants about how he made her break laws - she'll only let him live if he signs a confession to clear her! She also wants to know the name of the coroner he bribed - so there are no loose ends. Just then, Erica comes in and asks Gayle to give her the gun. David laughs, saying what a coincidence that all three showed up - they're obviously working together! He sits down to relax - he's not signing anything. Gayle says to Erica, "This isn't how it was supposed to go - he was supposed to confess!" Gayle starts freaking out and takes Erica hostage, saying if David doesn't confess, she'll shoot her!

At the hospital, Annie assures Adam that keeping JR alive is the only thing that matters - regardless of him not wanting her to help him. Tad tells Brooke that he cannot seem to stay away from the chapel. Brooke notes that Tad is a father to JR - this is hard for him. Tad mentions Jamie, and he and Brooke talk about the pair when they were little. They talk about Dixie and Laura being gone, and how people avoid talking about them. Brooke wants to speak to Adam about Stuart to help him remember the good things without feeling guilty. Tad notes that he and Adam love the same people - maybe that's what keeps them from killing each other!

Annie and Adam meet with Angie in her office to get the ball rolling, and Angie's comments cause Adam to realize that Annie has known she was a match longer than she let on. Annie says she knew earlier but needed to discuss things with Angie first due to JR not wanting her to donate. Angie says it's policy to respect a donor's wish to remain anonymous. Annie says they'll have to come up with a story to explain her being hospitalized - JR can't know that she was the one who saved him - she has an idea!

Lying comatose in his hospital bed, JR has visions of Dixie, who asks him to come with her. She laughs as they go to a park - he asks if this is heaven. She says it's her heaven - it's Pigeon Hollow! JR embraces her, saying this is amazing. Dixie tells him how much she loves him - she's so glad he could visit! JR spies the first book he read out loud. They talk about Tad being a good father to him. Dixie says that's in the past - he still has a future. JR wonders how she handled saying goodbye - she says she was at peace once she let go. JR tells Dixie how tired he is of fighting.

Adam goes in to see JR, saying there is something he needs to hear. Marissa notes that he seems to be in a different place. She leaves the room, and Adam tells JR he has good news - they've found a donor.

In the hallway, Annie confronts Tad and Brooke. She asks Brooke why she's still there - she just keeps glomming onto Adam, and everyone fawns all over her, but she's onto her! Tad tells Scott to get her some decaf! Colby appears and shouts at Annie that she's the one who needs to leave - no one wants her there! The argument escalates and Marissa tells them to stop - JR could wake up and hear them! Colby tells Annie to take her jealousy and negativity and go! Annie says she'll go to a spa - for a few days! She leaves, and Angie appears to tell them a partial donor has been found - JR will be taken into isolation - she urges them to all go home to rest.

Marissa goes in to see JR one more time, telling him she's holding him to their date in Rio. He is wheeled out of the room, past Adam, who tells him no one fights harder than a Chandler. Tad comes over and says, "You come back to us, hear me?" In his mind, in heaven, JR tells Dixie he wants peace and serenity too. She says he can't run this time. He asks, "So I have to go back?"

Next on All My Children:

David can’t believe Erica sold him out.

Greenlee lashes out at Ryan.

JR continues his magical journey to heaven.

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