At Wildwind, David continues to try to reach Gayle by phone. Greenlee comes in giggling that she has fooled Erica into thinking they're going to compromise. David warns her not to underestimate Erica, and adds that he may be able to fix everything with one short phone call.

Ryan and Jake are at the castle conferring about how to best use Gayle to take David down. On the other side of the door, Gayle answers her phone to David, who tries to sweet talk her, saying he has realized that he has real feelings for her, and asking to see her in person. David says Erica's been filling her head with lies, but Gayle says she heard him with her own ears! David insists he was just saying those things to get Erica to untie him. Gayle tells David where to find her, just as Ryan and Jake come in. Ryan says, "You were talking to David weren't you?" Jake asks if she still knows the real deal, or if Dave got to her.

David arrives at the turret room and finds Ryan waiting for him. Ryan says he rented the whole place out - so what is David doing there? David says he came because Greenlee told him that he brought her there. They bicker about Greenlee, then Ryan asks what he's really doing there. They get back into it about Greenlee. Ryan tells him that she doesn't love him and never will. He then leaves, telling David to make use of the mini-bar if he likes!

Jake and Gayle arrive at his place. Amanda asks what is going on, and Jake tells her that Gayle is helping them out a little. He cajoles Amanda into going along with having Gayle there, and says he has to go catch up with Ryan. Amanda and Gayle discuss David. Amanda warns her he takes whatever he can from whoever he can - and he never gets enough!

In JR's hospital room, Tad tells him that he did everything he could to get Miguel there - he's sorry he didn't go bring him there himself. He swears he will track him down again - he just needs JR to hang on! Tad kisses his head and goes back into the waiting area where Krystal hugs him. Scott, Adam, and Colby sit silently nearby. Annie arrives and is intercepted by Angie who tells her JR is deteriorating - is she going to donate her marrow or not? Annie looks over at Adam. Angie tells her to think about it a bit longer - but not too long.

Brooke arrives in the waiting area and shows Adam and the others a website she set up overnight that seeks a donor for JR worldwide! Scott is impressed and they all look. Annie watches and then goes to talk with Angie in her office. Marissa arrives and checks out the website too. Colby wanders in to see JR, telling him how scared she is of him leaving her. Liza arrives at the hospital and informs Marissa that she is officially AJ's mom! Liza goes to look for Tad in the chapel.

In Angie's office, Annie explains to her that JR hates her and doesn't want her help. Also, she hates needles and pain - so why should she do it? Angie says they can spare her from the pain, and if she doesn't do it, JR could die - can she live with that?

Liza and Tad sit in the chapel. He muses that it's happening again - he's losing someone he loves - just like Dixie. He can do nothing while JR fades away in that hospital bed. Tad's phone rings - he looks at the screen and tells Liza there may be a little hope left. They head back to the waiting room where Tad tells Adam he has a new contact number for Miguel's mother - he should make the call. Annie sits down in Adam's seat when he gets up, and compliments Brooke on her website. She brings up Tempo, but Brooke says they can't discuss work until JR's crisis has passed. Adam reappears, saying that Miguel's mother doesn't know where he is! Brooke hugs him, as Annie watches, intimidated. Tad sits down next to Liza and lets her know that he gave Damon a place to stay. He mentions that his mother is called Hillary, and they discuss his former wife, Hillary. Tad says Damon reminds him of himself at that age, and they chuckle about the past. They marvel at how much has changed.

Marissa takes AJ in to see JR. The little boy reads him a story, but there gets no reaction from his dad. They leave the room and pass the waiting area where Brooke is explaining to Annie that the adoption makes Adam realize that JR might not be around to raise his son. Brooke promises Adam they'll all help raise him. Annie excuses herself and stomps into JR's room, willing him to wake up again and tell her to get out - make it easy for her to walk away! Krystal tries to comfort Marissa in the hallway, but Marissa walks off. Tad notices and excuses himself from Liza. Krystal is distraught and he suggests they go someplace quiet. Annie comes away from JR's bedside, and Scott tells her it was nice of her to visit with him. She says, "That's me, Florence Freakin' Nightingale!" She watches as Brooke and Adam go to see JR together. Adam tells JR he's disappointed in himself, and that he would do anything to prove how much he means to him. Brooke comforts Adam as he cries. Scott comes up behind Annie as she watches and tells her this isn't about scoring points with Adam - someone is dying. Annie stalks off. As Adam and Brooke go back to the waiting area, Annie fakes taking a phone call. She asks to speak to Adam alone, and tells him she just found out she's a partial match for JR - it's a chance! She throws herself in his arms! In JR's room a hand reaches out to touch him - it's Dixie!

At the Martin house, Damon talks to Opal about Stuart - he worries that he'll be really big by the next time he gets to see him, but he's got to get his life together first!

Opal and Damon arrive at the hospital, where Colby thanks Damon for his words the other day - it helped. He tells her about Tad giving him a roof over his head. She thinks that's cool.

Ryan finds Greenlee sitting in ConFusion. She isn't very welcoming, but he invites himself to sit down anyway. Ryan says Jake told him she came to their castle on her wedding night. She says it was to say goodbye to them - nothing more. Greenlee asks Ryan if he has enough influence to get Erica out of Fusion - or at least to agree to a truce. Ryan marvels at the idea of them working together. David appears, and Greenlee gets up to walk away with him. She takes a moment to collect herself after seeing Ryan. Jake rushes up to Ryan, and they discuss how things could get dangerous.

Next on All My Children:

Annie manipulates the situation to her advantage.

Dixie’s spirit reaches out to JR.

Ryan puts his plan in motion.

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