Zach and the baby go to see Kendall. Kendall tells him that she can't believe that she told Babe to stay and work at Fusion. She tells him that she is obviously certifiable. The only explanation that she has for her actions is that it is either because she is a new mother.or that Bianca is rubbing off on her.

Bianca tells Jack that she is going to take care of the Thanksgiving Day plans since they haven't made any already. He informs her that he doesn't believe that Erica will make it. Jack tells her that he is not going to have her being a referee between him and her mother. Bianca insists that the holiday is about family and not about people being scattered across town. Jack says that he is not going to stop living while Erica is out trying to find herself. He insists that he is going to take care of the family.with or without Erica. Bianca gets a quick kiss and rushes out.stating that she has a Thanksgiving to plan.

Meanwhile, Erica goes to visit JR in the hospital. She tells him that she had to see for herselfand make sure that it was true that she can't possibly hurt her children. She reminds him that there is no one that he can take his anger out on now. He tells her to get out, but she flops down on the bed and tells him that they have a lot to discuss. She starts with #5 of the 12 steps..admitting to God and yourself all the horrible things you have done. She insists that she is not leaving until she hears him admit all of the wrong he has done! He tells her to go to hell! Erica warns him that if he ever gets out of this hospital he had better not ever go near her children again. She tells him that she never wants to see him again as long as he lives. Dr. Martin walks in and tries to make him feel better. Erica rants and raves about how she doesn't understand how he can even treat him. Jeff drags her down the hall so that they can talk.

David tells Dixie that Tad is the father of Krystal's baby. He insists to her that it is a kick in the gut that Tad has a baby.and she doesn't! Tad walks up at the end of the conversation. Tad grabs David, punches him and throws him to the ground. As Tad chokes David, Dixie pries him off of him. Tad steps away and tells her that it doesn't matter if they lock him up. Dixie tells him that there has been too much violence and that she can't let him cause himself anymore pain. A bloody David gets up and leaves.

Sydney reminds Jack that he has been throwing himself into his work and that she believes that it is his way of coping with the situation with Erica. He tells her that he is sorry about the break-up between her and Jonathan and that if she wants him back, he is okay with that. She tells him that she and Jonathan are too different for that to happen. He informs her that being different was always a strength for him and Erica..until recently that is. She tells him that it is hard to trust someone after they have lied to Jonathan did to her.

Jeff tells Erica that JR is feeling more than his share of pain right now. He asks her to please have some mercy on him right now. He reminds her that he took an oath and that he will honor it as long as he practices medicine. She accuses him of always following the rules, but he grabs her arm and informs her that he is falling back in love with a married woman, and that he wants her very much. Bianca enters the room and sees the two of them together. Jeff leaves and Erica insists that he was just bringing her home from the hospital. Bianca tells her mother that this has to stop.before Thanksgiving! Bianca insists that Jack has no idea that she is there. Bianca tells her that she wants all of the family to be together on Thanksgiving. She offers to help Erica pack, but Erica insists that she is not ready yet. Erica insists that she and Jack have things that they need to work out. Bianca tells her that she is impossible. The two of them hug and Bianca leaves. Jeff stops back by to see if everything is okay. She tells him that Bianca is worried about her and Jack. She tells him that she doesn't believe that Jack wants to share anything with her. He tells her that Jack is a fool, but he is not. He tells her that he is here and he will fight for her. He takes her in his arms and kisses her while Jack approaches the door to knock.

Krystal asks Adam if Babe can stay. He tells her that yes.she can stay. Krystal thanks him and tells him that she is sure that they can work this out. Babe insists that she is not planning on going anywhere and that she is going to make them a family again. Krystal tells him that this is a big step for him and that she loves him for it. Adam tells her that he doesn't want to lose them and that they are going to be happy everyday of their livesno matter what. He leaves to call the hospital to get an update on JR. Babe takes this time to tell her mother that she cannot tell Adam that they baby is not his! Krystal tells her that whatever it takes to stop Adam she will do..even if it means telling the truth about the baby! Babe tells her that she can handle Adam. Babe tells her that it would certainly be the end of her marriage if she told him the truth.

Dixie tells Tad that he is a good man and that even if she hadn't been there, he would have still stopped beating David. Tad asks her if she is okay and wants to know what David was saying to her when he walked up. Tad tells her that he can't leave David alonenot after all he the trouble he has caused! She tells him to let it go, but he tells her that he does not know how to do that. She says that you have to just move past just do it. Tad says that he willfor now. Dixie tells him that there is something that she has to take care of and leaves. She promises him that there is real hope out there.

Bianca rushes in and interrupts just as Kendall is telling Zach that she is so happy and so in love. Bianca tells them that she promises that things are going to be different this year. Zack tells her 5 to 1 Turkey day is going to be a bust! Kendall says that surely Erica would know how to make this work after 10 weddings. She tells Bianca that maybe they should each take one to work on.

David goes to see JR in the hospital and tells him not to worry about the pain..and that he will be happy to take care of him! Krystal answers the door at finds Dixie there. Adam hears her tell Krystal that she needs to talk to her..about her baby! Tad goes to see JR, but is informed that he will have to wait because the doctor is with him. David takes his monitor controls and attaches them to himself so that the nurse's will have no need to rush in. He tells JR that now all of his vitals are normal and that is just the two of them!

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