At ConFusion, Ryan tells Jake he's beyond working cons on people, but Jake cajoles, saying he could do one more on David, considering how he's taken over where Greenlee is concerned! Jake keeps working on Ryan, saying Greenlee needs to be saved, and listing his other grievances against David. Ryan doesn't want to stoop to David's level, but then says it's impossible not to - they'll bring him down! Natalia comes over and tells Jake and Ryan she came back to interview witnesses - the con she arrested is ratting out everyone. Ryan tells Jake they don't need to run a con on David - they just need someone to rat him out - like Nurse Gayle! Jake tells Natalia about David trying to blackmail Angie into resigning - she says she wants to help them, and asks what they need. Jake asks her to find Gayle.

Erica and Opal meet up at Erica's new house, where she informs Opal she has to find Gayle - she's the only leverage she has with David and that bride of his! She asks Opal to stay there while she goes looking for Gayle, noting that she'll start at Wildwind - luckily she had a key made when David was there overnight.

David and Greenlee are at home discussing Erica. Greenlee tells him he's busted - he's up to something where Erica's concerned - and she won't stop until he tells her what it is. David says she's right - he and Erica are working together - to get her! David explains that he let Erica believe he would do as she wanted, but they can turn this around on her. He suggests that Greenlee pretend to back off from Fusion to lull her into a false sense of security first. Greenlee asks when he was going to tell her this - he claims he was waiting for the right moment. Gayle is outside Wildwind when Erica pulls up. Gayle hides and Erica is just in time to hear David tell Greenlee his plan to double-cross her! Erica slips out, and Greenlee questions David's sincerity. David says she's paranoid. They get into it about Ryan, and Greenlee insists that's in the past - she trusts only David! With that, she plants a deep kiss on him! Gayle sees it through the window. Greenlee says to David, "It's our wedding night - make love to me!" David turns her down, saying it's tempting, but he doesn't want to mess with their friendship and trust. She understands. They toast, and Greenlee goes up to bed. David slips out. Greenlee comes back downstairs and thinks about marrying David, then Ryan. She grabs her keys and leaves.

At the hospital, Adam flips out when Tad comes to tell him that Miguel didn't show up at the airport. Marissa comes out and asks if everything is alright, and JR wants to know when he gets to meet his little brother! As Liza reassures Colby and Scott, Adam tries to placate JR by saying the plane was diverted, but JR sees through it, and says, "He's not coming." Adam admits that he's not, he didn't get on the plane for some reason. Adam tells JR that he got tested at an outside facility and is awaiting the results. JR says he wouldn't let him risk his life anyway. JR asks to be alone with Marissa and AJ. JR tells Marissa that they have to be prepared for what may happen next. Marissa tries to reassure him that he'll be fine, but JR merely says he's selfish - even if he'd know he would get this sick when they got involved, he still would have done it - it's been like heaven on earth!

In the waiting area at the hospital, Annie tells a dubious Brooke that they should use Adam's story in Tempo - 'Captain of Industry Tracks Down Long-Lost Son to Save Other Son! Brooke doesn't think Adam would want that splashed all over the media. Adam comes out of JR's room and attacks Tad, saying this is his fault - his men in California didn't ensure that Miguel got on the plane! Liza defends Tad, saying Adam is the one who ignored the boy his entire life until he needed something from him! Adam is visibly distraught, and Brooke steps in to calm him, taking him away to sit and talk about it. Annie gapes as they walk away! Annie tries to get Adam to come with her, but the doctor appears and tells them that neither Brooke or Jamie were a match. Annie follows the doctor and pleads with her to test her, saying the family is desperate. The doctor agrees. Tad goes back in to see JR, and promises to find the kid. JR says it shouldn't be a shock that he bailed - it's not like he's family - like they are. Tad tears up, and tells JR they would have found each other even if Dixie hadn't brought them together. JR agrees, it would have been great if they were really related, but muses that sometimes life just doesn't work out the way you want. Tad leaves so Adam can have time with JR. Adam talks about the future, and JR urges him to be realistic - he can't be in denial. Adam starts to talk about how the Chandler's fight, but JR slips into unconsciousness! Everyone rushes into the room as the doctor announces he's slipping into a coma!

At the police station, Natalia calls Jake and Ryan to tell them she has a number for Gayle, and Erica comes in looking for Brot - she wonders if he saw anyone prowling around Fusion. Brot is confused as to why she's asking - she tells him to just forget she was there. Brot wanders over to Natalia, who brag about her collar, saying she'll make detective long before him! Brot says that's funny, because he heard that Ryan hit the guy and all she had to do was put the cuffs on!

Jake and Ryan are still at ConFusion when Jake's phone rings - it's Amanda. Jake tells Ryan he's not answering it, he'll call his little honeybee later.

At the bus station, Jake and Ryan arrive to meet Gayle, who they texted anonymously. She sighs when she sees Jake, but they work to convince her that they will help her, if she helps them get David. Gayle sighs that she wanted to be with David, but he married Greenlee.

Jake takes Gayle to the turret room for safe-keeping. She tells Jake how nice Erica was to her. Jake says they'll help her if she works with them - she points out that she hasn't agreed to that yet. Jake says he'll go get her some food, and warns her not to open the door to anyone. Outside the door, Jake is surprised to encounter Greenlee! He tries to get her out of there, but she wants to go into the turret room!

Erica gets back to her new place and tells Opal that she overheard David planning to double-cross her. Erica muses that there are other ways to handle David - she still has the handcuffs from the other night! Opal is taken aback! Erica tells her not to ask! When Opal leaves, David shows up. He tells Erica they have to be more careful - Greenlee suspects something is going on. Erica plays along. He brings up Gayle, and Erica laughs, saying, "Do you really think I keep her here, so you can find her?" David leaves and there is another knock at the door - this time it's Ryan, who says to Erica, "I need you!"

Next on All My Children:

Ryan convinces Erica to team up with him to destroy David.

Jake fears Greenlee’s going to discover Gayle.

Annie learns whether or not she’s a match for JR.

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