At the police station, Brot questions Natalia about her outfit and lipstick. She says she's bait. Liza and Damon are there - he thanks Liza for getting him out, saying he'll pay the bail money back. He explains that he did the robberies because the money he was making just wasn't enough to support Bailey and the baby. Liza tells him he still has her, and they head into the interrogation room, where she explains to Damon that she sees how much he loved his son, that's why she's helping him. Brot continues to bug Natalia, telling her that the last he checked beat cops didn't go undercover. He realizes she's doing this on her own. Natalia sighs.

In the hospital corridor, the celebration about the donor continues. Annie appears as everyone rushes off into JR's room. Adam tells Marissa and his son that they have a donor. Amid the joy, JR asks who the donor is. Adam stammers, and Colby asks what's wrong with him. Annie comes in as Adam explains that some years ago, he had a one-night stand with a woman named Sonia Reyes. Later he got a call that he had a son - he's eight years-old. He admits that he sent cash, but the woman didn't want him to be involved beyond that. Annie is stunned. Adam says Miguel is on his way to Pine Valley right now. JR tells Adam he owes him his life. Colby calls Liza and asks her to come to the hospital.

In the corridor, Brooke, Krystal, and Tad confer about the long lost son. Brooke is puzzled that Adam didn't fight to be in his life. She takes a call, and Krystal thanks Tad for helping to find JR's half-brother - they're all lucky to have him. They hug, just as Liza walks in looking for Colby. Colby fills her in on the new half-brother. Brooke reappears and greets Liza. Also in the corridor, Annie hisses to Scott that everyone is just assuming this Miguel will be accepted into the family. Scott is taken aback, he say, "He's Adam's son!" Annie doesn't care. Scott asks if she's worried she'll have to compete with him for Adam's attention. They hear Brooke discussing Tempo with Liza and Annie walks over to tell her it's not the time to discuss business. Brooke informs her she doesn't need a lesson in etiquette! As Brooke leaves Annie standing alone, Scott comes over and notes that Adam didn't really give her the magazine job. Annie says Brooke may have experience, but she has Adam's ear!

Marissa sits with Krystal in the hallway. Marissa asks her mother if she still loves Tad. Krystal tries to deflect the serious conversation, but Marissa urges her to tell Tad how she feels. Krystal leaves.

Erica shows up at Wildwind just as David is about to say, "I do." David and Greenlee look at her as she notes her timing is impeccable, asking, "Do you need a witness?" Greenlee tells Erica to get out, but they get into it about Fusion. Erica says she won't give up the company. Greenlee says she wants it for herself, not Kendall, and she can forget it. Jack bursts in, and David exclaims. Jack hollers at Greenlee that he hoped the time at the castle with Ryan would have made her see sense. Erica demands her keys from Greenlee, who snaps, "Over my dead body!" Erica tells her to be careful. Jack drags Greenlee aside and pushes her to open up her heart to Ryan. She tells him if he can't support her marriage to David, he should go! Erica takes the opportunity to remind David that he promised to get her Fusion - Nurse Gayle is feeling edgy! David tells her first he'll get the ring on Greenlee's finger, then he'll get her the keys to Fusion! Erica wishes David good luck - he's going to need it - as Greenlee comes back in earshot. She leaves, and the ceremony continues. Greenlee and David are pronounced husband and wife! David kisses her cheek. They pour a glass of champagne, and David asks if she's thinking about Ryan. She claims she's moved on, and they need to have their first dance. David suggests they head somewhere tropical, but Greenlee wants to know exactly what was going on between him and Erica earlier!

Jake is at Ryan's house where they have an argument about Ryan backing off from Greenlee and letting her go to David. Ryan tries to explain, but Jake is less-than-thrilled, and thinks he should fight for her!

Ryan goes to ConFusion and Jake follows him there. Ryan rolls his eyes and says he's done talking to him about this. Jake claims he's just trying to save his liver. At the bar, Natalia chats up a man. Brot comes in and tries to run interference, but Natalia lashes out at him. Seeing the scene, Ryan walks over and asks Natalia to let him buy her a drink. When the man with her argues, Ryan punches him! Telling Jake he can spot a con a mile away because he used to be one, Ryan helps Natalia bust the guy. Natalia whips out her badge and makes the arrest. She later tells Ryan that if it weren't for him, she would be filing a report on her stolen credit cards! Back at their table, Jake asks Ryan if David were his target, if he'd consider getting back into his old racket.

Up at Fusion, Brot asks Erica what he can do for her. She says, "A little remodeling." Holding up an ax, Erica asks Brot how his swing is! Brot wonders if she is asking him to break in. She says no - it's her office that is locked. Suddenly, Erica gets a call and rushes out, thanking Brot as she goes!

Adam is still in with JR when Liza comes in with the adoption papers. Adam wonders if it's necessary now, but JR says he wants Marissa to adopt AJ regardless of the donor coming through. He and Marissa sign the papers.

Liza goes back out to the hospital hallway, where Scott is warning Colby that Adam doesn't need his family fighting right now. Colby goes off with Liza, and Annie approaches Adam, asking him about meeting his son for the first time. Adam informs her that Brooke is part of the family too. Brooke wanders over and she tells Adam that she came to see about the position at Tempo, but Annie says she already gave her the job. Adam turns to look at Annie, and says it's the first he's heard of that! Annie lies that she only said she was in the running. Adam notes that now that Brooke has expressed interest, they can call off the search! He suggests that Brooke mentor Annie.

Tad is at the airport waiting for Miguel to arrive in Pine Valley. He doesn't come.

Damon arrives at the hospital, where Liza and Colby talk to him. He tells Colby that Bailey and Stuart have gone, but he won't be joining them. He admits he was arrested for the robberies. Colby is upset that he lied to her - she slaps him! Tad comes back to the hospital and informs Adam that Miguel wasn't on the plane!

Erica meets Gayle at her new place. Gayle is belligerent and demands to know if David married Greenlee. Erica tries to calm her, but admits that he did. There's a knock at the door - it's Brot. Erica tells Gayle to hide, and Brot tells Erica he just couldn't help her with the lock situation. After he leaves, Erica can't find Gayle.

Next on All My Children:

Erica learns David’s planning on double-crossing her.

Jake and Ryan form a plan to take David down.

JR’s condition takes a turn for the worse.

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