Brooke comes into the Chandler Mansion and Annie is stunned to hear that she's there to interview for Editor-in-Chief of Tempo! Annie blurts that Adam already hired her! Brooke is taken aback, and asks if Annie has any experience. Annie says she is very confident she can restore Tempo to it's former glory, and will, in fact, surpass it. Just as Annie's telling Brooke it's time to leave, Scott comes in. He and Brooke greet each other enthusiastically! Brooke tells Scott she came to interview for Tempo. Scott says that's great - no one is better than her! Annie clears her throat and says Adam wants a fresh approach. Scott wryly says that Adam might change his mind. Colby comes in and Brooke greets her. Colby tells them that JR is in the hospital. They all prepare to go, but Colby tells Annie she's not coming. Scott agrees, saying they'll call her when they know something. Annie is sour, and gets even more upset when she watches an old clip about how great Brooke was at Tempo. Emma comes into the room and Annie covers her mood.

Adam is at the hospital telling Angie that there is a very good chance the sample from California will be a match for JR, when JR is wheeled into the hospital with Tad, Marissa, and AJ in tow! Krystal meets them there, and AJ asks if JR is going to be alright - he didn't get any cake. They distract the boy by asking him about his gifts - he tells Krystal and Adam that he's AJ now. JR's doctor comes out and tells Marissa and Tad that JR will have to be kept in the hospital indefinitely. Adam talks to Tad in the waiting area. He jumps up when Brooke walks in with Colby and Scott. She hugs both Adam and Tad, then offers to get tested. Adam thanks her.

In his hospital bed, JR is awake, and tells Marissa that he's researched this disease and he knows what all of this means - it's not good. She murmurs that AJ wants to bring his cake in. JR agrees.

At Erica's place, David tells her he can't believe she got to Gayle! Erica says he did it all himself by deciding to marry Greenlee. She asks him what his decision is - he says, "Fusion's yours!" Erica tells him the only way she can ensure there is a company for Kendall to come back to, is to take control of it. David says he'll need some time. Erica reminds him that Gayle is only a phone call away. David asks what happens if Greenlee has reconciled with Ryan? Erica notes that David should be suitably motivated to get the job done. She takes the cuffs off him, saying every time she looks at them she'll think of him!

Greenlee wakes up in the turret room and tells Ryan she dreamed that she told him she still loved him. He says it wasn't a dream. He tells her she still makes that cute noise when she sleeps. She smiles, but notes she is still his prisoner. Ryan tells her she is free to go. As she prepares to leave, Ryan says he loves her, and he wants her to be happy, but he's not going to give up hope. Ryan says what they have is right there waiting for them. He tells Greenlee he'll wait - no matter how long it takes. Ryan offers to take her to the Yacht Club to get a room. She scoffs - so she's free, but has to stay where he suggests. He tells her she can stay anywhere but with David. She says if he means what he says, he'll keep out of her business - she'll call a car.

Back at Wildwood, David becomes frantic when he can't reach Greenlee on her phone. Erica asks if he really has developed feelings for Greenlee. She makes a few more digs, and David counters by asking what Ryan will think of her pushing him to marry Greenlee - isn't she supposed to be Ryan's friend? Erica says she is Ryan's friend - Greenlee isn't good enough for him, she's not even good enough for David! Just then, Greenlee walks in. She tells David she'll be fine - once Erica is gone. Erica takes offense, and Greenlee asks her why she has to go after every man in her life! She confronts her about Jack and Ryan, and asks what she's doing there. Erica says she was just checking in with David, and makes her retreat. Once alone, Greenlee begins vowing that Erica is not going to best her, when there's a knock - it's the minister. David isn't sure what to tell him, but Greenlee steps forward and says right now is perfect! David points out she may not be in the right frame of mind to decide to get married. She explains to David that he is safe, and it's the only way to make Ryan accept this. David is doubtful, but she insists that they'll set the town on fire! David agrees to go through with it.

Ryan goes to the Chandler Mansion to see Emma. Annie lets him in, and he asks if it would be okay to spend some time with her. Annie says his timing is great - she has something to do! She calls Angie at the hospital and says she wants to be tested. Angie says she'll have to get JR's permission. Annie hangs up and Ryan asks how JR is doing, before saying goodbye to Emma. When Ryan's gone, Annie calls Lucretia to sit for Emma for a while.

Still at the hospital, Brooke goes to find Angie in her office. Brooke is happy about Angie finding Jesse again after twenty years, and about her being Chief-of-Staff. Angie downplays all that, and asks about Brooke. She says she's been traveling and writing, but she's been a little home sick for Pine Valley.

The Chandlers, Marissa, Tad, and Krystal crowd around JR's bed as AJ has him blow out the candles on the cake. AJ gives JR the shell that his mommy gave him. JR is moved. Adam steps out and thanks Brooke for being tested. Krystal and AJ talk to her too. Marissa comes out and they introduce her to Brooke, she urges Brooke to go see JR. Brooke walks in and JR says she's just in time for another slice of cake. Colby and Scott duck out, and JR thanks her for being tested. He asks about Jamie. Brooke says he formed a basketball team for the kids in the African village. JR mentions Annie, saying his dad's taste in wives has deteriorated. He tells Brooke they've had their differences, but she helped him get sober - he wouldn't be here if it weren't for her. JR says he's sure glad she came back. Brooke leaves as Marissa comes back in. JR tells his wife he'll fight for her and AJ, but he needs her to know that she's been his life. They both cry and embrace.

In the waiting area at the hospital, Tad stands before Adam, Brooke, Colby, and Scott and announces that the results are in - they have a match! Everyone jumps up and they all share hugs!

Erica goes to Fusion, where Randi and Jackson stand quietly while she reads a letter saying she is no longer in control at Fusion effective immediately. Erica turns to Jackson for help, but he tells her the reason he came was to ask her to step aside! Erica tells Randi to get a law firm on the line, and asks where the staff is. Randi says when Greenlee didn't show up by noon everyone went home. Randi goes to do what Erica asked, and Jack pleads with Erica to understand that Greenlee needs this. Erica says he's blinded - she's worked very hard to run this company, there's no way she's going to hand it over! Jack argues that Greenlee deserves a chance, and Erica brings up Kendall. Randi reappears and tells Erica the locks have been changed on her office!

Erica arrives back at Wildwind and sees David and Greenlee standing before the minister. David is just about to say, "I do."

Next on All My Children:

Adam reveals a long kept secret.

Erica interrupts Greenlee and David’s wedding.

Annie fears Brooke could be her new competition.

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