Randi comes to see Frankie at the hospital. She asks him why he's missed his last four appointments for his hand. Frankie doesn't answer - he tells his wife that he messed up bad, and that it could affect his mother! He tells Randi about not passing along the message to Angie because he wanted her to have time with Jesse. He says he's going to tell her he forgot to call her - that way she won't feel guilty.

In her office, Angie giggles with Jesse on the phone. She notices a note that about the patient who died and lets Jesse go. The dead patient's doctor comes in and tells Angie that he could have been saved - if only she had called! The doctor says Frankie said he would let her know! After he leaves, she gets another phone call. She says, "I'll tell the family," hangs up, and sighs, "JR."

Tad pays a visit to Adam at the Chandler house to update him on the investigation, but covers when Annie comes into the room. Tad leaves, and Annie tells Adam she needs to apologize - she's almost as guilty as Colby for causing drama in the house. She wishes she could be tested as a match for JR, but she'll settle for keeping peace in the house. She asks Adam why Tad mentioned a swab. Adam stammers that they're testing anyone who comes forward. Annie switches gears and tells Adam she's been looking at Tempo's books - and she thinks he should appoint her Editor-in-Chief! Adam mutters that it takes a lot of experience to bring a magazine back from the brink. Annie pleads with him to give her a chance. Adam says he'll think about it. Adam gets a phone call from Angie - she says that no one tested was a match for JR - she's sorry. Adam tells her he'll have another sample from California coming in today.

Frankie comes into Angie's office after she hangs up from speaking to Adam. She asks him why he told Dr. Simon that he'd called her when he hadn't. Frankie says he screwed up! He says he got busy taking other messages and forgot to call her. Frankie insists that she report him and let him deal with the consequences. Angie says she'll handle it. Adam comes in and asks for the tests to be run again. Angie says it won't change the outcome. Adam tells her he wants to be tested - he is on the board after all! Angie tells him the rules stand, but if he gets her the new swab from California, she'll rush it through. Angie turns back to Frankie after Adam leaves and says he didn't forget that message - he's a good doctor - he deliberately didn't call because he wanted her to have uninterrupted time with Jesse. They argue heatedly, and Angie orders him to keep his mouth shut! Frankie doesn't need his mother to clean up his messes! Angie insists that he pull it together and follow her orders. She leaves and he punches the desk - reinjuring his hand!

Adam and Tad meet out in the hallway of the hospital. Adam brings Tad up to speed on the test results, saying that he hasn't told JR yet - he wants to see how the other sample pans out first. Just then, JR calls Tad and asks him to stop by. Tad leaves and Adam stops Angie - he gives her the swab from the person in California.

JR and Marissa are with Little Adam at home. They talk cheerfully about his sixth birthday celebration. JR's son wants a more grown up name. Marissa suggests AJ - he likes it. JR says it's official! Marissa goes to get cake and JR chats to his son. When he gets up to get him a soda, he gets lightheaded and has to sit down. Tad arrives and joins the celebration. Marissa is back and brings in AJ's cake. Tad likes the name change! Tad assures JR they'll find him a donor soon, but JR wants to talk about contingency plans - he asks Tad to be there for AJ the same way he was for him. Tad says he doesn't even need to ask. JR tells Tad there is no one he trusts more - he loves him. Tad loves him too - they hug. JR gets dizzy again, but won't go to the hospital until the birthday is over. AJ is about to blow out his candles when JR collapses!

Erica comes back to her new place where a livid David hollers that it's about time! He says he's had enough of this - he agrees to keep Greenlee away from Fusion, marry her, and take her out of town! Erica checks his phone and says Greenlee hasn't called him even once - but there are many calls from Gayle! Erica then informs him she doesn't trust his word one bit - she's going to have to do something drastic to get what she wants! David's phone rings - it's Gayle again. Erica goes on Gayle's feelings for David while he gets frustrated and protests! She wonders what Gayle will do with all the information she has on him when she finds out he's marrying Greenlee! David scoffs that he's made no promises to Gayle, and she's got the brains of a chicken - she's out of his life for good! Erica smiles and says maybe not - Gayle comes stomping into the room! She rants and raves at David, who hangs his head and tries to placate her. Gayle tells him if he wants to marry that bug-eyed twit he can go ahead, but he'll be spending his honeymoon in jail! Erica tells Gayle she will help her - they're like sisters. She promises David will suffer, but they'll do it her way. Gayle leaves, and David glares at Erica. Erica tells him it's time to make a deal!

Annie is at home making plans to helm Tempo Magazine when the doorbell rings. She opens the door and gapes - it's Brooke! Brooke asks if Adam is home.

Next on All My Children:

Annie feels threatened by Brooke’s return.

Ryan hopes Greenlee will eventually give them another chance.

Erica refuses to step aside at Fusion.

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