Natalia and Jesse are in the hospital comparing notes on a case. Angie speaks to them, and Natalia takes off to ask someone more questions. Angie pulls Jesse into a private place and he asks her about why she was resigning. She says she just had a bad day! Angie brings up David's name, and Jesse becomes agitated. Angie warns that it's her fight, and it's just that there are politics involved in this job she didn't see coming. Jesse reassures her, and says he loves her. Angie gets tears in her eyes and they embrace. Frankie comes in as they decide to head out for some together time. Angie tells Frankie she's signing out - he smiles. Frankie sits down at Angie's desk and a doctor comes in looking to get Angie's permission to perform an important surgery. Frankie promises to pass on the message, and then takes a phone call too. Natalia comes in and Frankie admits he's fielding Angie's messages to try to give her some alone time with Jesse. Natalia takes off, and Frankie looks at the message he was supposed to give Angie. He makes a call and finds out that patient died waiting for surgery!

Damon catches up with Liza and Tad in ConFusion. He breaks the news to Liza that Bailey told him to take a hike for good - and that she and Stuart are staying with her family permanently! Damon tells Liza how upset he is about all this, and reiterates that he and Colby are just friends. Liza is choked up at the thought of Stuart not coming back. Tad puts his arm on her shoulder. They sit down, and Liza tears up thinking about the last time she held the baby - she's discouraged that she had to hear about this through Damon, and Bailey didn't contact her. She says she has to let Colby know - she loved Stuart as much as she did!

Adam comes upon Annie holding the tire iron and looking dazed. He acts very cautious. Scott and Colby appear. Scott's presence seems to snap Annie out of it - she says Greenlee must have put the tire iron there to mess with her head! Adam takes her inside the house. Scott and Colby remain on the terrace - he asks her what she was thinking?! Scott angrily asks what would have happened if her plan backfired and Annie had hit Adam with the tire iron? Colby admits it didn't go quite like she hoped - but at least she proved Annie's still unstable - Adam will have to see that! Scott points out that Annie is unstable because of the games she's playing! He urges her to tell Adam - or he will. Colby accuses him of being upset because she's gunning for the woman he still has the hots for!

Inside the Chandler house, Annie tells Adam about the nightmares she used to have, but says she's had a normal stable life again - why would someone want to make her relive all that?! Adam decides he'll call the police, but Annie stops him - as long as he's protecting her, she's fine. They happily kiss and embrace. Colby looks through the window at the scene, and is discouraged. She and Scott come in, where Adam is upset to learn that Colby is behind the tire iron incident. He becomes agitated, and calls Scott and Annie out on their flirting too! He doesn't want to deal with this bunk while JR is fighting for his life! Adam and Annie leave the room and Colby admits to Scott how helpless she feels over JR's cancer. She says she's going to get some air and opens the front door to leave - Annie's standing there with a tire iron! Annie mocks her, saying she hopes she hasn't awakened something long dormant in her - she'd better lock her bedroom door tonight! Annie adds, "Sweet dreams!"

Angie and Jesse go to a room at the Yacht Club where they talk about how much they have in each other. She wants a t-bone steak, but Jesse growls that she's got some 'work' to do first. Angie giggles. After they make love, Angie gets antsy about work, but Jesse says someone will call if there's an emergency!

Jake is with Greenlee in the turret room. Ryan listens as she tells Jake that Ryan will keep pushing her, and she'll keep fighting back - what if she's not up to it? Jake tells her her stress is self-induced - look at wedding debacle she planned! He wonders if she's strong enough to handle David, why she's so helpless when it comes to Ryan? Jake gives her a bit of advice, then goes outside the door where Ryan is standing. He tells Jake it was a mistake to have brought Greenlee there - he's only made things worse! Ryan goes in with food for Greenlee, and tells her he finally gets it - he can't tell her what to feel or do. Ryan claims he's going to get out of her way so she can focus on getting better. They smile together over some shared memories, but she says they can't do this until everything is figured out. Ryan says they won't reminisce then, but they are doing this - he pulls out a cupcake and sticks a candle in it, saying, "It's your birthday!" She blows out the candle, and he suggests she get some rest. He tells her a bedtime story, and she falls asleep.

Tad spots Damon across the room at ConFusion, asking the bar manager if he can keep his job. Tad ventures over, where Damon tells him he is thinking of staying in Pine Valley - things are tough enough for Bailey without him forcing himself on her. Tad notes that it's commendable that he is willing to work hard to send money back to Stuart - he promises him some extra work. Jake arrives, and spies a distraught Liza. He asks, "Who died?" Liza fills him in about Stuart, and Jake advises her to hold onto the memories she has of him. Tad and Damon join them, and Tad says it's good advice. He gets a call and has to go. Damon offers some photos of Stuart to Liza - she invites him to look at them with her. Natalia comes in and puts Damon under arrest - the DNA tests came back - it was his blood in the robberies!

Tad and Adam meet up in the hospital to discuss the investigation. Adam shows Tad a briefcase full of cash. He says he wants Sonia Reyes's son to be tested as a match for JR - he may need to be convinced!

Next on All My Children:

JR asks Tad to always look out for his son.

Frankie’s mistake has grave consequences.

Erica lays out her demands to David.

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