Tad and Liza meet up in ConFusion they playfully kiss and joke. He tells her he has a new client - Adam Chandler. Liza remarks that she has a new client too - his son! She says that JR came to her office with information about his will. Tad says Adam hired him to find a missing person. Liza points out that Adam hates Tad, but he knows how much Tad loves JR.

Erica still has David tied up at her new place. He says if she wants him to get Greenlee to back down from Fusion, he needs to know what he will get out of the deal! She asks what he wants. David asks what doesn't he want? Erica wonders if he's so selfish, what he was going to get out of marrying Greenlee? David smirks that he gets a young, vibrant bride out of the deal! Erica points out that he didn't mention love, then asks if he's ever been in love. She thinks the very notion of it scares him to death! Erica starts to talk about how he was once a little boy - a little boy who loved his father and blamed his mother... David shouts at her to shut up - his childhood is definitely off the table! David's phone begins to ring - he panics, saying he needs to get that - it could be Greenlee! Erica looks at it and says it's not her. David sighs, and takes another stab at convincing Erica why this marriage to Greenlee is what he needs right now - she's someone who doesn't care how damaged he is and sees the world like he does! They realize they're at an impasse - she keeps making demands and he keeps ignoring them! Erica says she's leaving for a while, which makes David livid!

At the hospital, Annie asks JR if there is anyway she can help, in addition to getting tested to see if she's a match. JR says he's fine, thanks. Annie tells him if she could do this for him, maybe things would be different. JR narrows his eyes, saying then he'd be indebted to her. He tells her not to bother getting tested! Jake, Colby, and Adam become involved as the situation deteriorates. Adam calls Scott over to take Annie home, but she protests that she's part of the family - she belongs there! Adam says it's the best way, and Annie leaves with Scott. Adam is visibly upset, and tells Colby and JR he didn't like sending Annie home. JR says she wants to use this situation to her advantage - if she had her way, Adam's children would all disappear. JR takes Colby aside to discuss Annie. Colby gets up to leave, saying she knows just the right push. JR warns her not to do anything stupid. Liza appears, saying she'll get tested to see if she's a match. Marissa comes up and JR tells her Liza is here to be tested, but he also asked her to draw up papers for her to adopt Little Adam. Adam asks to speak to JR alone - he points out that it's a time to be positive. JR tells him it's okay to acknowledge that he may die. Tad comes up and takes Adam aside - he tells him he needs something to make his investigation go forward. Adam muses that he may have something at home - he'll get back to him. Colby comes back just as Little A is heading off with Marissa, after learning she will become his mother officially. JR asks Colby where she went. Colby says she found the way to get to Annie.

Back at the Chandler Mansion, Annie rants to Scott about what it is going to take to be accepted by this family! Scott tells her the focus has to be on JR right now. Annie doesn't care what Colby and JR think of her, but she won't have Adam dismissing her like some assistant. She drops the glass she is holding and Scott starts to clean it up. Annie grabs his hand, telling him she needs him right now. Scott announces that things have to change around there - they can't keep doing this back and forth! Annie hisses that she wasn't coming onto him! He tells her that he is not her ally anymore - she needs to find something else to do besides work with him at Chandler - he can't be around her! Annie protests, but Scott says they're getting sloppy - they're going to get caught. Annie pleads with him not to do this now - she feels lost! Annie manipulates him by claiming that Greenlee's return is getting to her far more than she admitted! Scott is sorry, but it has to be this way. He leaves, and Annie goes out on the terrace - where she sees a crowbar and has flashbacks! With blood on her hand from the broken glass, Annie picks up the crowbar - just as Adam comes into the house calling her name!

In the turret room, Greenlee tells Ryan she still loves him - how do you stop loving someone under her circumstances? Ryan is happy. They kiss frantically, but she pulls away. She says she may love him, but nothing has changed - that kiss was goodbye! They bicker about it, and Ryan says he won't let her go. She says their past was great - he shouldn't get greedy! She insists that marrying David is the only answer she has right now. Ryan wants her to promise not to go through with it. She promises, and then tells him to let her go! He still won't, and Greenlee becomes increasingly frustrated and agitated until she collapses! Ryan calls Jake, who comes to check her out. Jake thinks it's stress, and maybe low blood sugar. They agree that love is hard. As Jake is about to leave, Greenlee wakes up and asks him for help. She tells him Ryan won't give up. Jake advises her to take it easy. Greenlee says Ryan will fight her choices, and she'll fight back every step of the way!

Next on All My Children:

Scott confronts Colby over her latest stunt.

Ryan’s hit hard by Greenlee’s words.

Angie and Jesse try to reconnect.

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