Colby finds Scott in the Chandler house in the morning - she asks if there's not enough heat in the gatehouse? Annie comes into the room and says she asked him to spend the night. Colby is surprised Annie made him sleep on the couch! Annie sneers that Colby should get a life. Scott sighs and explains that he was waiting for Adam who has been at the hospital all night. Annie stalks off and Scott asks Colby if she called Dr. Burke. Colby denies it, saying she wants Annie gone, but she wouldn't drive her insane - the last time she stabbed Erica! Annie comes back and sees Greenlee in the newspaper - she wishes she'd stayed dead! As she crumples up the paper, Scott and Colby reappear. Annie tries to cover, saying she's just tired. Colby leaves. Annie puzzles over who called her doctor. Scott feels that things just happen sometimes. Annie asks what about them?

Marissa is at the Martin house and tells Krystal that JR has cancer. She apologizes for not being able to tell her sooner, and says that Tad knows - he's been there for JR since the beginning. Marissa shares her feelings and Krystal hugs her, assuring her that she'll be there for her from now on.

Adam is at JR's house where he spent the night. He asks if JR is okay. JR says he's worried about him. Adam informs JR that he's been in touch with doctors and bone marrow donor globally, but he's confident they'll find a donor within the family. JR looks at a pad and asks, "Uncle Palmer?" Adam notes he is desperate. JR asks Adam to call a family meeting, then apologizes for not telling him about the cancer right away. Adam assures JR it's fine, and they say they love each other. Little Adam comes in and JR tells him they will be doing something different for his treatment.

Adam comes home to find Scott and Annie together in the living room. He goes on upstairs, and Annie frets to Scott that he thinks they slept together! Scott says Colby saw him on the couch. Adam gets Colby and tells her that JR will be there shortly. They go into the living room, and JR comes in with Krystal, Marissa and Little Adam. Colby asks JR what's going on. He says the chemo's not working - he needs a bone marrow transplant. Adam announces that they must all be tested.

Jake and Tad are searching Wildwind for the taped phone call to save Angie from having to resign. Jake's phone rings - it's Angie telling him to stop ripping the house apart - she's resigning.

Greenlee is with Ryan, who has taken her to the turret room. As she tries to escape, he reminds her that this is where they came a couple of years ago to get married - it's where he realized she is the love of his life. Greenlee sneers that she remembers Kendall being there! Ryan wants her to listen while he describes what their first year of marriage would have been like - beginning with the honeymoon. She protests, but then reluctantly listens as he talks about their married life and the kids. She informs him that they can never get that year back. He feels they still love each other even though she's angry - and he's going to keep her there with him until she comes around. Greenlee says she doesn't love him. Suddenly, she cries out in pain, saying she needs to go to the hospital! Ryan takes her to the door, where she reefs it open, banging Ryan on the head with it, and takes off running! Ryan catches up with her and brings her back, saying he doesn't want her to get hurt for real. Greenlee says staying there with him won't change her mind, but all kinds of romantic memories go through her mind. She blurts, "Okay! I still love you! Are you happy now?"

David comes to in a white room. Erica is there and asks if last night was as good for him as it was for her? David sighs and asks what she wants. He recalls struggling with Tad in the parking lot of ConFusion and Jake injecting him with something. Erica warns that he won't be going to the police - or she'll tell them her story - and they'll believe her! She asks if he likes her new place - he's the first man to spend the night - and he'll be staying until she can seduce him back to his senses - it's not nice to blackmail people, especially Angie! David says this must be about Fusion, and warns her won't betray his fiancee. Tad comes in and asks David where he hid that tape. David laughs and urges him to rough him up - he won't talk. Erica tells Tad about a hiding place in Wildwind behind a loose brick. Tad leaves. Erica grins at David and tells him to play nice - she holds the key to his freedom. Erica informs him that he needs to see to it that Greenlee gives up the idea of having anything more to do with Fusion. David thinks she wants revenge because Greenlee stole Ryan's attention away. Erica shakes her head - they broke up before she even came back! They bicker about each other's recent choice of partners. David flirts with Erica, and she asks what Greenlee would think. David muses that she would call off the wedding - then Erica would be happy. Erica says no - she wants him to marry Greenlee, and take her far, far away!

Angie paces her office, re-reading her resignation letter, which recommends that David be re-instated as Chief-of-Staff. Jesse comes in and asks why she didn't come home last night. She says she was busy. Jesse warns they have to stop freezing each other. Angie informs him she's resigning. They argue about it, but she goes to messenger her letter. When she comes back, Tad and Jake are there to tell her she doesn't have to resign, they found the tape - she says she already sent her letter. They leave and Jesse comes back in with the letter in hand! He proudly says he stole it! He wants to know the real reason she was going to resign. Angie's pager goes off and she excuses herself. When she comes back, Jesse asks her what kind of marriage they have when she won't confide in him? He slams out of the room.

The Chandlers are all at the hospital, where Jake and Frankie explain the process of being tested as bone marrow matches. Adam wants to go first, but Frankie says due to his age and medical status he can't donate. Adam is disappointed. Scott steps forward and goes with Frankie first. Annie tells Adam she thinks Frankie should have tested him anyway. Colby and JR step aside to chat - he urges her to get rid of Annie. Adam walks down the hall when Tad appears. He says he called him because he wants him to locate Sonia Reyez. Tad asks who she is, but Adam won't provide answers just now.

Next on All My Children:

Greenlee delivers an emotional blow.

Erica leaves David with plenty to think about.

Colby schemes against Annie.

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