Erica gives an interview in ConFusion about the state of the company, and Greenlee being back from the dead. Her phone rings - it's Jack. He says he spoke to Greenlee and she's fine - he's trying to give her space to work things out. He wants to meet Erica. She agrees.

Tad and Jesse are chatting in ConFusion, they puzzle over what hold David might have on Greenlee. Tad mentions love, and Jesse says he should be with Angie. Ryan shows up and they ask what happened. Erica comes over as Ryan says he's confident that Greenlee is not in love with David. Erica notes that she is doing this because of her! Ryan agrees that Greenlee is certainly determined. Jesse wonders if she admitted to sabotaging the computers. Ryan says it was clear she didn't want Erica to have the company. Ryan tells Erica to let him handle David. Erica says if Greenlee doesn't take him back she's a fool! Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa turns up - he tells Erica he's in town trying to bring business to L.A. Erica beams and says if she decides to move her company, he'll be the first to know! They part ways, and Jack calls Erica to reschedule their meal for tomorrow. Tad and Jesse return to their table and Jesse confides that he and Angie are having trouble finding time together. Tad urges him to figure it out.

At the hospital in Angie's office, Jake tries to make her feel better about using unorthodox methods to settle the strike. She says she made a deal with the devil - who happens to be David Hayward! Angie tells Jake she's now no better than David. Jake calls that crazy talk. He tells her she is doing a great job - morale is up for the first time since Joe left! Angie explains to Jake that she thought she had the upper hand with David, but he just gave her enough rope to hang herself! Angie tells him that David had the union boss in his back pocket and wants her to resign. Jake is livid - he won't stand by while David ruins another life of someone he cares about! He slams out of the office.

Greenlee is at Wildwind with David. She tells him about Ryan's spiel in the chapel. David wonders if it worked on her. She says she can't get past the fact that he moved on. They discuss their plans to wed. Greenlee says inviting people was a mistake - he's the only one who has stood by her, and it should just be the two of them. He says this is just about her being afraid to get hurt again. Greenlee asserts that by this time tomorrow they'll be married! David calls the minister over to the house and is about to offer him a sizable donation if he'll perform the ceremony the following day. Just then, Ryan walks in looking for Greenlee. David sighs, and says she's gone - and he's not telling him where to! David sneers that Ryan obviously doesn't respect Greenlee, or he wouldn't keep showing up. Ryan puts him on notice that this isn't a game, and leaves.

Jake arrives at ConFusion and enlists Tad, Jesse, and Ryan's help in nailing David. They concoct a plan. Jake phones David at Wildwind (where he has just recommended to a board member that Angie be replaced), and tells him that Marissa has been brought into the hospital. He hangs up, and tells Tad they need to take the mini-van!

Greenlee goes to Fusion and is working away at a computer when Erica comes in. Greenlee tells her this isn't her company, but Erica replies that as far as she's concerned, Greenlee gave up all rights to Fusion! Greenlee informs her she's taking her company back, but Erica takes exception, pointing out that she did everything she could to destroy Fusion! Greenlee says she would rather destroy it than see it in Erica's hands. Erica reminds Greenlee that she gave her her start in the industry - Fusion wouldn't even exist if not for that! They get into it about Ryan, and Erica explains that he and Kendall were grieving her when they slept together, and that she and Ryan had broke up before they even knew she was alive! Erica tells Greenlee she won't stand by and listen to her bad mouth Ryan! She sneers that Greenlee has Ryan and Jack convinced that she's this fragile little flower, but the truth is that she's just too spiteful to die! Just then, Jack walks in and takes Erica to task for giving Greenlee a hard time. She tells him this is a good reminder of why things never work out for them, and cancels their date before storming out! Jack and Greenlee immediately start arguing about her plans to marry David. She is unbending about it, and warns him off Erica.

Jesse comes into Angie's office with takeout. She says she doesn't have time, and they get into an argument. Jesse says he's worried about her. Angie blurts that she is resigning as Chief-of-Staff. Jesse thinks she should come home and not be so rash, but she tells him to just go.

Erica is back at ConFusion when Jack calls her phone. He wants to get together to talk, but Erica says she has something much more important to attend to and hangs up!

David comes rushing into the hospital and asks Jake where Marissa is at. Jake tells him she was never brought in, and asks if he has his attention. Jake informs him that he plans to tell Greenlee everything that he's done and set her straight. David tells him this is pathetic and leaves. Jake grabs a phone and says, "David's on his way out."

Jake comes into a darkened room where he tells Tad to turn on the lights. Tad has David in there, knocked out cold! He asks Jake, "What now?" Jake muses that now the fun begins!

As Greenlee sends out an email to everyone connected with Fusion, and rips Erica's poster down, Ryan comes in. He startles her, but he just picks her up and carries her out the door!

Scott and Annie are finishing up a conversation in the living room. Colby watches unseen as they say goodnight. When they are out of the living room, she sneaks in and uses the phone - she calls Oak Haven and pretends to be Annie looking for Dr. Burke! When Colby finishes, Annie comes into the room. Colby informs her she's spending the night at Corinna's after they have a tense exchange. When Annie is alone, the doorbell rings - it's Dr. Burke! Annie tells him that she didn't call him. He immediately starts asking her questions, saying she looks tired. Annie frantically tries to get rid of him. He goes, telling her to call him if she changes her mind. Annie rushes back into the living room, freaking out. Scott comes in and holds her as she cries. She tells him Greenlee coming back has affected her - it's like everyone is waiting to see what Crazy Annie is going to do! She worries that Greenlee made the call to Dr. Burke. Scott says maybe she should see him. Annie refuses - she's happy now! The phone rings - it's Adam. Annie hangs up the phone and tells Scott that Adam's not coming home tonight. She asks Scott to stay with her - she's scared. Scott gasps that he can't, but she twists his arm.

Next on All My Children:

Ryan refuses to give up.

Jake refuses to allow David to blackmail Angie.

Annie admits to Scott she’s shaken by recent turn of events.

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