Adam and Dixie are at the bedside of JR, and he's trying to say something. It's"Babe. I want Babe."

Adam tells JR that "he's on it" and later admits to Dixie that he wants Babe out of Pine Valley. Dixie urges him not to separate Little A from his mother.

Dixie returns to JR's bedside, and he tells her he's sorry about "no Kate" and that he "came back" because Tad told him his mother needed him.

Tad comes to the hospital to let Dixie know that David's left town. She confirms that he told JR to come back for herand thanks him. He assures her that he's not giving up on finding Kate. She thanks him for everything.

Back at JR's bedside, Tad comforts JR, who is anguished over what he's done. Is Tad ok about Kate? He's not, says Tad, but he's going to find her.

Dixie is walking through the hospital parking lot when David comes out of the shadows. He tells her he was "disgusted" by her interactions with Tad. She tells him he's sick and evil. Maybe so, but she can still help Tad get his little girl. From Krystal, who's carrying Tad's baby.

At home, Babe asks Krystal how she could have made so many mistakes. A lot of people have walked in the same shoes, counsels Krystal. She brings Little A out and Babe and her son play happily, and Krystal tells her that "all is not lost." Krystal says she is in no position to "throw stones." She's guilty of the exact same thing!

She sits down next to Babe and tells her that she's in no position to criticize Babe. "You're not the only who broke her vows," says Krystal. "This child I'm carryingit's Tad's." Krystal tells Babe not to beat up on herselfshe's also guilty of violating her vows.

Adam arrives home and presents Babe with a court order giving him temporary custody of Little A and ordering her to move out before JR returns home. He claims he's acting on JR's wishesbut Babe tells him she's having none of it. Krystal tells Adam not to go up against her on this. There's no way she's going to allow him to take Little A away from his mother!

If he values their marriage, says Krystal, don't do this. If Babe goes, she'll go too, along with their baby. Adam says he won't let her do that.

Julia's sitting and thinking at the shore. Jamie rushes up and demands to know what happened to ruin their relationship. He doesn't want to hear the "same excuses." What is it she's not telling him?

"I love you," replies Julia. But she says that doesn't matter, since they want different things. They should move on. But he feels the exact same way about her, and he loves her. He does not feel obligated! He loves her, and she makes him happy. What's so wrong with that? Apparently nothing, as she embraces and kisses him.

Aidan and Tad are trying to track down David, and Tad is shocked when he sees Aidan unlock his desk and get a gun. Di comes in and shares with Aiden how upset she is over the Emma/Kate fiasco. Aidan vows not to let David get away with what he's done.


Jeff admits to Erica that he's falling back in love with herand Bianca overhears.
David is standing over JR's bed.