Marissa and JR are with his doctor at the hospital. The doctor tells them that the latest round of chemo isn't working - it's just giving him side effects. She informs them he will need a bone marrow transplant.

At the Chandler house, Colby comes in as Annie is telling Adam about Greenlee. Colby wonders how Annie is affected by that - she tells Adam to lock up the guns! Annie insists that the trouble she had with Greenlee was in another lifetime - it's all different now that she's Mrs. Adam Chandler! As Adam and Annie step outside the room, Colby tells Scott that Annie was twitching!

Adam ends a business meeting at the house, then an employee comes in and hands him a file, saying it just came for him. It's a medical report on JR - Adam reads it and is shaken!

JR and Marissa come home, where he tells her that he doesn't want any fake cheer tonight. She needs to face reality with him - there's a possibility he may not make it. Marissa helps him sit down, and asks what she can do for him. He sends her to get his sedatives so he can sleep. Once alone, JR picks up a photo of his son and cries. He opens the door to leave, and Adam is standing there! He tells JR he knows about the diagnosis from tonight - he's on the board and has them sending him all of his results. JR notes how illegal that is, but Adam wants to discuss getting better doctors and what they're going to do. JR tells Adam to leave him alone - just go and leave him to what's left of his life! Adam sits down beside JR and looks in his face, saying, "No. I won't." Adam says he's going to fight for him - he will not let him die!

In the Chandler living room by herself, Annie keeps having flashbacks of her run-ins with Greenlee in the past. Scott comes upon her and asks if she's okay. Annie covers, saying she's fine. Scott walks out of the room and sees Colby sitting on the stairs eating ice cream right out of the container - she says she's treating herself in light of Greenlee's return - she's the reason Annie wound up in a padded cell the first time, and she can't wait to see what happens this time around! Scott says her vendetta is out of control. Colby points out that if Annie loses it on her own, she won't have to convince him to seduce her anymore! Colby says if Annie goes back to the padded room, JR will come home and their family will be right again! Scott goes back in to check on Annie, who asks for Greenlee instead of green tea. Colby makes a call to Oak Haven!

In the chapel, Ryan tells Greenlee that he wants her to marry him tonight - just like they were supposed to do a year ago! She says no, but he pulls her into a deep kiss. Greenlee pulls away and vents about everyone going on with their lives. Ryan reminds her they thought she was dead. She claims to be in love with David, but Ryan says he doesn't believe that! Greenlee finally tells him her real issue - he stood by while Erica took over Fusion. Ryan says Kendall gave it to Erica. He realizes that she is the one who put the virus in the computer system. Greenlee calls him out about sleeping with Kendall right after he thought she had died. Ryan says they were in extreme grief. Greenlee can understand that to a point, but then asks how he ended up in Erica's bed. Ryan tells her he watched the video she left for him and it ripped his heart out, and Erica knew that he never stopped loving her. Greenlee admits that she set up the dinner at his house when she came back to Pine Valley - and he used it to seduce that witch! Ryan comments that she didn't come back to marry David - she came back to be with him! Greenlee denies it, saying the dinner she set up was to soften the blow that she was marrying David. Ryan says she can't walk away from him, and she can't pretend she has feelings for David. Greenlee insists she's going to marry David, but Ryan smiles and says she won't be able to go through with it. Greenlee spits, "Just watch me!" She runs out and Ryan grins.

Jesse walks into Wildwind with a search warrant. He informs David that there was ample grounds to look for the drugs he's using to control Greenlee! Jesse looks around then puts David on notice that he's going to interview Greenlee. David tells him to go ahead. Jesse advises him to find another town to live in, then leaves.

Angie is at her desk in the hospital telling someone to get with the program. Jake comes in and asks if she knows about Greenlee, saying that is who David was taking care of in Gloucester all that time. Angie says it's a shock, then mentions a threatened strike in the hospital. When Jake asks about it she snaps at him, saying she took care of it and now she has work to do! Jake wants to know what's going on, but Angie yells at him. He says he's worried about her - she should feel good about settling a strike! Angie shakes her head and says he doesn't want to know how she did it. Jesse shows up at the hospital and mentions David - he then wants to take her out to celebrate her settling the strike. She protests, but then gives in, telling him to call her with their reservation.

Angie returns to her office to find David sitting in her chair grinning. He says he's starting to feel right at home there again! They discuss Greenlee, before David asks Angie if she's going to thank him - she used the information he gave her on the personal files to blackmail the strikers into settling! Angie orders him out. David grins, and says, "You feel dirty now, don't you?" They bicker about ethics, and David crows that she came through for him. He lets her know that the board has met behind her back to discuss replacing her. David informs her that he is taking back the Chief-of-Staff job - he has a recording of her blackmailing phone call to the union head! He gives her 48 hours to resign and name him as her replacement - or he'll give the recording to the board! David leaves as Jake comes in. He offers to help, but Angie says she's going to resign.

Next on All My Children:

Ryan, Tad, and Jake team up against David.

Colby plays mind games with Annie.

Jack and Erica realize why they can’t be together.

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